4 Easy Ways To Seduce a Lesbian

One of the most thrilling experiences you will ever have will be your first lesbian conquest: the first night you go out and bag your first girl. Indeed, no matter how long you’ve been a lesbian, the thrill of seducing a beautiful woman never really goes away. Still, the question remains: how the hell do you seduce a lesbian?

Surprisingly, it’s not as hard as you might think. No, not because lesbians are all sluts (ha-ha). It’s because the art of seduction boils down to a few very simple things: confidence, humor, proximity… and maybe even a little luck. Once you nail these things, there’s almost no way you won’t get nailed (or at least close to it).

Whoever came up with the saying “Beauty is only skin deep” knew what they were talking about. Beauty can’t be defined by plastic singers or anorexic actresses. In other words, beauty isn’t something you can buy. However, it is something that you can exude.

Whether you were born with flabby arms or flat hair is irrelevant. Your irresistible charm and confidence is what makes you beautiful to others – and to yourself. If you think of yourself as a woman who deserves to be desired, you will become desirable.

So, how do you become that desirable woman that other women want and men wish they could have? First, shed your insecurities because you, my dear, are fabulous. And as long as you can remember these fairly simple tips, soon you’ll be fighting off the ladies with a stick!

What Every Lesbian Woman Wants…

Sex appeal is great, but there are other things women are looking for when they head out on a Saturday night. Familiarize yourself with the following list of things women want to make yourself even more appealing to the girl of your dreams. After all, the more you offer, the more she’ll want you.

  1. They want to feel attractive. One of the simplest things women want is to be wanted. Making a girl feel attractive, sexy, and important will go a long way in the art of seduction.
  2. They want to have fun. No one wants to hang out with someone who makes them sad or depressed! Keep things light and help them forget the stresses they’ve experienced that day, not relive them.
  3. They want to feel a connection. With technology more and more prevalent, it’s easy to feel alone in the world. Some women are dying to form a personal connection, and you’re the perfect girl to do it with.
  4. They want to be inspired. It’s easy to feel trapped in one’s day to day existence. By showing a girl that there are possibilities beyond her immediate here and now (in terms of things to see or places to visit), you’ll be an intriguing force she won’t be able to resist.

If you can remember these 4 simple tips, making that girl fall in love with you will be a whole lot easier. Obviously there are many other ways to seduce a woman, but that entails much more detail that I will be sure to include in a future blog post. Did you enjoy this post? Please let me know in the comment sections below. If you didn’t like this post, let me know of that as well. Constructive criticism is always encouraged.

If you would like extra guidance... I HIGHLY recommend that you grab yourself a copy of The Lesbian Lifestyle Book. It is the only guide you will ever need as a lesbian or bisexual woman.

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Rock On,

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  1. Anonymous says

    This is evidence that female queers are just as fucked up as male queers….sex sex sex…gay this, gay that, gay gay gay…seriously? You had to write a book about the Lesbian lifestyle? Really? Lemme guess the topics are scissoring, using strap-ons, dildos, or rug munching…yup, gotta find a cheap substitute for a dick (or man) somehow without there being a dick or man there to begin with. Gotta play pretend to make up for lost of the real thing, great logic ladies! Seriously, anyone can learn this stuff (& for free!) just by watching some porn on the internet. Way to waste good paper. Thankfully your book isn’t a best seller since queers make up 2% of the population. I suggest you focus your energy on something more productive than your own genitalia, pervert!

  2. Anonymous says

    This sounds like advice you’d give to a porn star. You fags are no better than the furries & people with weird fetishes. This is straight-out fetishism! That’s all faggots can think about…sex sex sex….no wonder you clowns are called perverts

    • The Defender says

      What The fuck is WRONG With you!? Why do you go around insulting minorities of today’s society? Do Youtube hace nothing better to do With Your pathetic life!? What’s with calling people of a different lifestyle “faggots” and “queers!?” I have no intention of sounding sexest but You are Either a ratchetly vulgar woman or A Jerk-off pathetic excuse for a man! You DARE call “us” perverts!?!?!? Look ay The vulgar mouth YOU have on you!!!! Of course You put your name down as anonymous! You wouldn’t Wanda to be associated With that sort of hateful and ignorant language!

  3. SillyGirl(Lesbian) says

    Hi, I am like super shy and Ilove with this girl, only she knows it. One minute she is telling me she feels the same and the next she is pushing me away, she is so beautifull and she has the kind of personality that ive been looking for. I tell myself Im ober her and then the next thing I know I see her out in public and she introduces me to her mom I told her that I loved her but she didn’t say it back.sometimes I feel like I actually have a chance with this beautiful girl, then others I feel pushed away. I know that she doesn’t want to come out, and pushing people away is easier than letting them in. What should I do?

  4. Charlie says

    Hi Im Bi curious and am in a serious relationahip with a guy.he knows that Id like to try something with a girl and is up for it if he can watch which id like too. So im hopin to meet someone bi tonight. I have only one problem well bar the obvious that iv never done this before, will I go curly or straight with my hair. I think my hair is nice curly and sezy as apposed to straight. He likes it straight. I want this experience to be a benefit to both of us but for me to feel my best while im out shall i juat go o naturalle???

    • jack says

      If he doesn’t see your hairstyle as your choice, there’s a problem. If you like it curly, go curly. If he’s the right guy, he’ll see you as beautiful either way.

  5. Slender says

    Hi thr.
    Im 21 and never dated before.But i have a serious crush on this girl ( we used to go to the same university) bt she graduated before me..anyway i’ve had a crush on her for 3yrs and have never said a word to her,i really like her but the problem is im afraid to approach her becoz she might reject me even though she is a lesbian nd i’m straight i dnt know what to do.I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR ADVICE

    P.S: I would love to have lesbian friends too becoz i jst love them.

  6. Crystal Morgan says

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  7. mysterious says

    I’m not forcing my comment, I am just persuading, so that I may guide your “stubbornness”…hehehehe….I may not constructive…so you are!

  8. mysterious says

    Lesbians totally makes me shiver…why are you so eager to have an affair with the same sexual preference of your own…and please get rid of evil, “senseless” fantasies…girls are really meant for boys…so come back being a girl…you will enjoy it more than your idiotic way of getting acquainted with a hilarious hormone imbalance? I say it’s just your feeling…all you need is love from a boy…girls! what are you waiting for!

