Common Lesbian Slang and Terminology

I’ve compiled a list of the most common lesbian slang, terms, words, and phrases you’re most likely to hear within the lesbian community. Read up!

Popular Lesbian Terms

Andro/Androgynous: A “unisex” lesbian (neither Butch or Femme).

Baby Dyke: A young, newbie lesbian (can you say “drama”?).

Beard:  a “beard” is a person of the opposite sex who marries or dates a closeted lesbian or gay person to cover up their homosexuality.

Bicurious: A typically straight girl who is somewhat intrigued by the idea of hooking up with another girl. She is ‘curious’ about her sexuality and interested in exploring relationships with girls.

Bisexual: A girl (or guy) who likes both girls and boys. For more information, click to read our article on the Top 4 Myths About Bisexuals.

Bulldyke: The most masculine of Butch lesbians.

Butch: A masculine lesbian.

Chapstick lesbian: A tomboy lesbian. Doesn’t quite fit the stud or femme description. Usually in between the two extremes. A lesbian who wears Chapstick rather than lipstick.

Dieseldyke: A super masculine lesbian who tends to drive trucks or other machinery.

Drag King: a drag king is a woman who dresses to look like a man, usually for performance. Drag kings are often lesbian, but not always.

Dyke: Another (less Femme) word for lesbian.

Gaydar: An intuitive ability to determine whether another person is gay or not. Gaydar relies heavily on social mannerisms and behaviors. The word derives from a combination of Gay + Radar.

Genderqueer: No, that’s not a typo. It’s a word that means you don’t limit your gender identity to the typical man/woman archetype. For instance, maybe you feel like you’re both man and woman, or maybe you feel like you’re neither. Either way, it’s all good.

Gold star: A lesbian who’s never been with a man (a sometimes rare but worthy find).

Femme: A feminine lesbian.

Hasbian: A hasbian is a woman who used to identify as a lesbian and date women, but is now dating men.

Lesbian: A women who is sexually and emotionally attracted to other women.

Lipstick lesbian: A lipstick lesbian is a woman who loves other women, but also loves her clothes and makeup and shoes. She tends to dress on the femmy side

Lipstick Mafia: Group of (generally Femme) lesbians who either 1) work to recruit new lesbians into the lesbian community or 2) form a close-knit protective circle around members of their group of friends. Move over, Sopranos!

Pillow Queen: A girl who likes to receive sexually (but refuses to give in return).

Poppa: An underage lesbian.

Stem: A stem is a lesbian who identifies somewhere between “stud” and “femme.”

Stud: a dominant lesbian, usually butch.

Queer: Once considered a derogatory word, some people use this term to be all inclusive of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. Warning: Some people still find this word offensive.

U-haul Lesbian: A girl who tends to move in fairly quickly with those she dates.

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What terms did I accidentally leave out? Let me know in the comment section below and I’ll be sure to include them in!

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  1. Xhinii says

    I love my heels, my make-ups and dresses and I love dykes and girls. I love being a lipstick lesbian. Proud to be one!

  2. ayo says

    Idk what I am. Im not manly but I like wearing plain shirts jeans and fresh shoes. But Ill also wear a dress and heals to a partt or club lol idk

  3. Teehee says

    I have a few questions;

    1) if you are a lesbian, why would you want to be with a woman that acts like a man? Why not just be with a man instead?
    2) how can a relationship where one partner refuses to eat box survive? That sounds like an opportunistic relationship to me. In this case how is the other partner sexually satisfied???? Toys?

    • Stormy says

      Hey there, I can answer your questions…from my point of view. I am a lesbian who prefers more aggressive women.
      1) Women are women no matter how they dress. My wife prefers not to wear girly clothes. She doesn’t feel comfortable wearing dresses and she doesn’t feel comfortable wearing tight fitting clothes. However, the clothes she wears aren’t extremely loose either. Most people assume these women “act” like men based on their appearance. In reality once you really get to know that person they have the same personality characteristics of a “girly girl”. (Why not be with a man instead?) If someone prefers the female anatomy, their personality only enhances the attraction. I like penetration (how ever I don’t like receiving from a man) so my wife wears a strap on dildo from time to time. It’s not a staple in our sex life. Also, lesbian love is not all about sex. You have to be able to connect with someone on a deeper level. For example, I have dated men in the past, I always knew I was a lesbian and I have always been honest about it with the men I attempted to date. I loved one of them but I never fell IN love. I’ve only fallen IN love with women. The sex was hard to deal with because although they were handsome in the face, I wasn’t attracted to them once it was time to do the do. No matter how hard they tried, I just couldn’t get in the mood and it was often an ego crusher for the guy and completely uncomfortable for me. I often had to ask them not to speak, and had to close my eyes and literally think about a woman in order to get through. I also refused to give oral sex to them which caused an issue as well. Hope this answered your question. In general, people are attracted to different things. Some women are attracted to men who shave every nook and cranny (which seems feminine to me). Some men like women with a boy body (very very small breast, and flat as a board on the back). Some women like chubby men with bigger boobs then them.

