How To Get Her Number By The End Of The Night


So, things are going just as you hoped and you’ve spent the entire night cuddling up together. (If you don’t know how to even approach a woman, read last week’s post here- You Have No Game! Here’s How to Approach a Beautiful Woman.) You’re in heaven- 0r at least in major lesbian lust. And the… [Continue Reading]

7 Deadly Texting Mistakes (For Lesbians)

lesbian texting mistakes

In the lesban world, texting is a VERY common way of securing a date with another woman. Whether you got her number at a bar/club or managed to get her digits over Facebook/Dating Website… in order to secure an actual meetup with this woman, be sure to avoid these lesbian texting mistakes at all cost!… [Continue Reading]

How To Date A Closet Lesbian

closet lesbian

It happens to all of us at some point. You’ve found a really amazing girl: smart, funny, talented. Everything is going great until one day you’re out for a walk and she suddenly pushes you into the bushes when she sees someone she knows. Enter: the closet case. Though it can be frustrating to date a… [Continue Reading]