    • Really now? says

      I have always wondered why people like you, who are so obviously against the gay community, would go on a blog dedicated to it. Also, why do you feel the need to insult us without any reason, and treat our way of living as if it was a joke or an abomination? I seriously think you are out of place here. I would be interested in reading your comments if it was constructive or even considerate, but you are just trying to force your own opinion down the throat of people you don’t know, as if it’s an absolute truth.
      I am bi, proud of it, and it’s people like YOU that makes me shiver…

      • YOu tell HeR! says

        She reminds me of my parents they think I’m an abomination that I’m sick and need to be saved. I’ve tried not being lesbian it doesn’t work like that I figured that out myself there is no spark. Hearing others tell me I’m sick it really makes me feel sick.

      • Anonymous says

        Probably because she has common sense while the rest of fools don’t. Women are biologically designed to be with MEN. That’s not an opinion, it is a FACT.

        • tiffany says

          Wtf! Is wrong with you! Don’t worry about what we are doing. Your so against the gay community but you come on the page that’s designed for us! What’s wrong your getting no play haha seriously

    • Why Troll? says

      I have to agree with Really Now, why are you even on here? Please, I know this does not fit into your idea of a lifestyle but it IS our lifestyles. So please, don’t put us down for something we can’t change.
      I love my fiance, and she loves me. In no way is she or our relationship ‘evil’ as you dubbed it. I respect your opinion as your own, but do not go to a place where a collective opinion is shared and call it evil.
      My fiance is lesbian, and I’m bi. We love each other and thats all we need. We don’t need the opinions of others to be stated as universal truths and to force us to deal with people who oppose our existence. Please do not post comments like this again.

    • Really?!?!?! says

      I have and will never understand why people like you have to come and preach your opinions. If you are straight great. If you are gay great. If you are lez great. If you are trans great. As long as you are you and no one else. Stop trying to change others.

  9. mysterious says

    Lesbians totally makes me shiver…why are you so eager to have an affair with the same sexual preference of your own…and please get rid of evil, “senseless” fantasies…girls are really meant for boys…so come back being a girl…you will enjoy it more than your idiotic way of getting acquainted with a hilarious hormone imbalance? I say it’s just your feeling…all you need is love from a boy…girls!

  10. Hi guys, i am new here, bt at least i have to just sheare my p, with u guys, my name is cooltemper, i meet dis gul on fb, we lv our self, she prmise 2 come over 2 my place, oh gush, pls help me hw to seduce her,dats my p. pls help me..m a girl 23 says

    My name is cooltemper, i am 23 years old.

  11. Metal-Lover says

    One of my girl friends asked me, how I can be so sexy without trying. I was like ‘WTF is she talkin’ about?’. She even wanted a threesome with me and her boyfriend :/ Eww girl, I’m only 16 and I don’t want to have ‘this and that’. I see always this 13 year old girls who only have sex in their minds. What the hell is wrong with them? I’ll be soon 17 and I don’t even think about that. I even think that I’m too young for a relationship. Maybe I’m like that because I’m russian? Who knows? :D

    • I know that feeling says

      I too have so many younger friends whose only concern are their boyfriends. It’s so uncomfortable…Oh, and I’m 17 and Russian too. And here just for the fun of it :P

  12. says

    Hello there, just grew to become alert for your blog site via Google, and located that it can be actually informative. I’m gonna observe out for brussels. I will value for those who continue this in long term. A lot of men and women is going to be benefited from the creating. Cheers!

  13. Pls i need a lesbian girl frm Akwa Ibom State,hv neva had sex wit a girl b4 bt im a lesbian cos i luv girls more than guys,i want feel a girl touch and kiss. says


  14. Chelsea says

    my name is chelsea and there’s dis girl i’m interested in. so calm,beautiful bt worst is dat she’s automatically straight and i have not really known much abt her… what do i do?… 7A95F4AC..MY B.B PIN

  15. Rhiannon says

    Hehe, most of the commenters are Bi. Me too, I guess. Ok, heres my thing. I made a deal with my bestie, my STRAIGHT bestie, that if I could turn her lesbian or bi by the end of the year, i’d get to date her. So, target aquired, first connections already set in stone, and now i’m just working on wooing her. Any tips?

    • jennabeth says

      Get her alone for a sleepover and movies and popcorn. Pick a lez movie but mainstream. Just talk about life. Say your back hurts and ask her to give you a back rub. (Less obvious than the other way around.) Then offer to return the favor. She’ll say ok. Then lay together and talk and talk and tell her you’re going to kiss her. Don’t ask. Tell. If she resists tell her it’s just a kiss. If you are a good kisser you’ll have her, believe me. If she likes the making out touch her boobs a little but don’t go below the waist unless she is hot and starting to grind. Within 2-3 weeks you’ll have her going all the way with you…and then the hard part starts! (This by the way is exactly what happened between me and one of my first girlfriends.)

      • Emma says

        I need help I like a girl she’s in 6th grade im in 5th you see I don’t know if she’s gay but I want to kiss her really bad any suggestions to get her turned on…..

        • Momo says

          Stop. No. You are so young, dont worry about getting her turned on, maybe become friends and try to date her in the future. Dont worry about turning anyone on right now.

  16. J-Lo says

    I’m bisexual and there’s this girl in my class who is bisexual too. I really like her but she says she would go out with this other guy. She also has this friend that’s always with her so I cant get her alone to talk or whatever I should do. What can I do to get her attention and get her to want to go out with me? Any advice ?

  17. J-Lo says

    Im bisexual and have a crush on this girl in my class. She said she would go out with this guy ( by the way shes bisexual too ) but I really like her. Shes funny and chill. What can I do? Any advice ?

    • nadine says

      your first approach would be to get her to go to a movie or dinner date. Let her talk about her self and see if you can build a connection. Be very friendly and touch her hands but don’t be awkward. By being friendly your opening up her heart and shes gonna accept this friendship. Don’t make any moves on her on the first date. Than you should invite her on a second date but somewhere more fun like bowling or out for a drink if your old enough. This time you ask her what she thinks of you. Let her know your into her and if she is into you. If it doesn’t work out than its for the best and you’ll still remain friends because you have built that trust.