      2) When you find a relationship where one partner refuses to perform oral sex, it is usually: 1) a girly girl who is not a lesbian but likes the idea of another woman having sex with her. This will never bloom into a relationship because one partner will eventually get tired of the lack of intimacy and dump her a$$ for someone who will “eat the box” as you put it. Or 2) a more masculine woman who is going through her whore phase and wouldn’t dare put her lips on this chick she just met 20 minutes ago who she is already “strapping” in the back seat of her jeep :). This more than likely won’t become a relationship because of how they met, and they will just be friends with benefits but no “box eating”. I highly doubt a REAL relationship can survive without both parties reciprocating the favor. HOWEVER, I did date a girl once who didn’t like oral sex to be performed on her. She was young and I think she thought if she let someone go down on her, she would feel less of a “stud”. That changes with time usually ( but I didn’t stay long enough to find out). HOWEVER, she could surprisingly cum on command. lol. Seeing me naked would make her cum, she would cum while giving me head, she could cum while strapping me. She would just be soooo turned on that she didn’t actually need physical stimulation. *Shrug* Must be nice. All in all, lesbians masturbate no matter how they dress. We will get off one way or another, with or without a partner.

    • Anonymous says

      The fact is she is not a man is what makes you a lesbian. You like box but you like masculinity as well And there are women who don’t enjoy their box to be eaten so pillow princesses are able to be pillow princesses. Hope that helped

    • David says

      Truth is all lesbians love dick. They just dont like the men attached to it. They’re also the group most likely to watch man on man porn, only second to gay men.

      • Rachel says

        Wow David. You couldn’t be more wrong. I think someone’s ego took a hit at the thought that women might not like their penis. I loathe the male genitalia, the very thought makes me cringe. I don’t even really like strap-ons, and vaginal stimulation has never been able to make me cum.
        Also, I can’t even stand man-on-woman porn, so man-on-man is definitely not a thing.

      • Roxymoon1024 says

        I think that im lesbain because i have started to notice myself checking out girls. I’m in grade 8 and live in a small town. My mom has been openly bi for 6 years and my brother is gay . My parents are split up and my dads family is a bunch of rednecks.I’m Worried that if I do find a girl that likes me back that every one will think it’s a phase . Also I am curious about what to call myself. I like frilly dresses and dont like to go out of the house with out makeup but half of my closet is plaid shirts my personality is a tomboy

        • Alison says

          Just DON’T put a label on yourself sweetie. Though this reply is a bit late. :-P If you don’t know what you are, just say that, and if anyone says they NEED a label out of you, those aren’t the people you should spend your time with anyway.
          “The people who mind don’t matter,
          And the people who matter don’t mind.” ~ Dr. Suess

          However, if you do feel the need to label yourself, it sounds like you would fit well under a ‘stem’ or a ‘more femme chapstick’ but again, this is all up to you. I personally identify with the term ‘tomboy’ because most of what I wear are jeans and some sort of graphic shirt, but I still enjoy my cute sweater+skirt+stylish boots outfits. But in general appearance? Super short hair and lack of any make-up? ry yotomboy, even in a skirt.

          I live in a pretty small town as well! (In Wyoming, maybe we even live near each other!) And I know the whole, walking through the mall you know almost everyone there by name feeling. But if anyone thinks it’s just a phase? Screw them! Just remember that fancy Dr. Seuss quote up there, it’s the best!

          However, if your father really is like seriously redneck and the idea of telling him brings up thoughts of him hurting physically/emotionally you or her. Or if he can still legally, (depending on which parent has custody) tell you know and remove your ability to date her. I would hold off telling him tell your 18 and know you have a place to crash and can stand on your own two feet in case things go bad.

          I hope this was helpful!!

      • Len says

        I agree that this is totally wrong too- and I’m *bi*!! I’m not keen on ‘dick’ personally, but if I happen to love the person attached to it then I don’t find it a problem- it’s just really not my fave anatomical part by a *long* way. In my experience, the people who like m/m porn second to gay men are straight women of a certain type- this includes m/m fiction etc.. too. I personally don’t like any commercially made porn. It makes me cringe.. the only type I might get away with is f/f stuff- but then only if it’s definitely not made for men.

      • anom says

        Yeah david, I think you might be wrong on that one. I know plenty of women that hate everything about penis, but have male friends. that being said, I do think there are a lot of women out there that go the lesbian route due to men, but in my experience and not just personal, also witnessing from the outside, they more times than not, a lot more times than not go back to men

      • Anonymous says

        Umm no no no no no!
        Men in general are not attractive and come sometimes be both a mix of bore and predictability. But many, many women do not enjoy even penetration. Not penis. No. None! Lesbians may like penetration, but there’s a reason we’re lesbians! Men? No thank you! Penis? No thank you.. Gross

  4. Rawr says

    What if I like to give but not receive? I mean I haven’t actually acted on it or anything for that matter but the thought of bending her over and tasting her makes my mouth water. :/ maybe I’m just confused.

