What Was Your First Lesbian Experience Like?

What was your first experience with a woman like?

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first lesbian experience

Sharing Our Own Firsts

“I was fourteen and just got dumped by an ex of mine (were are still good friends) but during that relationship a mutual friend of ours kissed me, we were holding hands and she randomly spun me back to face her and planted a soft kiss on my lips that I will never forget. Anyway back to the topic, after I was dumped I met this gorgeous young girl a year older them me with the most striking green eyes I still to this day have ever seen. We quickly became friends and I fell hopelessly in love with her, after about to weeks of going on dates and hanging out I found the courage to ask her to be my girlfriend. We were at my house alone and once I asked her she jumped in my arms and kissed me softly at first then it heated up and my lust for her gave in, so one thing lead to another and I gave her all of me. I will never regret it, even though a few months later I found her twice in MY own bed with my guy best friend on different occasions. Oh well!”
– Jayde

“My first experience with a woman was all tingly and nice but i have had a lot of bad experiences with women since coming out that i almost had to get an injunction on one to stop her contacting me. she was nice to my face but when she was drunk she became abusive, the second one stalked me after i told her she could come round whenever she wanted but in her mind it was up to six x per day knocking on my door which freaked me out and the last one cheated on me. I can’t believe some women can be so nasty and hurtful. i have met the odd nice lesbian who have become friends but because i am girly and their not it’s obvious their attracted to me even though the feeling is not mutual.”
– Charlotte

“I’m in my first lesbian relationship. I’m 39 and divorced 3 times. We meet at work and I later moved into a different department. We no longer work together but for the same company. Long story short we have been together 2 years in March 2013. We have resided together for the most part but I moved out in August. This has been the most difficult relationship I have ever been in. IDK if I should scratch my head or my butt. At first it was great but now its a job. IDK if this is right for me. Love her to pieces but dont know how she really feels. It was always so easy to read men but women are totally different. LOST needing advice sinking…. Dont want to lose her.”
– Cookie 73

“Okay, so my first experience was when i was 13. i had just started to realise that i was a lesbian and i had started openly flirting with my friend who was bi. one weekend on the summer holidays she came over to my place cause i was home alone that weekend and her parents were always working, we swam in the pool and we were messing around and we kept undoing each others bikinis as fun and when we came back inside i went to go get changed in my room and she came in as i was getting undressed and she walked over to me and kissed me, it was my first kiss and we were both in the mood by then and one thing led to another and that was my first lesbian experience, it was absolutely amazing and i will never forget it. we are in year 10 now and we are still together.”
– Tyler

“My first experience with a woman.. I can’t even describe it in words. I was in love with her for so long before we actually got together, and damn she was so amazing. She was so loving, so gentile, she knew exactly what to do to make me feel good, both sexually and emotionally. She was the love of my life. 8 long, amazing months, and then it was over. She is, to this day, the only girl Ive been with, and we recently broke up. Its been breaking my heart over and over again, and I still havent been able to get over it. I guess its true what they say, you never get over your first.”
– Hayley

“I met my ex at our job then one in the same… I was a flirt with all the lady’s I have no shame in my game anyways, she bit my finger and then I was hooked strong willed and feisty, very sexy , I started to give her rides home then I asked her to hold her hand..I was so nervous, she smiled and said it was ok i cried and she kissed me and said it was okay….We stayed together for 11 years…..”
– Maria

“I had my first lesbian experience with my friend. She liked me for about a year or so and then I finally gave in and asked her out on a date. Her and I were friends with the same group of friends and they teased us all the time. I ended up giving her all of me, since we were friends for a while and now girlfriends, I loved her very much and then she moved schools. It was very hard for us to hang out and date but I was determined to make it work. Ever since, she’s been the one I hold deeply in my heart.”
– Missy

“My first experience was wen I was 15 I liked this girl but she had a bf we played truth or dare nd I was dared to kiss her.I always found her attractive but nvr knew y..one day we started dating I went over her house nd we made out.I enjoyed nd her :) of course we didn’t last long nd I had my eye on sumone else.I didn’t think before kissing her nd she got upset wit me.we didn’t talk for 4years.after that I knew I liked being wit girls..I loves everything bout them.:) then wen I hit 18 I met up wit my crush that stopped talking to me nd 1year nd 8months later were still together.”
– Veronica

“First experience with a woman… I was young. She was a little older. I was in high school about 10th grade, i never dated a woman for longer than two weeks, i just couldn’t keep interest in them. I was physically attracted to them but never thought about having sex with them. I guess you can say i was flirty. One day my best friend and i were at the mall … like we were every weekend. we ran into a girl who went to our school. she was with 2 other people. but there was a short asian woman right beside her who kept looking at her phone, she didnt say much to me at all. i honestly thought she was stuck up for that… well when i got home.. a day later she commented on my myspace. She said “sorry for not talking to you, i had to keep myself distracted so i wasn’t gawking your way”. From then i hung out with her. She took me to a hollywood undead show, that night i made out with her for two straight hours. about 2 weeks later i asked her to be my girlfriend. That day I skipped school, i went over to her house and she started making out with me, slid her hand down my pants.. the next day at school i couldnt help but look at every girl and wonder what they sounded like in bed. . she was the first girl i ever stayed with for longer than two weeks. we lasted about 8 months. and since i never looked back at guys. I guess the sex was THAT good.”
– Danielle

