How To Deal With Homophobic People

deal with homophobic people

This article was written by Kerry, one of our valued contributing writers at The Other Team. As human beings, we tend to have this annoying “need for the approval/acceptance of others,” but what happens when the ones we look to for approval won’t even attempt to get to know us, but instead judge us on how… [Continue Reading]

Top 13 Reasons Why Being Straight Is Wrong

why being straight is wrong

In response to one of our most popular posts, Top 10 Reasons Why Gay Marriage Is Wrong… I thought it would be only fair to point out the top reasons why straight marriage is wrong as well. As a REAL AMERICAN, I’m about to lay down the facts for you as to why straight marriage… [Continue Reading]

How To Get Her Number By The End Of The Night


So, things are going just as you hoped and you’ve spent the entire night cuddling up together. (If you don’t know how to even approach a woman, read last week’s post here- You Have No Game! Here’s How to Approach a Beautiful Woman.) You’re in heaven- 0r at least in major lesbian lust. And the… [Continue Reading]