    • Stormy says

      If you prefer to give and not receive (this will change with age and experience) you are better off finding a “noodle” or a bi-curious woman to get some practice in. If you get with a real lesbian, she WILL return the favor. You just need to be upfront and be ready to answer why or at least show them your goods. It can make someone worry that something is wrong with your lady parts and raise fear about you putting your lips on them. Just remember, you are still a woman…lesbians love women….women love head….and lesbians love to give head. :)

      • DJT says

        Stormy? or to anybody here, I would just like to share or somewhat needs advice. The one who’s into my life now, doesn’t like to eat me, I mean eat my pussy. I don’t know why, and sometimes it offended me. I always wanted to be eaten. :( But everytime we do the act, she does my pussy by her finger and also she does my boobs by her hands and mouth, but she never ever does my pussy by her mouth. How should I feel? And also, she doesn’t want me to touch her, and so I haven’t touch her, even her pussy or boobs. What would I do? She is a hard butch, and I am femme. Please help me out.

      • Mae says

        Nope. Just no. Lot’s of lesbians don’t eat pussy. Lot’s of women find other ways to enjoy sex. Just because some one doesn’t want to eat pussy, doesn’t mean they have no interest in getting you off. It’s just a boundary.

    • Leiliana says

      How would you categorize a lipstick lesbian that is attracted to a stem? I thought I was a femme but the definition keeps saying that femmes are attracted to butch or dyke but I am only attracted to stem.

      • Cesqua says

        There are plenty of MOCs who are attracted to MOC. The heart wants what it wants and no definition will change that. No label either.

  5. Anonymous says

    im gay but like, im the type where if you saw me on the street you’d think i was straight. i can get feminine more than every once in a while, but less than often. im casual i guess. i want a girl who’s like me, except she dominates me. she’s like a…tomboyish femme…if that even exists. i dont even know. someone sorta like Kristen Stewart if you’ve seen those claims about her being gay. A bad girl. Basically. Like if a straight girl with no gaydar saw a girl on the street, she’d think she was some negative influential bad ass chick. except she’s gay. the skinny jeans, tank top, thin toned, black converse, snapback wearing kind of girl. i have no idea if im making sense but that’s someone I’d like to meet. or just a dominant femme too haha

  6. Anonymous says

    Major femme, attracted to stems or Chapstick lesbians tbh, especially if they’re studs like holy heck.

  7. Emily says

    My girl friend and i are poppa’s.. She is 14 and i am 13! She is a gold star .. Im sadly not though haha. We defiantly have a kind of old school femme(me) + butch(her) relationship. SO FUN!

    • courtz says

      You’re 13 & you’re not a gold star dam girl, I just hope it was due to experimenting & not the other reason why most girl don’t get to stay a gold star….. I’m 18, a gold star & dam proud to be lesbian, when I told my mother when I was 11 she told me I was mad… 7 years later & I haven’t change… Just stay strong people in this world can be extremely insane about the lifestyle many of us have chosen…. XxX *♡*

  8. michelle says

    Is there a term for lesbians who only want to give pleasure aka the opposite of a pillow princess?

  9. Anonymous says

    Is there a term for lesbians who only want to give pleasure aka the opposite of a pillow princess?

  10. love says

    stemme silver star poppa

    I’m about to turn 20 this summer
    been with girls since I was 14 kinda scary at first but always knew I had an attraction to girls since 11. Was raised in a sorta traditional latino family a liitle more modern and was raised believing homosexuality was a sickness mental thing though I felt strongly in my heart there was more to it. Later after two heartbreak from my two ex gfs I then had sex with two guys was just not fulfilling and so typical and I was so dissapointted I was satisfied of the ation but not ever fulfilled emotional and physical , I was 17 when I was with the first guy then 18 when I had the encounter with the second guy . I would just get grossed out quickly by kissing or being sexual with guys. later got depressed because it was so hard trying to accept it while the media was being more open about sexuality I kept building the courage to come out to my family especially my mom since she was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 15. but they would judge and keep finding different explanations why homosexuality was a mental sickness. My current gf is the most amazing person ive ever met. shes one of my heroes, when I met her the chemistry was there and she knew that I was struggling with myself the love I had for myself she was openly gay and she told me its okay and she just was like this safe haven I had that came to me. She had gone through some stuff herself but she didn’t let adversities keep her down. I was inspired. later the tension was building up with my family . my mom had asked me severaly times through my adolescence but I always denied she asked me again and I finally said yes I am gay, was the scariest most terrifying thing but the aftermath was so hard but so worth it because we are all working on it my family my gf and myself on how to react to certain comments or certain attitudes, but I thank god for keeping me sane..

    • Anonymous says

      Im 14 and i am bisexual. My girlfriend and I have been dating for about 4 months now and my parents still dont know about her neither does my grandparents. She is openly gay like your girlfriend and she wants me to come out to my parents about her. I am afraid to tell them because theyre very very judgemental and do not accept my bisexuality. I really want to tell them but i dont have the courage and if i keep her a secret any longer it might hurt our relationship and i just dont know what to do about it

      • Anonymous says

        You don’t have to come out if it makes you feel unsafe- your girlfriend needs to understand that!

      • Lily says

        I discovered I was a Lesbian at 14 also. You don’t have to come out, regardless of what others expect. That’s just more pressure to conform to someone elses rules. Wm. S. Burroughs the gay, junkie, gun nut father of the beat generation said: “Sex, drugs and firearms are private matters.” That’s always worked for me. It’s nobodys business what you do in private anyway, no? I’ve never come out to anyone who couldn’t handle the truth, and there are a whole lot of people who can’t. Peace sister.