“My very first experience happened with my friend when we were 16. We were hanging out, waiting to go watch a showing. We decided to chill at the arcade. Since it was midday during the summer, the place was deserted. We sat down in those driving game seats and started talking about anything and everything. After awhile, she starts teasing me about my accent as always, and I told her that if she teased me one more time, I’d slap her. Tease me she did and a satisfying slap across the face was her punishment. This was proceeded by a contest of who can slap the other the most times. This meant war. We pushed and pulled at each other. Then we leaned against each other, always trying to get a better shot for a slap till we had pinned each other between the backs of the two seats. Neither one of us could move since we were both gripping each others arms while pushing each others backs against the seats. I realized at that moment that she has been staring at my eyes while I was staring at her lips. I told her “no, this can’t happen”. She ask “what can’t happen?”. I then told her that I’d never been kissed by a girl. She then proceeded to kiss me passionately for who knows how long. When we eventually pull apart, she grins toward me and says, “how’s that for your first?”. We then spent the whole movie holding hands. (I’ve told nobody any of this. My friends think I’ve only been with guys. But I’ve had this experience and I don’t know if I’ll ever find another girl for me…(Since my friend dropped me shortly after this))”
– Mackenzie

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  1. maggie says

    my name is maggie.5 years a go my showed me app and it had sex videos 1 year later i was desperate for sex and i had sex with my friend

  2. maggie says

    my name is maggie i am a lesbian and i love sex i really mean it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 years a go my showed me app and it had sex videos 1 year later i was desperate for sex and i had sex with my friend

    • Crazykitty335 says

      I have not had a lesbien sex yet. But I will share my story

      In mid January I was watching a video of girls kissing I had done it since forth grade I was in 5th. I really likes the video I imaged myself in the video making out. Then it hit me I was a LESBIEN I was not surprised I loved watching LGBT stuff. Fast forward to April I was having a slumber party at my friends house all of the girls were sitting in the hot tub sharing secrets my friend A already new it she dared me to say it I did I slowly said “I have always want to know what it is like to kiss a girl.” Anyway fast forward to May I was having a sleepover with A (my BFF) it was 1:06am we had stayed up late she told me to tell my deepest darkest secret I knew I had to tell he I was so isolated someone needed to know I whispered “I’m gay” she looked at mean for about an hour after we talked about it she swore she would never tell any one

  3. Eliza says

    Last year i was 15 and i have a crush on my sis best friend Alexandra who was 18. One night at a sleepover we ended up on a couch in my basement after some wine. My sis was upstairs sleeping. She look at me after she catch me looking at her legs and ask me if i like her. I just nod and she ask me if i wanna kiss her. I said yes and she open her legs, she is just in panties and a tshirt, and tell me she is not a lesbian but if i want i can kiss her pussy. So the night ended with me on my knees licking and fingering her pussy. After that i eat her many times and after her multiple orgasms she make me finger myself until i cum. For the last year i go down on her 2-3 times on week and just love it. She have a boyfriend for 8 months and i am single but every time she text me “Do u wanna kiss me” i meet her and lick her pussy and sometimes i kiss and lick her asshole when she is fingering herself. Last time after i lick her she ask me if i love her and i answer yes. She tell me her bf bday is next day and she promise him my virginity as a gift and if i love her i do it. So i go with her and i let him take my cherry and after he fuck me she make me suck him to make him hard again. After that he fuck her and cum in her and i go down on her and suck all his cum from her. I dont like his taste but i did it for her. I love her so much. Now she tell me he wanna try anal but she dont like it and she need me do that for her. I dont wanna do it but i dont want to lose her. What can i do? I love her with all my heart…

  4. Becky says

    First, reading these stories are absolutely amazing for many different reasons.
    Second, the beginning of my story will be kinda boring, but its necessary to lead to the true love of the best day of my life.

    In seventh grade I had just moved to the city from the country, and wasn’t really good at making friends. I thought I was overweight and unattractive, but this was my chance to be somebody.

    I regret this now, but I got mixed in with the wrong crowd. It was fun and exciting, I was the leader of the group. There was this girl named Brittany and she was bisexual. We were close friends and had begun to fool around. She was the one who confirmed that I too, was bisexual.

    We mostly just made out, played with each others boobs (and did she have some nice boobs), and fingered each other. She licked me once and it wasn’t for very long. I wanted to do the same to her, but couldn’t. I got down there and it smelled bad and I got sick by the thought of it. so we went back to just kissing and playing with each others boobs.

    Then she met Merick, another bisexual. We drifted for a little bit, but still talked every other day. It didn’t bother me because it gave me time to develop a really strong friendship with Lauren, who thought I was straight.

    We were extremely close and did everything that normal friends would do. Multiple times in our group had we been dared to kiss. Oh boy, did I love those days.

    Brittany got with this guy named Z and introduced me to Merick. She was just as amazing as Brittany, nice big boobs, and helped me become me even more. One night she slept over and she had passionate sex with me, but again I just couldn’t really get into it and did nothing in return which she said was fine.

    High school came around and I no longer talked to Brittany or Merick, but I still had Lauren. Our friendship just continued to grow. There are no words to describe how much she means to me.

    She ended up getting this boyfriend Logan in 9th grade and we didn’t talk for that whole year because he stole her away. Fine, I had my first (guy) love anyway. Turns out she was pregnant….she needed me and I was there for her.

    When she returned sophomore year, she was ready to blow. People were making fun of her in the halls and that really pissed me off, they didn’t know her story. I walked her to every class and after I dropped her off at class I would approach the people talking about her and tell them off.

    Well then Logan ended up walking out of her life and I became her sons father figure. Jonathan and I broke up and she was there for me 100%. I couldn’t ask for a better friend.

    Then junior year rolled around and I met the love of my life, someone so different from Jonathan, but such a great change. Cody became a big part of me, but I never forgot about Lauren. We ended up becoming Aunt Becky and Uncle Cody to her son. Now we were the three musketeers, and Lauren was never the third wheel like she was with Jonathan.

    Christmas break rolls around and guess who’s pregnant…yup me. Lauren didn’t change a thing. She was there for me 110%. She actually knew I was pregnant before Cody did because I was too scared to tell him, afraid he would leave me.

    She guided me through it and everything worked out fine. When I found out the sex of the baby we stayed in the hallway and just cried together because now we both had baby boys.

    One day I got a text from a random number with graffiti on the bathroom stall about me being pregnant. Lauren was on lunch so I went up to her crying and she immediately asked what was wrong. I showed her the message and she went into every stall until she found it and erased it off the wall.