    • goddam nicest biz* says

      Sorry can i ask u girlz ,how old are you all here…? I am 36,germany,hamburg,sign scorpio( so you will never forget the hottest,sensual,erotic nights..)..,i am a darked haired beauty,i was told,that id
      Look,a bit like a domina….- but i am not,but look a bit like frida khalo or salma hayek,nelly : singin …i am like a bird ***….me:natural ( i mean no make up,just the black eyes,no glamour…)
      good shaped,chill-character,see what comes arround….aaaaand,experienced in having good sex ,with women/girls —–i swear its the most best things,i ever decided in my life:girls/women: if u dont do it,u will turn crazy,but if it comes closer,its ,desire…….u will love it……

      • goddam nicest biz* says

        ☆☆☆And for all the girls/ women…..who wants it so bad -experienced,or for the first time ★★★;))-i am very gently and tender and if yore afraid–i cant take it slowly away and turn this energy off… falling into a nice slowly vibration) i know it sounds a bit like i am arrogant.-u will notice that its not.—–…and if u are; looking like a women,girl,long haired or half…( me 2 looking like a women but androgyn),have a lot of sexual energy without using toys,are a natural beauty,sensual,hot,and being yourself authentic,thats the way, how it can happened ….>>>><<<<

  18. Siomara2422 says

    hi my name is Siomara and im 24 years old… I am currently engaged to my fiancee kimberly… We have been having problems because before her i slept with only men but found myself attracted to girls… She was and is my first sexual experience with a female… She wants me to be seductive and seduce her and my head can not really capivate what it is she wants please help me before she leaves me because that is whats gpoing to happen if i dont do this SOON… thanks ill be waiting for a reply…

    • nadine says

      hi siomara, I want to help, girls say i am amazing in the bed room not to be over confident but the key to making your lover fall in love with you is taking care of your mouth and lips. Your beauty will captivate her but your mouth should lour her in. Moisturize them lips and search on google on how to find the g spot. Just because your a girl doesn’t mean you will be great in bed. I had my share of bad times in bed where i got no satisfaction. Your touch should be soft , gentle and sexual. You should bit her ears and kiss her neck. Get her against the wall and go slowly up her chest and the other hand down her pant. When your fingers are in shes gonna get hot pretty soon. Your next move would be to take off her pants and get her to the edge of the bed. The rest is up to you, make sure you suck the clit and finger her at the same time. works like a charm ;)

    • alice says

      i always find that giving a massage is a great turn on. rubbing oils all over her body will relax then arouse if done correctly

  19. hi im 17 an im a lesbian ive been for the past 5 years i hve a hige problem i dnt get any girls at all i do get hot guys but i jst regect them i really need a girl im not open abwt my relastionship 2 my parents or frwnds but its killing me inside yoh says


    • Laura says

      Hi Swagger, I really struggled to meet girls for a while around your age too, my closest friends and family (mum, dad + sister) knew i was gay but not many more people. Some advice:
      1) It’s much harder to get girls if they don’t know you’re gay. If everyone knows you’re gay, you’re out there, on the market. A lot of girls keep it quite quiet if they are bisexual or gay so there could well be several of you not meeting anyone and not understanding why.

      2) This is hard if you’re 17, but i met loads of girls when i started to go to lgbt events, gay bars and club nights, an lgbt society at my University, it’s a good place to meet people.

      3) Don’t worry, you’ll meet some great girls, i’m sure. Especially if you’ve got hot guys asking you out left right and centre. I took some comfort in following some of the gay culture so i knew i wasn’t alone, it sounds stupid but it helped give me some hope that there are hot lesbians out there for me, it inspired me: Tegan and Sara, the L word, This just out. If you haven’t been following any of that, maybe take a look.

      Just don’t give up, when i hit 20, came out to everyone and openly attended lgbt events, it was amazing! You’re going to love it.


    • jennabeth says

      Let it out a little to a couple of friends that you are bi — at your age, lez sometimes scares girls off Then the rumors will be out there. Find a couple of girls you think are hot, chat them up some, do some “spontaneous” touching and you’ll get a vibe (or not) that there may be something there. Then find someplace private and say “I’m sorry you are really attractive, I’m going to kiss you know if you don’t like it just slap me!” lol. Then make a pass at her. She’ll respond (or not) and you will know where you are. My experience at 17 included a lot of rejection. U have to grin and bear it. But it also included a lot of girls who responded. Even if they respond they may scare themselves off later but believe me unless you try you won’t get very far. Younger women who are attracted to women need a girl who will take charge.

  20. Hey idk if Iam bisexual i once fell for a girl in my class when she left I was hurt im over it now does anyone want to help me find out please?. I promise it is going to be worth your while . I'm fun , I write music love the gym and I play guitar and sing says

    Emo girl

  21. GuyanaLoverGurl says

    hii i have recently discovered that im a lesbian because men do nothing for me, sexually. i think im falling in love with my friend but she doesnt know about my sexuality. i want her so bad!!! plz help me

    • Anonymous says

      Begin by complimenting her once in a while, hugs here and there, then when you guys get reall close, start to flirt with her then tell her straight up your sexuality, then she should probably relize that your trying to get her attention…… Its all downhill from there ;)

  22. Tatyana says

    Hi my name is tatyana..And I’m pansexual I’m attracted to my friend raneecia who is very close to me..
    .she told me she also. is pansexual..and she’s been attracted to girls before….I want to get her interest but I don’t know what to do :/

  23. Cilia says

    Why does the only way to attract other women have to be being socially confident?

    I guess those of us that are naturally shy are just inherently unsexy and unlovable, eh?

    It would be obvious to the average fat woman that aspiring to Barbie’s body image is unrealistic.
    Why does it never occur to anyone that an intensely shy person aspiring to naturally exude confidence is unrealistic?

    This is seriously an unrealistic expectation.
    I advocate love for the socially awkward and shy! Love a socially awake at person today. For a better tomorrow where love is accessable to everyone. Not just people with movie-star confidence.

  24. Shabby says


    While I am still struggling struggling to understand my sexuality.., life style etc, I found this site and read through few experiences above. I am glad to see them all and makes me feel happy that otherwise I wonder if I am the only abnormal :(.
    I was brought up in a family of all girl children, being the youngest as a tomboy., and treated as a son rather. I too took pride in playing that role being a strong support to my family. When I was in high school girls used to get attracted to me easily and I liked the attention too :)
    Later when I went to the college, that where I met my first love ! We had a strong moral, mental and soul connect. We enjoyed each others company…and I was sure she liked me too as her smiles n blush would tell me. In not more than 2 months we had our first kiss…and later went to take to next level. We had a healthy and happy relationship..but it didn’t last long. That was the final year in college and she started working early than me. As we moved 3months later I joined a firm and we both had different lives. I loved her so much we took vows too in secrete(as parents and society wouldn’t understand this kind of love). But as she moved and mingled with her new friends n men at work she dumped me ! We broke off and it was a biggest pain to come out. Coz, just coz I do not have few organs which would approve me to own her !! Should I forget the love and the feelings what she holds for me !