    • Linda says

      ugh! I know who you feel. I’m going through that myself and its actually really hard to not react to comments that the family says about gay people in general. I’m a Mexican American so yeah. they tookme to two different psychologist to change my attitude and my way of thinking cause they said that I was wrong but they cant handle me. I’m a really straight forward person so if I don’t like what you say, ill tell you right away, but if they really want me to stop reacting to their comments they should keep their mouth quiet. I came I came out to my family on april 5 , 2014 and ever since that day things have gone worst.. when I actually thought that I was going to have a closer relationship with my family.I’m almost 18 and I cant wait to leave the house to go study and be independent. I have always been a good girl but it looks like they forgot about that ever since I came out. I knew I was gay since I was 12 but I wouldn’t accept myself until I was 16 1/2 then when I came out I felt more than happy with myself but with the family I feel like ive become a fake person. I kept it to myself all this time because my mom has always needed a kidney transplant. I wouldn’t want her die because of me, when I came out she got worst, her health was bad and I noticed it so now I try to understand her and not talk about gay people but her comments drive me crazy and she only cares about what society might think of me, not if im happy and stuff.

    • Linda says

      ugh! I know who you feel. I’m going through that myself and its actually really hard to not react to comments that the family says about gay people in general. I’m a Mexican American so yeah. they tookme to two different psychologist to change my attitude and my way of thinking cause they said that I was wrong but they cant handle me. I’m a really straight forward person so if I don’t like what you say, ill tell you right away, but if they really want me to stop reacting to their comments they should keep their mouth quiet. I came I came out to my family on april 5 , 2014 and ever since that day things have gone worst.. when I actually thought that I was going to have a closer relationship with my family.I’m almost 18 and I cant wait to leave the house to go study and be independent. I have always been a good girl but it looks like they forgot about that ever since I came out. I knew I was gay since I was 12 but I wouldn’t accept myself until I was 16 1/2 then when I came out I felt more than happy with myself but with the family I feel like ive become a fake person. I kept it to myself all this time because my mom has always needed a kidney transplant. I wouldn’t want her die because of me, when I came out she got worst, her health was bad and I noticed it so now I try to understand her and not talk about gay people but her comments drive me crazy and she only cares about what society might think of me, not if im happy and stuff.

  11. newbie says

    I don’t know what the big deal s or maybe it really isnt, but maybe this is just hopefully having fun. Since the heteroworld noone thinks about what category of hetero thdy are and what type of hetero they date. They just date who they are physically and personality wise attracted to. Now Im not sure if I am supposed to fit in a keyhole and date only certain types. Ithought I and we are what we am and i or we date and love who we like.

    • brooke says

      I agree ..I am bisexual… I have never liked labels though…I believe you love who you love ..or like ..we are all different in our own ways

    • Anonymous says

      Certain straight girls actually are attracted to certain types. Like you have jocks,emos,the soft guys,players,preppy boys,ect. That’s how it is in the LGBT community except we have our own categories.

  12. in the closet says

    Im definitely a gold star!…never been with a women or a guy in my entire 18 yr old life…you’re going to need a term for that..never been with a guy or a girl but im totally into women!!.. want to be with one..but its hard and very very complicated where I am..lets hope i survive this..

  13. Tammy i wanna know says

    For me i absolutely like wearing t-shir and jeans and am attracted to stud but not the hardcore bulkdyke one. Am not real attracted to femmes bt sometimes i like wearing dress and make up. If a stud and a male dress in the same clothe infront of me no matter what i will choose the stud. Is that ok. Boys are attractive bt not sexual appealing to me since middle school just always like the girls

  14. Loves God AND Girls says

    Cool article! I was wondering what the terms were. According to this I am a gold star femme with a broken Gaydar. :P I also might be a Baby Dyke depending on what a “new lesbian” is. I have liked girls since high school but I only accepted my love for girls a few months ago. Question: how do you tell if you are a lesbian or bisexual? (How do you tell the difference between the to?) As a rule I have only had crushes on girls and I usually only think about girls. But once in a blue moon I might think “That guy is kind of cute.” But it is generally girls on my mind. So boys are the exception, not the rule. (And a very rare exception I might add.) Does that mean I am les or bi? Or is there a word for being mostly lesbian? 99% of my thoughts are about girls and the reason I am a gold star is because I don’t have the desire to kiss, date, be with, marry or start a family with a guy. So would I be les or bi? Thanks girls. This article is awesome just like all of you! <3

    • Anonymous says

      Maybe you shouldn’t focus so much on what you are. The important thing is who you choose to love. Guy or girl? Long as you’re happy. And no matter what you might be sexually attracted to, everyone can appreciate beauty. You look at a guy and think ‘damn that’s a hot piece of ass’ doesn’t mean you wanna have his babies ;-) Most important is finding someone who makes you happy and hot all over. That’s whoever is the one for you. Don’t try so hard to label yourself. Personally I’ve always used the term omnisexsual about myself. I fall in love with the person – not their gender.