    Senior year of high school is finally here and while I was on maternity leave, she helped me stay ahead in all of my classes. I returned to school a week before my 18th birthday and she walked with me to every class making sure I was ok. Now when we hung out we just had to have both of our sons, which was never a problem because they loved each other.

    Its her 18th birthday and Cody and I got into a car accident. Nothing too bad, just a little banged up. It didn’t stop us from our plans though. We were going to celebrate her 18th birthday .

    For her present I took her to the toy shop and bought her her very own toy to play with. She ended up telling me how good it felt and how she used it every night (damn just get me even more turned on, why don’t you).

    Its almost the end of senior year and my burning passion for her cannot stay contained any longer. I wrote her a note, lame I know but writing is easier for me rather than speaking. I wasn’t going to give it to her, I just needed to get my feelings out, but Cody tipped her.

    One Friday I handed her the note and told her not to read it until I was gone. When we finally talked about it she told me that she always kinda knew I was bisexual. She also told me that she knew us being together would probably happen eventually.

    Things got so much easier after that. I could play around with her more and she excepted it. I would hold her close and hug her more. I could rub my hands up and down her legs. I would pull her close and leave my hands on her huge, wonderful, tasteful hips. However, for some reason I couldn’t kiss her, even though we had kissed before.

    She actually told me I was a lousy kisser. Now it was a challenge, I had to redeem myself.

    One day we didn’t have school due to the snow, but had to send our kids to daycare or we would lose the funding, so instead she came over to my house for a bit. I have hidden cubbies in the attic, so Cody, Lauren, and I went in there to play with my sex dice. Nipple licking and everything else came up, but when we rolled to kiss we still couldn’t. The day ended like that leaving me in suspense.

    A week or so later and we decided to skip school because we were all tired. We layed in my bed and cuddled. To get extra heat we took off clothes. By now I’m going insane and I’m touching her everywhere. Cody is behind me and doing his thing with me, but at that moment, it was only us.

    We finally kissed and it was everything I had ever imagined. I fingered her while sucking on her nipples and could feel her body lean into me. It got unbearable, so I asked her if I could lick her, she said yes while letting out a moan. I kissed her body all the way down and teased every part of her. I finally was about to eat her out, the moment I have been waiting for since 7th grade…

    I took one lick and was hooked. She was so warm and sweet, there was no funky smell. It was perfect. I still used my fingers and had her everywhere. I wanted to lick up her every juice. She starting moving her body to the pace of my tongue and letting out little moans. It was absolutely delicious.

    Just as she was about to cum all over me, I heard my aunt downstairs and thought she was going to barge upstairs. All three of us immediately stopped and hid under the covers, only for my aunt to not come up stairs…

    The moment was ruined, and she was embarrassed. I told Cody to go downstairs so I could talk to her. I told her not to be embarrassed that everything was fine. I told her that she was supposed to be treated with love and care and that I loved it and I loved her. She felt the same way.

    From then on things were even better. Prom night and we were all drunk but her and I still fooled around. Actually, it was pretty funny, Cody and I were making out and she pulled him off of me and got on me. Man was that hot. I didn’t get to lick her that night but I definitely got her soaked.

    Now its senior days and we are in the same cabin. She tells me shes been super horny. All on the trails I’m behind her rubbing her ass, holding her hips, secretly grabbing her breasts. She wants to give in but cant.

    After graduation we ended up getting into a huge fight and didn’t talk all summer.

    I finally texted her after we started college and told her how sorry I am and how much I want her. She crushed my heart right then and there, she wanted me back in her life but not that way. Shes straight and it was just a one time thing.

    To this day we are just as close as before and she puts up with me flirting and hitting on her. I told her I still want her but she promised me that if she ever wanted to again, I would be the first to know.

    I want to hope that it will happen, she was MY first and it was amazing, but I also know not to push her. So, now I’m stuck craving another woman’s touch.

    Yes, I have Cody and I will not change that, but there is something about a woman that drives me crazy and gets the job done. Cody has no problem with me talking to other girls, but the problem is that I don’t know how to even approach a girl. I’ve been with him for 2 years so I haven’t had to make a move in a while.

    And with Lauren, it was 200% just pure love. It came so natural.

  5. Jennifer Rae says

    I think this is kinda illegal….well definitely illegal. No different than a 20 year old male having sex with a 14 year old female. Consensual or not the maturity gap at these ages is quite vast. Having two kids of my own to protect that really concerns me. But before calling her a child abuser I’m curious how you met, did you know she was a lesbian or at least curious when you met her? Basically, were you aware of her leanings and she yours? Maturity brings confidence, thats why the 14 year old isn’t seducing the 20 year old here (and most likely never will). Hope you will add more details.

  6. Ebony says

    When I was 15, I was over at one of my neighbours’ houses to study with the girl there (I’ll call her Taylor) who was in my class for that subject. I didn’t know her that well, but she was SUPER pretty and I kinda had a crush on her, since most people knew she was a bisexual.

    So it was just the two of us there at the house looking over these maths sheets or whatever and making polite small talk to each other when she suggested we take a little break, which I agreed to. She stretched and lay down on her bed, which gave me a nice view of her breasts, which turned me on a lot.

    I commented on one of the movies that was sitting in her room when she sat up, grinned sort of slyly and slid her hand into mine. By this point I was about as horny as I’d ever gotten while just looking at her.

    She leaned in and gently kissed my ear, then turned my head and began to kiss my bottom lip while I did the same to her top one. Eventually we ended up making out on her bed topless, slowly becoming more and more naked as we went along.

    Pretty much for the next hour or so we had lesbian sex, which, to be honest, was so great. :D Now I’ve moved on to become bisexual (I’m in first year of college).