    I went in to solitude and I left the city, moved into different city and got busy with work ..living with that pain !
    1.5 yrs later I bumped into another woman (who is married and has 2kids and is almost 15 yrs older than me, BTW I am 26yr old) we have been the closest friends for past 6 yrs , i am currently in love with. and it was only last feb that when we both went on the holiday I advanced with her..(they were mixed messages from her whether she wanted to have a relationship or not). We spent almost 4 days together …night being active:). She never let me kiss her ! When we returned from the holiday we have been talking abt it on messages, she said we are not having any affair it was by mistake all that happened. I was confused and disheartened :( we still are friends and our conversations sometimes are evidently (from my side at least ) are so intense , loving and caring..which shld make her understand that she is someone spl to me ! I make her smile, I comfort her, I guide her , I am great support to her that she looks out for my advice on any important decision she takes. We are sooo connected from heart, soul (right now we live in different countries, all this 6 yrs was all long distance relationship :) living in different cities and countries now) . I give credit to my self that though its a long distance I have always made sure that she has got all the love, care and support from me everyday, inspire of the time zone differences.
    Recently, I asked her abt the kissing thing ? As what stops her….and she bluntly told me that she doesn’t want2 kiss or sleep with a girl. I my heart broke and I am finding hard to get over it. ! Coz our relationship has always been a long distance one and rare scope of any physical contact..(only once we did that on last holiday) . While she knows that I m serious abt her, she has been confusing me earlier with mixed messages and now told that she doesn’t want …I am broken into pieces now !! I dnt what do I need to ask or say….I keep asking myself and talking to myself …”is that my mistake? If I am born different or love different? I didn’t plan this! It happend to me..and I love her which I can’t change. I cannot own her nor can I get over her …. As they say time is d biggest healer…crying out loud for lord to help me !!!

    After sharing it here I feel lil relieved, coz there is no one who would understand this, rather people drill you and criticize u.
    God bless u all !

    • Whr s my girl? says

      Hi shabby, it sounds she s your bright light! I guess i know you. U are like me! Read my story if you have time. And yes TIME will heal you. Happy NEW YEAR in advance!! :-)

    • Red says

      I know how u feel I’m in a relationship but I don’t know were it’s going I don’t know if you can call it a relationship

    • Desicivewoman2014 says

      This story reminds me of myself, always falling for women who are unavailable or straight… Listen Shabby you seem like a caring,loving person and you deserve that in return however this is how karma and the law of attraction works = you reap what you sew… So because the lines were blurred and because you didnt establish the nature of your friendship i.e outwardly telling each other how you both feel and where you both stand thats why our married friend has taken your kindness for a weakness… And is now saying she wont kiss a woman… To be fair you need to be honest with yourself the fact she is married doesnt make things easier and especially because she has two children… I really think you need to accept that she doesnt feel the same way about you… Your 26years young and have your whole life ahead of you… Meet a single young woman who knows what she wants and respects you enough to let youknow before the 6 year mark… Plenty o fish just be open and stop settling for less then what you deserve… You deserve your equal: single, available, affectionate , equally attracted to you, honest, caring woman who wants you as much as you want her….

  25. Jasmine says

    I have a crush on my friend and she just came out as bisexual recently, but she’s dating my ex-girlfriend, but she told she had feelings for me. Help please!!

  26. Kayybugg0614 says

    So, I have had a huge crush on my best friend Anna, for the longest!!!! Time. Ever. She finally admitted that she had feelings for me. :) here’s the catch, I’ve been married to my husband for almost a year now and we have a kid together. And she had been with a women for almost six years now. I have no idea what to do now.

    • Desicivewoman2014 says

      Basically if the passion is too much to supress just go for it one
      Evening when your husband is away and you have a baby sitter just walk up to your friend from behind whilst shes doing something like pouring a drink and kiss her on the left side of her neck holding her from
      Behind frame her face (right side) with your hand, kiss the back of her neck and alternate whisper in her ear, asking her how it feels and let her know how much you care about her, hold her hand and let the passion build up… She’ll eventually turn around to kiss you on the lips… Whatever happens make sure every moment feels right, try not to rush but then again dont go too slow coz that can kill the fire… Communicate with her, observe her breathing, her moans, her body if she wants more it will become very apparent…. Life is short you only live once worst that will happen is you both get it out of your system and you can live happily eer after with your husband or you get addicted to the passionate hot sex with your girlfriend and end up leaving your husband either way its not the end of the world as long as you are happy in the end! Life is too short to wonder “what if” x

  27. Anonymous says

    Hey I’m a dude of 17 and I’m in love with this one girl but she is a lesbian and she knows how I feel about her how do I get her to feel the same way about me plz I’m desperate??

    • Anonymous says

      Dude if she’s gah there isn’t a way, I’m sorry. It just doesn’t work like that. If a guy was hitting on you even though you told him you where straight, how would you feel? You have to consider being in her place may be really tough, so if you truely like/love her you’ll leave her alone. I’m sorry :(

    • lezgrl says

      sorry, dude. im lez and u could never make me straight. just try not to spend as much time with her. it will only break ur heart.

    • Mr G. H. Schorel-Hlavka O.W.B. says

      I recall some 30 years ago when the sister of my friend was in a lesbian relationship. My friend told me she was not interested in men. Years later I discovered she married a man and had children and dropped the lesbian thing all together. Just shows, you never know. Just that it wasn’t worth to me to wait that long.

    • Desicivewoman2014 says

      Mate find a chick who wants dick and not clit! Im telling you from now your going down a dead end road if she has told you she is a lesbian not pansexual or bisexual if you really care you will accept her sexuality and be a respectful gentlemen and fine yourself a hot sexy lady who is mutually attracted to you, and wants to suck dick not clit! Be kind to yourself remember your lesbian friend your crushing on isnt the only female in the world… Plenty mo’ fish dude go get em! ( also never say your desperate say your having a temporary drought…. Words are powerful)

  28. patsexy says

    am a bisexual,am inlove with my friend,i donn’t really know if she’s into girls,and am scared of lossing her as a friend that’s why i cann’t tell her.please i need advice

    • Ashley says

      I went through the same exact thing with my friend. All I can say is, if she really is a good friend to you, then you can tell her anything. Tell her that your friendship is more important to you than anything and that no matter what happens you want that friendship to remain. Don’t be afraid,because secrets will tear two friends apart much quicker than whatever you might be scared to reveal. Who knows, maybe she will open to the idea?
      Go for it!