    • claire wheeler says

      im a femme lesbian i love make up hand bags high heels and sometimes wear a dress but what i hate is when people just think your straight because you look straight. sometimes other gay women think your not really a lesbian just because you dont dress butch. it shouldnt matter how we dress or what we look like and just be yourself. im 100 percent lesbian but very femme.

  15. Snickers Lopez says

    I’m sort of a femme, lipgloss lesbian (between a lipstick and Chapstick) and I’m the pumps in the relationship while my girlfriend is a butch, Chapstick lesbian and the pants in the relationship (she’s dresses like a guy most of the time but she does care how her hair and outfit look).

  16. Anonymous says

    I was raised that liking the same sex was wrong so i went threw Wut i call a str8 phase, had to amazing daughters, an finally accepted that i was a lesbian an didnt come to my family till i was 29 im 33 now, but everyone else new. I use to be extremly girly but realized it wasnt me. Only been with 2 men in my life. I can look at a man an say hes attractuve but im not attracted to men at all. I guess i would be considered a chapstick lesbian, i love my DC shoes an Hurley an billabong, have short hair(im a hairstylist) but wear mascara. Perfer mens shorts an Jeans, love my tank tops.

  17. she-hulk butch beard muncher says

    you forgot carpet munch-er i love munching me some carpet and laying it if you know what i mean you ever scissors so fast your pubes catch fire call me if you ever want to 702-815-4395 if you in my area give me a call ……………my name is juicy

  18. unoexperience says

    I dress girly sometimes heels sometime flats,but I also dress down meaning I wear tshirts jeans and sneakers ….so what would I fall under?? Plus I’ve only been in one lesbian relationship for 2yrs I’m31 what would that be???

    • Anonymous says

      You’d mostly likely be a stem or chap stick lesbian if you dress up yet look causal. However, if you dress up girlie one day then dress like a stud the next, you’d be referred to as a switch. I don’t know what you mean with the number of years though. I don’t really think numbers count with lesbian lingo besides being a rookie.(:

    • claire wheeler says

      im femme as well and some days i wear jeans but if im going on a night out i would wear a dress. i dont think we should be judged or have labels and all be treated the same.

  19. toni says

    I am totally into gals bt find guys attractive as well bt not sexually. I love beautiful dresses,nice shoes n make up but I’m most comfortable in jeans n t-shirts n sneakers n I love being dominant….I’m I a stem?

    • Tippi says

      I’m the same as you and now that i think of it.Im a gold star,poppa and I’m dominant too cuz I get jealous of the boys that talk to my crush. Besides is their a termo for lesbians that act like gentlemen?

    • Brooklyn says

      I’m 14 and I’ve finally accepted that I’m a lesbian I just have a few questions:
      1. Is there a term for a lesbian who acts like a gentleman?
      2. Is there also a term for someone who has never dated a girl/ guy but has kissed a girl once and is also a lesbian?

    • Joleen says

      We need Jesus? The ones who are sooooooooo religious are the ones committing the worst sins. Like child molestations…… and nowhere in the bible it says anything about same sex Religious freaks……

    • lezgrl says

      Ur such an oblivious moron. i don’t judge u for being christian, but come on. anyway im athiest. why are u even on this website if ur not gay? ha

    • Anonymous says

      The bible also says that if you get raped, you must marry your rapist. it does say a lot of good things, but some of it is a bit outdated.

    • NaughtyNmph says

      I’m interested in finding out if your against gays why did you even come in and read this, I think your mad cause we get more pussy than you do.

    • Ol' 55 Gay Dude says

      Nobody needs anything at all around here Black Dude except for you, who needs professional help.

    • Miss Myliss says

      The Bible also teaches us to be tolerant and accepting. There was nothing to say that Jesus himself was against gay or lesbians in the Bible, but there are an overwhelming number of examples of Jesus accepting, forgiving and tolerating those that were different from himself (read the gospel of Luke).

      The Bible itself has be translated and reinterpreted a hundredfold or more, and has changed according to each type of Church’s interpretation. The Christian religions Church teachings (Catholic in particular) are 60% religious reinterpretation and only 40% scripture teachings. This stems back to the times before Jesus, where the Pharisees reinterpreted Scripture for their teachings, who later formed the Rabbinic Judaism and the Christian Faith.

      And that concludes today’s Religion and History lesson. Before commenting actually know what you are saying, otherwise you look like a STUPID PREJUDICE A**HOLE!!!

  20. blayne says

    I’m a gay gay and was always wondering the lesbian terms, I’ve heard a few over the years but wanted to see what i’ve missed. I think most of my lesbian friends fall into the chapstick lesbian, andro or stud (which I’ve ususally heard described as fashionably butch) catagories. In gay guy terms I’m a gold star, Otter (sub catagory of bear), gaymer, 4 real, who’s kind of a chicken. it means i’m a skinny hairy guy, who plays video games (not exclusive to men), wants a lasting and commited relationship and is a younger guy who kind of likes older dudes. I think if I were a lesbian I’d be a chapstick lesbian or andro who likes studs (I haven’t watched a lot of the L word but shane was pretty hot)

  21. Chanel says

    I guess I wud be considered a femme lesbian, an maybe a baby dyke. Idk! I always knew I loved women but I never had a gf until now. And she is a stem. I don’t like men!