  7. Angel says

    I was an early bloomer (around 12, maybe 11, my birthday is late) and I met this girl who stood up for me against bullying. She was 13. We became best friends then she gave me advice, talk to me about relationships, etc. When she told me she was gay and had feelings for me, there wasn’t a hint of disgust in my mind but I was confused, she wrote to me in a letter and she avoided me for a week. Finally I met up with her at her place (her mom wasn’t home) to talk. She thought I would hate her, when really I was flattered hehe. She kissed me, and I kissed her back. She told me she wanted to date me but understood if I didn’t. I didn’t want it to be public because I was scared what my mom would say. (I finally told her, and she pretended like I said “hey mom,i love you” LOL. She said she loved me either way) So few weeks later I had asked her if we could try “it” haha. It was beautifulll. Best experience. We dated for a year in private and two years in public until problems came up with me and her mother. (Her mom thought I turned HER lesbian. How Ironic!) Her mom shipped her away and I didn’t hear about her whereabouts until Junior year of high school. Her older brother called me and told me she died in a car accident 3 months prior to the call. I had nightmares for 7-8 months. She will always be in my heart.

  8. Devian says

    When I was in middle school, I had this best friend, and I always thought of her as the ideal beauty. She had long blonde hair, blue eyes, she was curvy, but a little shorter then me (lucky me, I stopped growing in 8th grade…), and, by the grace of the gods, she was also a Moonie! Actually, that’s how we met: I decided to wear my Sailor Moon backpack to school. She started off a year ahead of me, but we rode the same bus, and when she saw my back pack, she took off her headphones and put them on my head. “Fighting evil by moonlight! Winning love by daylight! Never running from a real fight, she is the one named Sailor Moon!” We sang together and it was instant friendship.

    Halfway through my 7th grade, she moved back with her father, ended up failing 8th grade, and came back to my town the summer before my 8th grade year. We spent as much time as possible together, and I even got my parents to let me get on at her stop during school. I went to her place to play Sailor Moon TCG and Final Fantasy VII, or write Sailor Moon fanfiction (I got to 37 pages before I forgot the password…) We would get online and flirt with boys. Half the time, I was helping her figure out what to wear on dates with her high-school boyfriends.

    Well, my parents decided to move after 8th grade, but they let me have 1 solid week with her. I stayed over the entire week, and two days in, I decided to give up propriety (I’m a preacher’s kid, as is my mother) and crawled into bed with her. I woke up with her curled around me. That night, she told me her boyfriend wanted a video of us making out. I made her a deal: I’d do it if she could beat me at Sailor Moon. The thing is, I’d never lost, even when playing the weakest deck. So we played. I basically kept it at a tie the entire game, trying to figure out if I really wanted to or not. We were down to our last points each, trying to one-up each other. Well, more like her trying to one-up me and me trying to keep it at a tie. I had two cards left. The first would beat her, hands down, nothing she could do to stop it. The second card would easily be trumped by what I knew she had in her hand. It felt like hours trying to decide which card to put down, but it was 5 minutes. I know because she said, “You’ve been staring at your cards for five minutes, would you play one already?” So I closed my eyes…and put down the second one.

    Long story short, I like women, she doesn’t…But for that week, she and I were like the steamy fanfics I wronte about Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury.

  9. Lily says

    I was 16. We were best friends. One night we had some drinks, and she kissed me. I wasn’t expecting that, but it was so good and passionate. But it was like nothing happened. She pretend like she didn’t remember. Meanwhile I could’t stop thinking about her. After few months she kissed me again. I was so happy, and full of life. We didn’t talk about it, and we start kissing all the time, hiding in the closets, basements, parks, my house, hers etc. We didn’t tell anyone. One day one friend of mine came at my home, and tell me that my “girlfriend” had a new boyfriend. I was so broke. She left me because she didn’t have a future with me. So we moved on in a different paths. But the love was stronger and we meet again, and again, and again for 5 more years. I will never forget the night when I became hers, and she mine. We make love for hours. And I will never forget that she left me again. It was over. She was so afraid, I couldn’t do anything else, I stop fighting. I left town for a long time. I start new life. I had a boyfriend, and I was happy again.
    I came back in my town with my boyfriend, and I saw her. She hugged me, and make a face when she saw my bf, she was jelouse. She was calling me, texting me, but I ignore it. One day my bf said that I should go out with her some day. He didn’t knew about us at all. And it happened, we went out one night, she tell me that I was the love of her life, we start crying, but I didn’t believe her anymore, cause she hurt me twice. I choose to stay with my boyfriend, and I’m still with him. She is married now, and we talk on the phone from time to time. I can’t live without having her in my life. Even if we are not together, just hearing her voice, and knowing that she is fine.

    • alice says

      My first time took place on holiday in France. There was a girl staying in the apartment next to were my family and I were staying. I was 15 and had only ever kissed a few girls during truth or dare. Her name was Karen and she was 18 and holidaying with her parents. She was beautiful in a sporty fit athletic way. Short blonde hair blue eyes long legs. I was attracted to her the moment we met when my father introduced us to them by the pool one day.
      I would never have acted on my attraction as I had no experience and was to shy. Lucky for me she wasn’t. Our families went for dinner that night, afterwards Karen invited me back to there apartment to watch a DVD while everyone else went to a bar for some drinks. She put on a the movie and we were sitting watching it when she started to ask me me some direct personal questions.
      Mostly about sex what i had done, did i have a boyfriend etc. When i said no she asked me did i like girls. I said no but felt myself redden. She said i was lying as she had caught me checking her out several times during the day. I tried to deny it but she just laughed. I was embarrassed and got up to go. She stopped me and told me that if i left she would tell everyone. She told me to sit down and shut up.
      she told me that she wouldn’t tell if i did certain things for her, i agreed eagerly. she shocked me by leaning in and kissing me lightly on the lips. Then again with more vigor. I then felt her hand on my thigh moving slowly towards my panties, which were wet with excitement. Soon her hand was inside them and she was fingering me. I didn’t last long as i was so excited and I came like i never had before. She told me then to lie down on the couch and preceded to remove her underwear and sat on my face rubbing her pussy over my mouth and made me lick it. She didn’t need to ask as i wanted it badly. After she had her way she made me promise not to say anything to anyone and that we could do more during the remainder of our stay. And we did. Best holiday ever even now after 10 years.