    • sexy lez says

      hi all i had sex with my lesbian friend last night after dinner and dont know if i should ask her to meet my parents

  29. hi im 17 years old an im a lesbian. i have a girl friend who is 29 years old.we have been dating for 4 years now and we are very happy we had sex lst week for the first time and it felt so great but here's my problem i have a aunt (not blood related) who says

    Nan baby

  30. I love lesbians and am also one of the bt am only 17 and i av dated a lot of girls and i av also kissed them and am tryin or wanna have xxx wit my present galfrnd.need a n advice from u guyz.I love u all muah........................ says


    • culd u pls tell me ur secret on how 2 get girls ...... i havent dated 1 girl ever in my life pls pls pls it wuld be great help says


      • Desicivewoman2014 says

        There is no secret my dear, you just have to be in it to win it… Have you ever heard of anyone who won the lotto without getting a ticket? Well the same principle applies, join LBGT groups, go out to a bar for ladies, join poetry groups, wear rainbow coloured accessories or t-shirts when your out and about… How old are you? You sound young x

  31. Jelina says

    I’m 16 and am in kind of a predicament. I know im young, but i’ve liked (and considered it may be love) the same girl for about 6 months. I was honest anout my feelings about a month ago and we ended up both crying and she said (i quote) we have to stay strong) i was confused about the statement and later asked if we could be more then friends and she said no, ill always be her bestie but never more. I could get so much more into detail (a lot more) but for now ill leave it at that. Im driving myself crazy trying to be her friend and not what i want to be! I think i might go insane but she is just too important for me to lether go. Please if anyone can help me that wpuld be great. Feel free to ask questions, i left alot of details out.

  32. The vioce inside says

    Hey everyone,
    Im a 14 yr old girl who is bisexual. There is a girl i like who is also bi, bt she has a boyfriend. So far i dont know what i should do because she is sending me mixed messages. Sometimes she would flirt with me nd other times she will be all about her boyfriend. Everytime she sees me in the hall at school she would either smile or touch me. What should i do im confused nd need some advice.

    • Desicivewoman2014 says

      You need to put your foot down, stop allowing her to send mixed messages, and when she continues to send those messages blank em’ she will see that your not a desperate bunny waiting for a shitty carrot to be dangled… I would say gradually distance
      Yourself (absence makes the heart grow fonder) stay busy, mix with other friends, heck get chatting to another girl, show yourself that your life is more than that girl and that you can meet and mingle with women/girls who know what they want and respect you enough not to play silly childish games… Then you’ll see her acting like she misses you and tryna make a move… 2 can play that game or you can eliminate
      Games from the equation and get a sexy chick who knows she wants to suck clit!

  33. Jennifer says

    Hi I’m 12 and I’m in love with my best friend. She said she has liked girls before and that she is open to lesbians. I think she likes me cuz once when we had a sleepover she like cuddled with me an was so close we practically kissed. She holds me and stuff she always wants to see me undress and once rubbed my boobs. I really like her and want to take the relationship to the next level but I don’t want to scare her away. HELP

    • i know how you feel says: says

      I’m 12 to I have a girlfriend also named Jennifer but tell at the next sleepover tell her let’s go all the way and you like her trust me youl have a fun night just don’t get caught by yore parents

      • Izabella says

        My friends name is Jennifer and I am 12 I’m bi and I want to have lesbian sex with her. She doesn’t think she is lesbian… WHAT DO I DO?! I love her. I want to see her more. Alone. Touch her.. But I can’t cuz she don’t think she ready and I’ve known her for 2 months and I’m rly good friends… WHAT DO I DO!!!!

        • Dani says

          See if you can have a sleepover, make sure she “accidentally” sees you changing (flash that bod lol) and see if you can “just kiss” her. I bet she will like it ;) and then you can go from there. But don’t talk about sex or anything just get tht 1st step! Good luck! :)

        • nadine says

          your first thing shouldnt be sex especially at that age. But getting a first time kiss will let her know your interested in her. But sex should wait. The same rules apply for men and female nothings change. Just because your a girl you should understand that approaching a girl without the intention to love her will only make her more lost and confuse. Become friends more it takes more than 2 months to get to know the person good enough.

  34. Right as rain says

    I have a problem and I’m kind of hoping someone could help…if you want to, that is. I have a crush on a girl in my class and she says she’s pansexual an I do in fact believe her. We became quick friends and have known eachother for about three months. But I’m in slight competition here, one of our mutual guy friends told her he liked her and so I asked her if she’d say yes and she said she would. I feel like I have no chance at the moment…

    • Vivica says

      if you like her then yes I am 14 and I go to Holy Name and I am alos bi, I really like this gay girl in grade 11 and im lost so do what your heart tells you bae…

  35. A Guy here says

    Full time lesbos are just freaks You need to realise that only a dick can actually please your vagina, You may have a side relationship with other girls like one girl defined above as “Fun Time” but pls don’t make it a full time relationship, pussy rubbing pussy leave you nowhere Take a dick in night and rub pussy with another pussy during day breaks, Down with lesbos ,thumbs Up with bi sexual….. Cheers!

    • Super T says

      Alright. Seriously?? I’ve been in a monogamous relationship with my wife (yes, I’m a woman, and legally married (thank you Iowa)) for 14 years. I did try the “traditional” marriage with a penis. It did nothing for me. Ever. Point is, like all the above stated, you are a COMPLETE dumbs.

    • Ashley says

      What would make you think that you know women need a dick, “A guy on here”? Getting a little jealous, aren’t we?

    • BITCH says

      Ass whole let lesbians be who they want lesbians can seduce there self with there finger we don’t need a germy ugly six inch dick going up our asses this is my opinion girls and guess what I’m a girl too u go girls

    • Kate says

      Sweetheart there are things called dildos and vibrators and me and my girlfriend will definitely be having a child together in the next few yrs WITHOUT a dick inside one another. Stupid idiot.

      • Luciferian says

        Before jumping into straight up slapping some bit**es silly… lets just point out that not only have I been “the one” guy a lesbian asks for bedtime satisfaction… but I’m also the guy two of my former girlfriends admitted they were more attracted to women before I came along. So just keep in mind I am plenty sensitive. I’m also savvy to the details of why certain women BeCoMe lesbian, which is more than understandable given the way some idiot men chose to behave and the imbeciles who couldn’t find sensitivity or consideration even if it were attached to their beloved penis.
        But I will say this, having been on plenty a romp with 1,2 or 3 predominantly bisexual / gay women in the same nights chance, feeling luckier than a lottery winner. Behold, how fast 90% of you jumped that idiot “anti-lesbian” man for throwing his worthless two cents! It reminded me of the drama that is inherently associated with the woman who give gay a bad name. Bad because, instead of for a deep soul-searched reason for their sexual preference, they are bent on attention as they have always been, and have been wearing the gay bonnet to attempt to fit somewhere after failing everywhere else. Secondly, there are the self-proclaimed lesbians who have to role-play for their alternate lifestyle. And sorry to you pathetic 12 to 15 year olds who have yet to figure out the first steps of adulthood, yet somehow find it appropriate to flaunt your sexuality here on this site (can we say illegal?) which is in its own rite, quite an ADULT thing to consider or discuss, but shoving penis-shaped toys into yourself and claiming to have nothing to do with the male physique is about as hypocritical as the pope proclaiming that the Bible is heretic tabloid smut. Thirdly, for you “gay and proud” types… and this be merely a suggestion… try being proud of something you have actually accomplished rather than something you had no choice or control over. Oh wait, you DO have a choice? The GAY is a CHOICE and not something you are born to accept. Good luck figuring that whole anomaly. Now having said thus above rhetoric, I will add in conclusion that of all my gay friends, I do have more respect for the female percentage than the male gay populous as there is obviously more honesty, discretion and self-control exhibited by the females. But again, they who are playing the gay card without knowing the game, are merely serving to make anyone with a sound mind and compassionate heart turn cold toward your kind. Last words: to each their own, and if it is truly a sacred love, then best kept to yourself.