  22. Merryn says

    you forgot Silver Star, which is basically like gold star but you’ve dated/kissed a guy but not had sex with one.
    I’m a silver star lipstick poppa

  23. mindsmessedup says

    Okay soooo I WAS bi curious.Was because I am now in a relationship with the person (who happens to be a stud).Also I was physically attracted to her from jump, however I was/am your typical straight gal (always been with men) …or so I thought. I’ve been asking myself what I am for a little over a year now, maybe I am just plain confused. But if anyone knows the “box” that fits my situation, please let me know.Thank you lots :)

    • Anonymous says

      I know how you feel, my story is the same as yours except I have always liked some girls, just never enough to date one. I don’t believe it’s a box you need to fit into but rather decide if this person is someone you truly love and could possibly love and spend your life with? I am dating a girl for the first time after years with men and as much as it’s termoil inside working it out deep down I don’t feel I could be without her. She means the world to me and I never thought I could feel this way about a girl. Your personal happiness is what you want to find. :)

      • mindsmessedup says

        She really turned everything upside down inside, I’m sure if I could see what’s going on there it would pretty much look like the aftermath of WWII lol. Thanks anonymous! :)

      • Anonymous says

        Wow! This was inspiring to me! I have been in love with two women in my life. Once before I was married and one now. (I’m still married, working up the courage to end it). I’m ending it because it’s not a good marriage, not because of her. I am crazy in love with her…even though that wasn’t the plan. She’s amazing & I can’t possibly see my future without her. But yea I have the turmoil inside.

  24. Rose P says

    Gold star, Fem. Never interested in boys even at the high school “oooh look, giggle stage”
    I like nice clothes but only moderate make up
    Rose P.

  25. Michaela says

    Bicurious is anyone (male or female) who is interested in exploring his or her sexuality with a member of the sex that they are NOT naturally oriented toward (I.E. I’m a lesbian but I used to be a little curious about guys).

  26. Amy says

    I’m Bisexual, i have a very high Libido when am with a girl and i also almost freak-out when am kissing/caressing/and looking for that thing that was never lost in between her legs. I easily get attracted to cute/sexy girls.

    Please what’s the Term for me? I’ll appreciate your reply, thanks.

  27. amy says

    Has any one heard the expression going the gurl used by a butch or stud in refering to themselves
    Very important to get answer

    • Les says

      yes! ive heard of that expression you slut monkey ive got enough slang to slag your tit wank you fuck nut whip cream fanny licking love lunch i often use this line as an expression for going to gurl too hope this helps, les please reply its very important to hear your answer lawolawolawolawol x x x x

  28. hi can someone please answer my question? ok so i only like girls emotionally not sexually and i'm only attracted to femmes i don't mind tuching a girl or be tuched but it's just not sexy. can someone please tell me if i'm a lesbian or not?????!!!!!!! says


    • Anonymous says

      If you are not attracted to men sexually or emotionally, but you are attracted to women in any way shape or form, you are a lesbian.
      If you are attracted to both in any way shape or form, you would fall somewhere on the bisexual spectrum.
      In either case, a lack of interest in sexual matters would make you additionally “asexual”, meaning that you would be an asexual lesbian, or an asexual bisexual.
      If you’re interested in sex with men, but not with women, but you are interested in a romantic bond with women to some extent, then you would be partially asexual, but also bisexual.

  29. ❣✿❣✿❣SillyGoose❣✿❣✿❣ says

    Hiyaa~! (>‿♥) I’m Gold Star and Lipstick Lesbian ᕙ(`▽´)ᕗ and would I also be poppa I’m almost 17? (✿◠‿◠)

  30. RandomName says

    I’m a goldstar, poppa(I’m 16. Does that count?), Chapstick bisexual. Though I always been a little more attracted to girls , than boys.

  31. Nadia says

    you forgot… starfish… it’s like pillow queen… but like a starfish, she lays on her back, and it spread out, like a starfish and that’s all she does. ha.

    • Kat says

      Haha you sound like the girl that I first fell for. Broke my heart!! I guess that’s the down side of the challenge you seek, sometimes someone gets hurt :( But in turn it might make them see the option more openly for the future :)

  32. Jaide says

    I just realized I’m a lesbian. I’ve always dated guys but I’ve always been attracted to girls.
    I like getting cute and girly but I prefer to wear t-shirts/running shorts and the occasional jeans. what type of lesbian am i?

  33. angel says

    I dont know where to put myself!lol. I am not super femme, I do not wear men’s clothing as in nothing from head to toe, I wear dresses at special occasions, I wear lipstick everyday but I know I am not a lipstick or a chapstick, I am feminine but I have short hair cause well I have kinky hair…and I dont like make up…so what am I.

    • Kayla Marie says

      Sexuality isnt a light switch. One person doesnt just “turn gay” suddenly. For instance I was always gay but tried my hardest to hide everything, I was in utter denial for years and finally came out of the closet completely. I think maybe you mean coming out of the closet? Or perhaps accepting your sexuality.