  10. Justalonelygirl says

    Hi! I’m 15 and homeschooled my parents are Jesus freaks and I am just realizing that I’m bisexual. I have a friend who I am really attracted to. She brags about kissing girls all the time and I just want her to kiss me . I’ve only beenn kissed by a guy once and I am a virgin. I’m hanging out with her tomorow and I don’t know what to do….HELP!!!!!!!!

    • Emma says

      When you’re hanging out with her, try and get really close to her physically and show her you’re interested (make eye contact, bite your lip, etc) and if she doesn’t kiss you, gently try kissing her cheek or something, then work your way to her lips. Good luck! :)

      • Justalonelygirl says

        Oh my god!!!! It worked. I kissed her and she said “I’ve been wanting you to do that” we made out for a long time then we got undressed and she fingered me she licked and sucked and spit all over it. It was amazing . I was screaming and groaning the whole time. Then I got onto of her and did the same . 69 position was amazing . I thank you so much for helping me get the courage

        • Sajal says

          I Want To Ask U All:
          If You Kissed A Girl And Make Love.. U R Waiting From Long Tome Or May Be Sudden…
          Making Love For Few Weeks Or Then Leave…
          Is There Any Thing U Feel Inner Of You Or You Just Making Time Pass… Or U R Just Using For Your Personal Satisfaction ?? What Was That For You ??
          For Me Its Not Kinds Love Type…
          I’am Waiting…

  11. Emma says

    I was at the beach with my best friend, a few years ago during the summertime (we were both 15 then, now 22.). Her name’s Maeve, and we’ve been friends for years and years, going through almost everything together.

    So at the beach, we were sitting on the sand and looking at all the hot guys going past. They were attractive enough, but I was questioning whether I liked guys or girls. So me and Maeve went over to get something to eat. We got to some place really private and were chatting. She randomly asked me, “Hey, have you ever actually kissed a girl?”

    I was shocked by this random question, but I shook my head and Maeve grinned. She grabbed my waist and pulled me in for a quick kiss. We broke apart and suddenly I wanted more. We kissed again, for much longer.

    After we finished, we went back down to the ocean, went chest-deep into the water, and kissed again for ages and ages, beginning to finger each other at the same time. Now, about 7 years later, we’re still together and getting married soon. :)

  12. Janeema says

    I had just ended a long time relationship with a woman who was not so good to me and i was determined not to date again… Then a year later i met the most amazing woman in a chatroom and we hit it off right away. i couldnt get enough of her quick wit and gorgeous laugh and pretty soon we met… when i first saw her i knew instantly that i wanted to get to know this woman… the first date was a disaster and when she wanted to see me again i was more than surprised. after a few more dates she came in for a kiss and that night i went home on cloud nine… i knew immediately that this was my soulmate. it didnt take long before i was in her bed… we cuddled and made out hecticly and then she upped it up a lil… it was my first time and it was sweeter than anything i experienced… after that time i couldnt get enough of her… sadly we didnt make it past a year. she realised she’s straight… its five years later and im still single and still as crazy about her… I guess she was my first and my last!

    • Lily says

      Hey janeema: I’m sorry for what happened, and I don’t believe anything can match our first time with that special someone, but we still have our lives ahead of us and there are good women out there. I wish you the best of luck, and keep looking. All my love and peace to ya. –Lily

    • Anonymous says

      My first girlfriend was my everything… I loved her more than I have ever loved anything. She also left me because she realized she was straight… Me and her are still best friends. I’m almost over her but I don’t think I’ll ever be completely over her

  13. Lily says

    I was 14 and on the first day of school a new girl transferred into class. Our eyes met and became instantly locked. Yes, if not love, it was infatuation at first sight. At that time I was beginning to wonder when I would start being interested in boys; I had interest in girls but thought I would outgrow it. Well, this encounter took me to the next level; I was crushing. I introduced myself and we had lunch together and really hit it off. We planned to do homework together in the future. We tried to study together, but were too distracted with each other. As the weeks went by, I could feel love growing and we both started to hold hands and touch more and more and the tingling increased. We finally lip kissed and sparks flew, there was nothing in my life to compare it to. We kept giggling and asking each other ‘are we Lesbians?’ Soon we planned what we knew would be more than a sleep-over at her parents house where her playhouse was converted into a spare bedroom. That night we talked, cuddled and spooned for a while and then took off our pjs and began french kissing and touching breasts and muffs–WOW! Our passions were reaching a critical point and I couldn’t resist getting on top of her and began rubbing and bumping. I guess she felt the same way. She pushed me off her and went down on me. It was the first time for both of us and the wetness of sweat, tears and vag added to the overwhelming feelings we were sharing. We settled into a side by side 69, played follow the leader and found out where our hot spots were located–it was like licking yourself. If you haven’t tried that, you should. We then finished each other and the orgasms were cosmic. My heart had never beaten so hard, I have never had feelings like that before or since for anyone. It was just magic that the right amount of newness, a massive mutual crush and the courage to follow our true feelings that had made it so special and awesome. That term and summer were the happiest times in my life because I discovered I could love someone and have a best friend who would love me just as much. I have never loved anyone else so intensly. Unfortunately, she moved to the east coast and we both saw the futility in continuing to torture ourselves with longing, moved on and lost contact. That was over a decade ago and I still can’t listen to some songs without breaking out in tears thinking of her. Thanks for letting me share this. Oh yeah, I’m a femme Lesbian, only date other femmes and have never dated or been with a boy–and why would I want to after my first time? I love your site.