        • nadine says

          if you was really smart you would understand that much like this generation lesbians have struggled to make peace with the world. Even though they know the risk they take each day with family and friends. The battle they indoor just to be with the person they love. This isn’t a gay girl fight to fight off men. Men are great and powerful and i give credits because i have an amazing brothers that i am proud of. I kind of agree with you because most girls today do play the role of being gay just to be someone they not. Than there are those that would give up their life to prove that they can be happy with the person they choose. If you ask m, everything is a choice. We chose who to open our hearts to and who to let in our life. Instead of you being a little close minded maybe you should be more considerate that lesbians existed before we where even born and their struggle has made humans build their confidence in this world. Without that we would still be living in a world more like hell. If you think I’m wrong maybe you should experience the real struggle of a lesbian before you judge or point fingers. I dont care less bi, straight, lesbian, gay, fat, skinny ugly no worries we all serve a purpose.

    • Desicivewoman2014 says

      Fuck off its shitty men like you with your primitive
      Neanderthal way of thinking that make women
      Repulsed by men
      Me guess do you advocate
      For corrective rape? Crawl back into the hole you came
      As suck your own dick you moron!

  36. Sophie says

    I am a 40 something happily married woman who has fallen in love with a lesbian. She’s in a serious relationship but we have grown very close. We text every single day, sometimes for hours. We don’t see each other regularly, maybe once a week, sometimes socially. We used to flirt a lot and she likes to give me big long hugs. She used to send me very explicit messages and for a while, almost every nite. We did have a night of very impassioned kissing and touching but no sex. However, she does not return the feelings i have. She’s very in love with her partner. She enjoys spending time with me because I make her laugh and i have spoiled her a bit with places she has never been. I just spoil her with little things to make her smile. Her partner is returning home after a temporary relocation and my heart is breaking because I won’t have the same contact with her. It hurts and I want to get over her, but how?

    • Whr s my girl? says

      Just plan 2 spend a n8 with her b4 he returns…As you know, don’t expect her always with u, as she s married, hv her patner. Really it hurts! Bt find a les 4 a longer run! All te best!!

        • Whr s my girl? says

          Oh! Sry.. Ths s more twisted…ur move can make her girl friend doubts r even she can end up her relationship with her. U just spend a n8 b4 her girl friend returns. Speak with her, shower ur love, convey ur feelings & needs & finally ask her a plan -“Hw i should gt rid of this pain?” . If she understands u, def u’ll gt a better way n ur love travel. All te Vry best!!

          • Sophie says

            We have spent more time together since my last post. It’s almost like she’s spending more time with me now before her partner returns from relocation. God, I’m going to miss her. It’s tough

          • Whr s my girl? says

            Ok…it’s gd Uve told her. I can understand ur feeling…I wish u gt more get together in future too…Make freindship with her patner n future. Hope she may also sounds gd 2 u, can understand ur feelings..Best of luck Sophie…

          • Sophie says

            Thanks for asking. Not well. Her partner came home and I was kicked to the curb. She used to text at least 20 times a day, now it’s days. If I didn’t send a text, she would not talk to me. She has no interest in me unless she needs something.

  37. Angil says

    So I love this post it’s extremely helpful. I’m Bisexual 24y/o and I’ve been told I’m a great person to be around; confident, funny, emotionally relevant. The only thing is I’m having a hard time accepting their words. It’s hard to consider compliments from others when you see yourself differently. My first love broke up with me last year and I’m trying to find myself and possibly fall in love with someone else. I’m in no rush it’s just different being alone. Any more advice from a helpful soul?

  38. Whr s my girl? says

    Hi, I’m 28. It’s nice 2 read all ur experience. Just want 2 share mine.
    I hv a crush on a girl Whn i was 16. I wrote poetry abt her, some of my frnds encouraged it. Bt she don’t know abt it & i lost her. I don’t know Wht it was!!

    My first love-at 21, as a bet i asked my friend10 kisses Whn she lost 2 do 1 activity. As a deal she just gv it all over my face Vry fast. 1 just fell on my lips. Thts my first kiss. I lost my breathe 4 a while & i feel a 1000 volt current passed on my body. Thr i realized I’m a lesbian. She also loves me. Only H&K’s.
    It went so gd still she started luv my brother. As a topic, she hv told all our stories 2 him. Since my brother s loving, caring. He never asked me anything. He Just avoided her. Thts Hw v break. I heard She s married nw with some other, blessed with 2 kids. I lost her ever.

    After long time, heart break, at my 24, i met one les girl. Vry open, sexy, she also had a break up she told. V just shared H&K’s. Ths time it’s somewhat hard. Bt i find she s using me. And i find, all i want s love nt sex! I changed my work place 4 a change. Never contact her thn.

    I find my new love girl at my 26. I truly luv her. Bt i never kissed r expressed my feelings. Bt i care abt her. She knows Hw much i luv her. I luv her thn2 te core. Once her mom fell ill. I just went 2 hosp & she suddenly hugged me tightly & she told I’m te one she luved te most. I just gv support words 4 her mom. The Vry next week she has gone 2 her native. Since i was also a bit busy with my work, i spoke 2 her once through phone. She was a bit depressed abt her parents. I gv verbal support as much i can. Bt she told she feels sleepy, just talked few mts. After my work pressure, i called her no. 1 fine day. Her sister picked & Whn i ask her 2 call my frnd, she told she s nomore! My brain blocked…she hd committed suicide 10 days before. Ths s te worst news one shouldn’t hv 2 hear n life i wish. 10 days before i hv called her, she nt picked & so mailed her abt my work with my love, kiss & hugs. And her sister added, she cut her wrist, neck, burnt herself….