      • Anonymous says

        she is not questioning her sexuality, she knows she is a lesbian. Or she knows that she is bisexual (they do exist, by the way.) She’s really just questioning her stereotype. Which is sad, because not everyone will fit stereotypes, and all the better for them – every person is different.

  34. SayNoToHeteroPrison(haha) says

    LOL I have a LipstickMafia at my school they go around recruiting girls and guys (i’m a gold-chapstick-baby dyke) they look for people to do “gay stuff” (smh) its kinda funny but they have a leba-gay community crew now soo…

  35. Laura M. aka L.KAT says

    Spaghetti girl- straight until wet!!, Lisa- lesbian identified male, 2 beer queer- chicks who only get frisky w other chicks after drinking or at bars, deb- a perpetually negative lesbian who is a Debbie downer and rains on everyone’s parade,, lezbro- the lesbian’s straight male best fiend dynamic: equivalent of the more well-known gay man’s straight female best friend or “fag hag”/”fruit fly”. B)

  36. 1323 says

    I’m a lesbian and my girlfriend is a stem but she never likes to receive only give which I love but I always feel bad. Is this normal?

    • Laura M. aka L.KAT says

      Very normal. She’s a stud or a stone butch and much prefers giving to receiving it seems. you’re only a pillow princess if she clearly wants hers and you leave her hanging. Haha- some stone butches don’t even like being touched or undressed!

  37. mimor says

    What do u call a straight woman who wants to experiments with lesbian or is just curious to know what its like hope some one can give me en answer thanks.

  38. Chelsea says

    I guess I would be a femme gold star lipstick lesbian.
    Now that I’ve finally accepted my sexuality i’m trying to learn more about the lgbt community.

  39. Annastacia Cocco says

    Chapstick lesbian, Gold star, and does being 14 count as being a “Baby Dyke”? XD And fuck Gaydar, i dont have that shit. Sadly.

  40. Anonymous says

    One of my favorites is eyeliner femme, a lesbian or bisexual femme who identifies as goth, rockabilly or alternative, wears eyeliner, fishnets, etc.

  41. superbitchlezbo says

    Whatever happend to the term soft butch? I classified myself as one I can ware a dress and get into my fuck me pumps but I prefer my jeans and nikes and play softball. My wife of 24 yrs likes me either way shes butch lol

  42. teresa says


    • Lillian says

      A psychiatrist is a phasciiyn who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders. I have a bachelor’s degree in the social services field. For several years, I have worked with children who have been diagnosed with mental disorders. It is upsetting to see children victimize at an early age and even more disturbing to see them as predators as early as 5 years of age, however knowing that I am doing my part to assist them in becoming functioning youths and adults is rewarding. The empathy, confidentiality and maturity of a medical assistant are definitely needed in this area. I enjoy establishing a rapport with these clients and helping them to find adequate coping skills to deal with their disorders, therefore I would like to work for a psychiatrist.I would not like to work for an emergency phasciiyn for several reasons. I will explain a few. Patients who come to the emergency center typically have serious injuries or trauma. I would not like to have my mind constantly focused on who is coming thru the door and how sever the prognosis is. Knowing myself, I know that would be my focus and I would not be very productive. Also, in the emergency room the staff has to be prepared for anything, I would prefer an area that focuses on a particular specialty. Most importantly, I do not wish to see excessive amounts of blood loss on a regular basis. Actually, not even a minimal amount of blood loss on a regular basis. Giving my opinion and thoughts about this specialty, I would not be an effective employee.

  43. Shane says

    Gold star lesbian here. Am I the only whose gaydar only works for gay men? Coz I dont work with lesbians… I think Im doomed xD

  44. kelfro says

    Are you guys all American? We have some others here across the pond maybe you don’t use:
    “A member of the flat show wearing community” (any gay woman)
    “Lesbarian/Lesbitarian” (a bookish lesbian)
    “ladies’ tennis player” (I think she plays Ladies’ Tennis etc- you can also use lawn bowls – that’s not 10 pin bowling it’s the one you play on grass!)

    All good fun!

  45. ConfusdCyta says

    Is there a term for a butch lesbian/ drag king who has sex with men? What is a “butch ma’dom”? I’ve never been with a woman, but just found out my boyfriend cheated with his so-called five star best friend, and it got me wondering about what it would be like to be with a five star myself… not her though; I’d call her right? If he slept with a woman who I thought was a boi, looks male, acts male, does that make him gay? Do we have beards? OMG a boi sleeps with my man but Im the confused one!? Any advice?

  46. says

    I am a Gold Star, Femme, Lipstick Lesbian who is new to this area and single. Would love meeting other similar lesbians for friendship and more over the coming months.

  47. Lori says

    Gaysted – A state in which a person who normally identifies as heterosexual becomes intoxicated and engages in homosexual activities.

    Not to be confused with the similar yet distinctly different terms:

    “In the closet”, where one engages in homosexual activities FREQUENTLY while intoxicated. Often claiming to have just been “gaysted” or to simply not remember said events at all.