    • Janeema says

      i respect a woman who knows she is a lesbian and has no desire to be with a man. In SA the lesbians here think its ok to have girlfriends but sleep with guys and still claim to be lesbian…

      • lily says

        Thanks Janeema. I hear ya. I think some girls just like the sound of the word ‘Lesbian’ and want to identify with it for whatever reason, trendy? who knows. In my humble opinion, if your dreams are of girls, you crush on girls, you only want to be with girls sexually, then you are a homosexual female, called a ‘Lesbian’. However, I’m not putting down or judging other women for their desires, whatever they may be; I just can’t understand the bi thing, but that’s my hangup I guess. Peace sister!

      • anonymous says

        I so agree but SA do it coz ppl judge or mybe they scared…I can only do wat I want qen I’m 18 I’m hoping to move out and jus find a girl for experince if I like it I’ll keep it

    • L says

      I haven’t really experienced a considerable lesbian experience, and to be honest I’m still not sure I really am. I’m 15 and still am trying to figure out who I am and why I am having these feelings and what they mean. Now, I used to go to a performing arts school, and it was the type of school that all the outcasts attracted,especially in such a conservative state like Utah. Anyways, I had many gay friends, so I had a lot of exposure and educated understanding for how life was for them, they are lovely people. So, I suppose my conflicted feelings began at a truth or dare….and no, it wasn’t one of those super racy and xxx rated sessions, my friends were super respectful about it me (granted that I was such an innocent, meaning I barely even knew what an erection or orgasm was at the time). My turn came up and I chose dare. So, I had to kiss (on the cheek) my friend to the right. Her name was (fill in the blank), I barely knew her, she was openly gay, she had a girl friend at the time, she’s smart, funny, quirky, and overall beautiful. So I reluctantly leaned in and planted a quick peck. I vividly remember the blush on her cheeks, the way she remarked the softness of my lips and the tenderness of the peck. For the next couple of months I was her shoulder to cry on (especially after she broke up with her gf), her confidant, and close friend. At first, I didn’t know what it meant, the fantasies of her holding my hand, the littlest of quirks and details of her actions, and the way her hair fell down in gentle waves. Of course being a kept in such a religious and conservative family, I was reluctant and confused about what this all meant, and I was completely oblivious. I assumed she was just someone I wanted to be and yet also be near to. After months of chatting online, and meeting at school, I suddenly began to realize that I went out of my way to bump into her in the hallways, and make up excuses to talk to her. Later, on we confessed that we loved each other but in mutual agreement that it was simply on “platonic” and “friendly” way.But then questions arose, was I gay? I immediately shunned the thoughts. However, later on we grew apart and got busy, so I assumed it was just a phase I was having and that my sexuality was safe.

      Over the summer, my family had to move two states away and I’m thrown into a new place, and have to start all over again. It is my junior year, and just as I thought that I was getting over these weird thoughts and attractions, there came in (fill in the blank). Even though we only met for a little while, and spoke to her less then 3-5 times, for some reason she gives me butterflies and unease that no boy has ever given me. I feel like I’m re-listening to same song only sung by a different artist this time. I notice her little quirks, and the cute way she tilts her head as she pleasantly waves at you in the hallways that make my dismal day bright again. I’m still unsure as to what these feelings mean, and what this means for my future. I’ve never been with a man before, mainly because I find the average straight male to base, stupid, and arrogant…yes, I do find them quite attractive, however, this new girl, this miss (fill in the blank) is someone I cannot expel from my mind, someone I cannot stop dreaming about, stop fantasizing about, and someone who makes me question the strict straight upbringing I’ve had. I need help, encouragement, and some outside knowledge…is this…normal???

      • Destiny says

        Well idk if its “normal” because by normal I’m assuming you mean normal for a heterosexual girl XD which I am not. Here’s what I think… Who cares if its normal? Who cares what it means? Just follow your heart and see where it takes you but don’t worry about meaningless labels.

        • L says

          Thank you! That is encouraging.. My feelings are starting to make sense to me now… When I was younger I never really had crush on boys, I only ever saw them as friends and never really saw anything more. As much as I wanted to be like other girls who’d talk about cute boys I sort of just tried to fill in the blanks, but after this first crush.. I’m starting to realize that maybe boys are just not for me XD and I’m excited to see where my life goes from here! It’s a whole other chapter from here on out I guess….

  14. Jorgia says

    Well, this is my story, it all took place when I was 13. So I was starting out in high school and got curious. I’d always salivate at the sight of guys, but now I was wondering what would happen if I got with a girl.

    I went into my first class that day, it was about halfway through Term 1 of year 7. We were doing some Sex Ed stuff and touched lightly on homosexuality, which got me even more curious. After that class was over, I went to the bathroom with one of my friends (I’ll call her Taylor) and I was doing my hair in the mirror when Taylor went up behind me and brushed her hand against my ass accidentally, but it got me really horny.

    So the last part of the day came and me and Taylor were doing work outside for Visual Arts, hidden by a clump of bushes. We were talking about stupid things, when suddenly she reached out and grabbed my hand and stood up with me, making sure nobody else could see us. I pulled my hand away from her and grabbed both of her hips (my boyfriend always did that to me, I found it cute) and pulled her in for a long kiss.

    We stood there for ages, then sat down and began making out and feeling each other’s boobs and stuff for ages. Then we began dating, five years later and we’re still together! :D

  15. SaraJ says

    I luv, luv, luv gettin’ my pussy eaten! My ex boyfriend is a master pussy eater. Every time I told him how good he is he would smile, wink, and say, “Girls eat pussy better
    than guys.” At first, I never gave this much thought, but now this idea gets me so excited and makes my vagina VERY WET!

    I’m not a lesbian, at least I don’t think so. But I’m dying to know if this is true. I’m a devoted fan of cunnilingus as an art form. Can any females speak about eating pussy or being eaten by another woman? I’m dying to know! I would love to eat pussy someday, but I’m a bit shy and I have no idea how to bring this up with another female.