    She s my last luv!! I can’t 4gt her still we r nt together. I never kissed her. Bt i hv a strong luv, care 4 her. I lost her 6 months b4…

    Luv s a grt feel. Just feel it, enjoy it. Don’t waste ur time. Time can do anything n ur life.

    Thks 4 reading my life!

  39. Q-t-k-z says

    I’m 14 and um a lesbo. . I’m dating a girl wu’s styn at gauteng whilest um in limpopo. . I love her feel her nd i have a great feelin bwt her . . Thing is i have a lot of frnds,boys nd gals bt i’m inlurv with my gal”frnds”. . Like ol of dem,wht cn i do?i realy got big crushes 4 dem ol

  40. pam says

    I meet a women that is 41 I’m 46. I’ve always been with women she hasn’t but she wants to and she chose me. I like her she likes me we have great conversation together we connected. I’m not sure about this I’ve never been with a woman that has never been with another woman. Not sure what to do. I want to touch her hold her kiss her but not sure how. I just to be clear its not all about the sex anymore. Help. How do I go about thiswhat do I do?

  41. aleck says

    I became a lesbian at 12. Am 21 now. But have not really had a galfriend. I kissed ds gal one time and she wanted us to date. But i was scared cos of what ppl were gonna say. She didnt hide d fact dt she z a lez. The thing iz, i really really am more attracted to gals. Bt my society frowns at lesbianism. My parents? They practically kill me. What do i do?

  42. Anonymous RK says

    I need help ASAP! I’m currently a bisexual in six grade. I’ve fallen for my bestfriend lets name her Q. I told her I wasn’t straight a week ago and she replied that it’s a ‘mental problem'(dont bother about that). I didn’t tell her that she was my crush. Ever since I befriended her in 5th grade I’ve change quite a lot and she’s the only one I actually obey in school and in’t rebellious to. I realized that I’m totally so sweet when I’m with her and whenever she’s in trouble I find myself helping her out. I haven’t been so funny in ages. I had phases when I was younger followed by depression after some things that happened at home then I was demoted to the 3rd class and I met Q who became my buddy. Now I’m so confused. Any advice?

  43. Anonymous RK says

    I need help ASAP! Here’s some information about me I’m in six grade and realised that I was a bisexual in 4th grade. I am so badly in love with my bestfriend and I told her I was a bisexual and she said that its a mental problem(in her words) but I didn’t tell her about my crush on her. And I noticed ever since I befriended her in 5th grade I’ve changed

  44. hi im 13 and i kissed my bestfriend and i dont know where i stand with her also i have fallen in love with her sister but i want to be with with them both help me plz anything will help xxxxx with says

    Belinda quagmire

    • me says

      I can’t help but relate, being a 14 year old and in quite a mess after kissing my best friend. I don’t know if I truly have advice, but I do have words, and I would love to share them. I’m currently identifying as a bisexual, though deep in my mind, I suspect I’m a lesbian. The girl I kissed and I had been open about our feelings for each other, we had talked about dating, and trusted each other.
      The only problem is, like so many of our fellow lesbians, we live in a community that would probably burn us at the stake if we came out of the closet. The first thing I did when I moved there was secure myself a ‘boyfriend’ to protect from the homophobes ( not that I’m weak, but to keep them from suspecting). I do actually like him (in the middle school sense) so I don’t feel like I’m being mean to him, but at this point, that girl has about eight reasons to punch me full in the face. I asked her out, and broke up with her on the same day. I insisted that we weren’t really together, then kissed her. She’s a great person, a terrible friend (bully magnet), super sweet, (a great kisser) and I’m still not sure about either the boy or the girl

  45. Anonymous says

    I’m not sure if I’m a lesbian or a bisexual. My partner and I came seem to do the home run stage, we want to but we don’t have the guts to do so. Anyway, there was this one time we were talking about doing the home run, and she asked me, What if I’m a guy, will you have the guts to do it? Then I suddenly taught that I feel disgusted about the whole thing about a guy’s dick. It’s just, I feel disgusted like giving them a blow job or their dicks inserted to you… I just feel grossed out by it. And I have a feeling I’d rather do the home run with a girl than a real sex with a guy..

  46. Daphne says

    Hi I’m 12 and going to eighth grade after this summer and I am have fallen in love with my best friend’s friend how do tell her
    Please Help!!!

    • Kitty says

      Hi I have been in that place before. I’m 18 now! but here’s what happened to me I hope it helps. When I was your age I had no idea, I had never liked a girl before then I fell for my best friend. I was horrified to tell her how I felt, but we finally confessed our feelings to each other, and turned out she liked me to! So the best thing is to be honest but not pushy, if she’s truly your best friend she will understand regardless if she likes you back or not! Be confident!

  47. Zoey says

    I’m 15 years old and bi-sexual. My girlfriend and I have been dating for a while now and she wants to take the next step in our relationship. I’m really nervous about taking that next step, but I really want to. Does anyone have advice that could help me? I would really appreciate it.

    • sophie says

      hey zoey,

      im also bi-sexual and had the same problem as you but i started by spending more time with her and started to get romantic and helped alot and made things easier and just make sure your not going to fast.

      hope it works out babe xx

  48. Lanatalia says

    I’m a late bloomer. Or so I thought… As some women come out in the other half of their lives. But we shouldn’t judge. Everyone is unique and has her own personal timing. I had my first crush on a woman at the age of 5 but started pursuing women at 24 yrs.

    After quite many wrong “relationships” I found the love of my life at almost 30! We’re now almost 6 yrs together, still very much in love, admiring, respecting and seducing each other. So pls don’t be desperate.

    The older women get, the sexier, the more beautiful… They are very much in control of emotions, so jealousy, gossip, hateful words and other fatal obsessions are simply minimal at this point. They dont have to be right all the time, it wouldnt interfere with their confidence. The only goal is to be happy. We all will become that woman at some point. but do work on it by being positive and gracious. Not always easy but the discipline will pay off.

  49. Jennifer says

    Hi m really upset because I am 13 and a lesbian. My pArents are Christians and would freak if I told them. I know im young but I want to have (you know what) with a lesbian but at my age there is no one. hELP

  50. no one's supposed to know says

    I’m 29, possibly bisexual… possibly only bc i was married and used to find men attractive but i had an experience with a friend of mine a few years ago that changed my mind. for the post two years, I’ve been with a couple… man and wife. I’m in love with the woman and care for the man. i love my girlfriend, but i am beginning to feel the pressure of sharing her. I’m jealous of her sexual interaction with her husband. especially since she is very jealous of even platonic friendships of mine. i love this woman… but am i making the biggest mistake by being with her?