    “College”, A common period in one’s life in which one engages in a close to continuous state of “gaysted” for a 2 – 8 year period, while furthering their education post high school. While sometimes mistaken at times for “in the closet”, the distinct difference being the homosexual activities seem to come to an abrupt ending in conjunction with one’s studies.

  48. Tyler-jayne says

    LOL! im proud to say that i am a gold star! never ever ever been with a man, not even dated boys in highschool and to be honest with you, i never will!!!!!!!!! lipstick lez all the way!
    GO TEAM LEZ!!!

  49. Tyler says

    GAYDAR!!! :)
    every lesbian has one, its how we tell each other apart from the straight gals!
    Love yous all!!!<3 :D

  50. Cathie says

    I’m just wondering if there’s a term yet for a multiple who has a gay or lesbian alter (the core being straight).

  51. River says

    Hey, like the site a lot, and the list is cute, but I have a small issue with your terms ‘Gold Star’ and “Tarnished Star’.

    The fact that a ‘Gold Star’ lesbian is defined as a ‘rare but worthy find’ while a ‘Tarnished Star’ is a lesbian that has had sex with a man (and tarnished not being a particularly favorable term) makes it seem like any woman who identifies as a lesbian but at some point experimented with men is somehow ‘less’ than a woman who never did.

    As a lesbian who would fit under that somewhat insulting term, it’s frustrating. I grew up being told homosexuality was a sin, a crime, a horrible thing, and when you’re surrounded by that it’s incredibly hard to not believe it to some degree. Until I was 18, I refused to acknowledge that I wasn’t straight, and for almost a year more I desperately wanted to be bisexual so I’d be ‘half-way right’. And that’s why I had sex with one man, and I hated it, but I don’t regret it. It helped me come to the realization that no, I don’t like men, and yes, I am a lesbian.

    I seriously doubt I’m the only lesbian who has had an experience like that, or who felt pressured by her family, friends, religion or society to ‘be normal’ and thus did try (maybe even more than once) to have a ‘normal’ relationship with a man. These women aren’t ‘less’ of lesbians for having had sex with men. And ‘Gold Stars’ are not more ‘genuine’ for their lack of heterosexual activity.

    If you don’t want to delete the terms, fine, but consider changing ‘Tarnished’ to ‘Silver’. While ‘Silver Star’ still has an undertone of inferiority, it’s not nearly as flat-out insulting as ‘Tarnished’. And drop the ‘rare but worthy find’ bit from ‘Gold Star’. Lesbians who have only had sex with other women may be rare, but that doesn’t make them any better than those who have had sex with men as well.

    I know this is a rather long comment, but it’s something I feel pretty strongly about. It’s bad enough that lesbians are put down by other people, but to foster it within the lesbian community is even worse. The fact is, if you’re a woman who loves women, no matter who you have been with in your past, you deserve the same respect as any other lesbian. Calling lesbians who have never had sex with men superior to those who have just creates hate. And, considering as your term points out the fact that *most* lesbians aren’t ‘Gold Stars’ anyway, it doesn’t do any favors for any woman, whether she’s ever been with men or not.

    • Glamstud says

      Brilliantly stated! One of the things that has kept me out of the lesbian community for a long time is that weird competitive thing. I am a lesbian who was married for 14 years and had 2 kids. We had satisfying sex, and he was a decent guy. But I never felt at home within myself as a wife. I wrestled for a long time with my sexuality to finally understand myself to be a lesbian. Does this truth make me less in any way? I think it makes me a more widely experienced human being: wiser, more empathetic, confident, strong. Forget the labels!! All the ranking jargon is really juvenile, like high school. Who wants to perpetuate that level of maturity?

      • Sofie says

        You are in no way less of a lesbian than any other woman. The point is probably that if you have never had anything with a guy, the chances that you will never like one are seen as higher than if you have been married to one. I personally do not think that makes much sense because in the end you made the decision to live a lesbian lifestyle, but I think some other “Goldstar” lesbians may have a different view on that. I am a goldstar lesbian but I would not categorize you or anybody else as less worthy, I think that is pretty shitty and unfair!

      • AJ says

        I am a 40 year old butch. For myself I think that a lot of the jargon goes towards a way of describing oneself when you cant visually see them.

    • Alice says

      I know how you feel. I’m stuck because I don’t know actually which term I can reliably use. In my head, I would count just about as gold star, I’ve only ever had ‘boyfriends’ as cover-ups before I came out, but I’m scared people will say I’m not on the basis of what some men have done to me (against my will) :/

    • Anonymous says

      I agree. I was raised tht being a homosexual is the worst sin u could commit. It’s very hard to get over something like tht. I am a bit new to this. I had always been w guys but I kept thinking about women. Recently I finally acted on it. I don’t know what I would classify myself as

    • anonymous says

      Some lesbians don’t date women who have had sex with a man.. I have me a gold star wife and some lesbians have issues with licking someone elses mixing bowls… So tarnished may be a unflattering word but it is just a word after all

  52. Fury says

    I’ve heard a couple of other terms that you have not included…

    Stone Butch
    Transbian – transgendered woman who is a lesbian

  53. Lindsy says

    Great fan from this site, a considerable number of your blogposts have definitely helped me out. Looking towards news!

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