    • Shadowscar says

      So… let’s get something straight. I’m 13 right now and just discovering my sexuality. But I know I’m lesbian (or bisexual, at least). Here’s my story.
      It was the last day of seventh grade. The holiest of free-for-all’s! I was hanging out with my best friend on the swing set, talking about anything and everything, like usual. She tried to convince me to join in the group game the 8th graders were playing. I told her I refused… until she said “Brianna’s playing”.
      Now, she was talking about one of the 8th graders in that particular bunch. I saw her in my church’s after-school confirmation classes (I’m also Lutheran) and I had a GINORMOUS crush on her. I didn’t say much to her before that fateful day because I had so much of a crush on her that I was actually afraid to talk to her(please tell me I’m not the only one that’s ever felt like that)!
      We were playing for a while, but when it was Brianna’s turn to run, she latched onto my arm sending my friend running. I’ve never felt so giddy in my life! Then we signed each other’s yearbooks. She wrote in mine “Brianna loves you! Have fun next year”
      I nearly died. Too bad she’s in high school now and I’m stuck in middle school.

  16. Elise says

    I was 12 when it happened, I was in a pool with two friends and one of them dared me to kiss the other on the lips for a second, so I went over and did it really quickly. We all giggled, then I swam to the girl who dared me to do it in the first place and grabbed her and started making out with her to have a laugh. We left it there for then, going inside and watching a movie. When it ended, we went to bed and the girl who I kissed briefly had gone to sleep, so it was only me and the other girl (her name’s Taylor) decided to share a bed. We stripped down to our underwear and got really close, kissing because we were both sooo horny by then. After about 30 minutes she pulled down my panties and started fingering me, then we sat up, both got completely naked and I started licking her pussy for ages, then we kissed some more and both went to sleep together. In the morning, we woke up at like 5 and the other girl was up and saw us both naked. She looked shocked, so we made out in front of her and started fingering each other and stuff just to be stupid. It was just a one-time thing, but it was aweeesome :D

    • Anonymous says

      I was 12 or 13, I was with my best friend Leah and we were hanging out at this little nature reserve park thing… Alone. Her mom wasn’t with us, and I knew that she was bisexual and I had already figured out that I was 110 percent gay, so… One thing led to another and we were kissing, I’m now 16 but we don’t keep in contact even though we have a lot of the same classes in the same school. She told me I was a “shitty kisser” and I kind of nervously laughed and said “Yeah sorry that was my first kiss.” And she shook her head and said “seriously, you’re a horrible kisser.” And we kind if stopped talking after that.

  17. Jayyy says

    When my best friend Taylor and I were 13 we were staying the weekend with my family up at my grandmas house for 4th of July. My grandmas house is up on a hill so there are no neighbors and they have a pond, there are woods we can walk in and they have 2 bathrooms. We spend the whole ride up there talking then when we got to my grandmas house we put our swim suits on and jumped into the pond, while we were in the pond we were in a inner tube thing and she started rubbing her hand on my leg(making me wet), then i started rubbing hers. But we had to stop because my cousin and my uncles came into the pond with us, after we were done swimming we ate dinner and talked to family for a little bit then it was getting dark so we took a shower together. We took our swim suits off and got into the shower, we washed each other off and made out a little bit but we had to hurry because my cousins needed to get in, and I could tell I was making her h0rny because her nips were pointed, so we finished up in the shower and got our pjs on and said good night to everyone because it was 11:30. We went to the back yard and my grandma has a play house that we used as a cabin and we even had a mattress so we didn’t have to sleep on the floor, when we got in there we put our bags in the corner out of the way and got blankets and pillows layed out and then we locked the door so nobody could come in. We sat on the mattress and started playing a dirty version of truth or dare. It started out just flashing each other but by the end of the game we were both naked and h0rny. I had to pee so slipped on a long shirt just in case went behind the cabin and peed in the woods. When i got back inside and locked the door Taylor was laying down, I thought she was sleeping but when i layed down she rolled over and grabbed my b00b, i rolled over and started making out with her, she rolled on top of me and started kissing me some more slowly making her way down my body, (by this time i was soaked) when she got down “there” she started fingering me it didnt take long for me to orgasm. Then I did the same thing to her, that night we fell asleep naked and spooning. We did the same thing the next night after the fireworks. It was one of the best times at my grandmas house.

  18. Courtney says

    Well this is the story of my first lesbian experience, this started when I was 13, and I’m now 15. ;)

    So I was just hanging out at my friend’s house and we were talking in her room. Her name is Rose and we’ve been friends since we were like 3. While we were talking, she said about how she got dumped by her boyfriend so I hugged her and when we broke apart she kissed me softly on the cheek.

    Weeks after, I still thought about it sometimes when we were hanging out and I noticed her staring at me occasionally, then quickly look away. When I thought about it I would look at lesbian porn and wish it was me there.

    Finally one day, our families rented a cabin down on a beach a while away and me and Rose were sharing a room. One day, when our parents were out shopping we went into the water about chest-deep (btw, we were both 14 by this point) and I told her how I felt about her. I half-expected her to hate me, but she grinned, looking relieved, and leaned in to kiss me.

    That kiss was so amazing, it wasn’t making out or anything, but soft and warm and passionate and I’ll never forget it. We held hands as we went back to the cabin and that night she slept in bed with me and we kissed a bit more and I was feeling really great.

    After that though, we both continued normal relationships with guys and remain just friends. I don’t think either of us are lesbians, but it was a fun experience. :)

    • Natasha says

      Lol :)
      Mine was when I was 18 I had a huge crush on my drama teacher, I have no clue why because I had no feelings like this towards another chick before, but everything she did would make me feel so sick, like a tight gut feeling (a good feeling)
      But one day my group and I were rehearsing our play and I fell and broke my leg, the ambulance came, I was in so much pain but thankfully my teacher (sherie 23) came which made me feel way better, she was holding my hand the whole way to the hospital and the lady in the ambulance was wondering why my heart was beating ultra fast, I did not want to say because “I love Sherie”, that would embarrising so I had to calm myself down,
      When we got there Sherie had no way to get home so I said my mum could drop you off home if you want, she said that’s fine, my partners on his way, my heart sank when she said partner, I was silent the whole time until mum came and picked me up after I was cleared.
      A month later (December) I finally graduated from college.
      February 2014 I had to pick up my little sister from school and she had dance last period, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I say that Sherie was her dance teacher, I told jade (my sis) to go wait in the car and I told my teacher as a joke that I had a huge crush on her, she said I’m not thick I knew that, she said it sucked how I was your teacher, I laughed and she said I’m serious.
      She walked over to the door and shut it, I was confused but then she walked up to me and started kissing me, I felt so good, I pulled away and asked her arnt you in a relationship? Her reply was no, we broke up after he moved country for another chick, we talked about it for five minutes about it then I kissed her back,
      While kissing me she Sid being with you in the ambulance was the best time of my life, I said me to.
      She started to take my shirt off and confessing my back and licking my ear, I said we can’t here we could get caught, she wrote her phone number on my arm and said call me.