    • Ro says


      I totally get it. I am bisexual as well. I have been in relationships with men only, however, I have been with girls a few times. One of the times I was with a girl was in a threesome with a girl and her boyfriend, which was initiated by the boyfriend. I did not like the experience at all, therefore, I have never participated in another threesome.

      In my opinion, you are doing yourself a grave disservice by referring to this woman as your girlfriend. First of all, from the outset you knew she was married to a man. This fact imposed automatically certain restrictions on your relationship prospects with this woman from the start. Due to my negative experience with a threesome, I definitely am biased against threesomes-particularly those involving a man. A man is an unnecessary distraction. It sounds to me as though you are a bisexual woman who prefers women as I do.

      Secondly, I feel this is someone who either does not have any boundaries or has inconsistent boundaries. I think this since despite the fact she is a married woman she has an issue with you having other platonic friendships. You have every right to have platonic friendships with anyone you choose. A healthy, happy, confident individual is well-rounded and has solid relationships with various people-friends, family, etc. Also, because you are a single woman, you do not have the obligations and considerations she has because she chose to marry a man and take on all of the realities that come with this choice. Do not, under any circumstances, no matter how strongly she protests give up any of your friendships. Firmly but calmly express to her that you will not give up any platonic friendships while continuing to be involved with her.

      While continuing to be involved with her, maintain your friendships as well as your other hobbies and interests. Since she is married, she is unable to be fully invested in an exclusive, committed relationship with you. As much as you love her, do not forget she is already committed to someone else. So therefore, she cannot be your girlfriend exclusively as you want her to be. Maintaining your friendships, hobbies, interests, and family connections will help you to keep a balanced perspective. It will also help to maintain appropriate boundaries. Establishment and maintenance of appropriate boundaries is imperative, especially when dealing with someone who is unable or unwilling to create proper boundaries.

      Remember you are a strong, confident, and beautiful, woman who deserves only the best in life and love. Stay strong!

      Wishing you only the best,


    • samsara says

      A rule in which all should abide by, do not get involved with a married person or persons period!! You are lowering yourself and they dont care. Simply move on, it will hurt but so what, at least you will be free of the whole selfish and sordid affair and you will meet someone else and fall in love all over again.

  51. Sunshine says

    Hi there I haven’t come out to my family yet I’m 24 and married but it’s harder everyday since I’m falling for my sons teacher she has the cutest laugh and is the highlight of my week… … Wish I could tell her how I feel…. And I know she plays for my team but still I don’t know how to tell her I like her more than a friend….. Her laugh her smile lights up a room when she’s around me I can’t help but smile….I don’t think I’m her type though and I can respect that….. But wish I knew how to tell her …. Even if we only stay friends I know that she would be a good friend to have in my life……

    • Ro says

      Hi Sunshine,

      Oh my goodness….there is nothing like falling in love.

      You are halfway there-you know she plays for your team. However, how well do you know her? What are her hobbies and interests? How does she spend her time outside of work? Is she out at work? Is she out to her family and friends? Is she seeing anyone? If she is seeing someone, please respect this and do not pursue her romantically. Think about this….if she was in a committed relationship with you, you would want her to respect you as well as the relationship. Does she have a romantic interest in anyone else? Again, do not pursue her romantically if she has romantic interest in anyone else. Remember, you are a special woman who deserves only the best. Do not settle for a woman who is emotionally unavailable since they are into someone else.

      Once you are sure she is single, available, and has no other romantic interests, get to know her better by spending more time with her outside of work. Are there any shared hobbies and interests? If so, find time to pursue these shared hobbies and interests with her by inviting her to participate in an activity after work. This will allow the two of you to get to know each other better. By getting to know each other better, you will establish a solid foundation for a friendship as well as a romantic relationship.

      Be yourself. Have fun, relax, and go with the flow. Only time will tell. You go girl!

      Wishing you peace, love, and happiness,


  52. In love says

    So me and my best friend have been intimate together an it was amazing and I want to hold her and kiss her all the time but I feel like idk how to make a move because I don’t want her to think I’m pressuring her. She calls our sexual relationship “fun time” but I want it all the time! How do I presue this?!

  53. Stephania Duarte says

    girls we all fall in love with straight girls at some point, we have to get over it and move on, even if we have a bad experience, it just comes with the field, if you wanna get a beautiful woman you’ll have to take some risks

  54. Amy Estelle says

    Hey I’m 13 and a lesbian and I’m really so in love with my bff but she is completely against lesbians how do I come out and tell her? Ps my parents dnt know either! :s

  55. Really nice piece am 14 here and i seem to have all these things yet am single why? says

    Am 14 and i have a good sense of humour and all that yet am single why?

    • Stephania Duarte says

      This is very summarized. Imagine you’re Marina from TLW, trust that they want you, and get close, little touches go a long way

  56. Anon says

    I’ve dated a couple of girls, but i feel like they are only using me because they want to come out like i did. Am i being totally paranoid?I dated one of them for 8 months and she could just about bring herself to do the small things (not that i’m unappreciative, i understand it must’ve been hard for her but it did get me thinking if she ever liked girls at all) I also think i might like my best friend. HELP ME PLEASE!

  57. CuriousGirl says

    lol it’s so true what Christina said. I am a straight 25 year old and if a lesbian hit on me I would be flattered. I am down with experimenting so don’t be shy ladies you never know

  58. Christina Naomi says

    Ladies I’m reading a lot of comments saying. “You feel like the only lesbian in your country” or there’s not a lot of lesbians where I’m at. I have this theory and its simply all women/ girls are prone to women. I mean what’s not to like girls are so much sexier to look at its like eye candy! So that being said don’t always look for the girls that are already lesbians give your self a small challenge and break the straight girls in odds are they’re just as curious as you are! I’m a 23 yr. Old lesbian and all my girlfriends have been straight turns out they just needed a little help finding them self. ;)

  59. Nemo says

    i like it! but only if i knew a lesbian girl in my area! :\ it sucks to feel like you are the Only lesbian in your Country -_-

  60. Enter Your Name says

    This is really cool … but it still doesn’t help if they’re straight. First crush on a girl and she’s straight. -.- But hey, only 16 so maybe college’ll be better, and we’re friends.

  61. Jess says

    Great article and helpful but there’s only so far these tips can take you lol.. still awesome and helpful ;)

    • says

      I’m glad you enjoyed it Jess. And you’re right – I can say everything that you need to hear, but nothing will help you get your woman unless you go out there and take action for yourself!

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