      That night I rung her and went over to her house, I walked in and I heard the shower going, I said hello??? She said hey, I’ll be right out just wait in my room. I sat there looking around then to find her standing with a robe and smelling so sweet of fragrance.
      She sat on my lap and started making out with me for god knows how long then she slowly moved her hands towards****i was making noises but I couldn’t help it! she then moved up to making out with my stomach and kissing my neck, she made me came when she licked it and fingering me, we then swapped over but i was rubbing and caressing her back in spooning positin before putting my fingers in and making her***** she said I love you and I of course replied the same and from there we continue to date.
      The awesome thing is, it’s not illegal and it did feel weird at first but it was the best thing I had ever done

  19. Jess says

    So i don’t even know if anybody will read this but late January my best friends and i were ice skating and that night my best friend Lauren came to my house and laid on my bed and i dont actually remember how but we ended up cuddling for ages, since that night she came round every day and we just cuddled and laughed and just hung out. I kind of knew that she liked me because i would find her looking at me when i’m not looking and if i’d catch her looking she’d turn her head and blush.
    We had a little argument and she went home on the weekend really upset and on the first Monday of February i think, i told her i needed her. SO she came over that night and she was cuddling me and kissing all over my face except my lips but she would kiss really close to them and i told her to be true to herself and she showed me messages between her and my friend and she confessed her feelings towards me.
    Next day she came round and kissed really close to my lips but we never kissed because i was unsure of my feelings but i loved the way she made me feel and i wanted her to kiss me so badly.
    The day after that it was wednesday and she kept looking at my lips and i got excited and she kissed the side of my lips and i puckered my lips a little so it was like a side peck,
    And she said “oooh that was a close one” and i said “You can if you want” and she was like really? i nodded and she leaned in and kissed me, it wasn’t a make out session but nor was it a peck, it was a nice, soft, singular kiss. Which gave me crazy butterflies. The next day we shared a really passionate kiss and made out for the whole night and on the weekend we shared the whole “i love you” thing and we made love for the first time.

    We’re not together now but we were on and off for a while and i’ll always love her so we just remain close friends but i love her always.

  20. Ashleigh says

    I was 14, playing Spin the Bottle with all girls. Pretty much I got this girl named Charlotte, so we had to kiss. That night, she slept in the same bed as me and we spent most of the night having lesbian sex. :)

  21. Sarah says

    My first lesbian experience was when I was 15, my sister (17 at the time) told me one day when we were both home alone that she wanted to try having sex with me. So that night, when there was still nobody there, she came into my room, pinned me against a wall and started kissing me. About two minutes later, we were both shirtless, and she began taking off my underwear and put me on the bed. So the next half hour or so, I was getting my pussy licked for the first time, and it was really, really great. For the rest of the night, we were both kissing and rubbing each other’s tits and stuff.

    • SaraJ says

      Wow! Is this true? Do sisters really have lesbian sex with each other? I luv pussy eating stories, but not sure how many sisters do this to each other.

      • Sarah says

        Yep, it’s true. Not sure about any others, but me and my sister definitely did (and still do. Every month or so, public or not, we’ll come and make out, and if we’re private we’ll have sex.). And I’ll just say, compared to every other girl I’ve gotten licked by, she’s the damn best.

          • Anonymous says

            No kidding, this is a rather… Different story. Not really in a good way but hey, whatever pickles your peach…

    • Elizabeth says

      This is not a lesbian love story this is gross. I’m a lesbian and I have a twin sister but I wouldn’t never do that in a million years. NEVER…….im sorry but that’s just not normal.

  22. Sierna says

    I was hanging out at home with my friend, whose name was Emma. We were home alone, and I was sleeping over at her house while her parents and siblings were out for the weekend, so we had the place to ourselves. At the time, we were both 13, so this was 2 years ago.

    So we watched a movie, and it finished at about 11:30. I suggested that we play Truth or Dare, so we decided to do it. First off, she dared me to get into my underwear, so I did. Then she hugged me since I was shaking from the cold, and I felt this urge to kiss her. I then dared her to get in her underwear too, so she did, and we were both standing together hugging each other in our underwear. We had a couple of more stupid truths, and by then I was starting to have feeling for her.

    So while we were hugging I placed my hands onto her ass, since I was starting to realise how attractive she was. Then she whispered in my ear, “I dare you to kiss me.” so I did, and it was something I’ll never forget, and that moment was perfect. We ended up sleeping in the same sleeping bag that night, hugging each other the whole time.

    The next morning, I was taking a shower when she came in, and I was really nervous since I was completely naked. But she just laughed, took off her clothes and hopped in, so we were making out naked and rubbing our hands all over each other and whatnot. So now, two years later, we are still dating! :)

    • Anonymous says

      That’s sexy. I was about 13 years old when almost the same thing happened to me. I am totally straight though! I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t say no. I spent the night at my friends house all the time. On day she told me to take my shirt off. I didn’t want to but she kinda forced me. She looked at me then SHE took off MY pants! I asked her what she was doing and she told me to be quiet. I was nervous but curious. She pushed me on the floor. So I was naked on the floor and she kneeled down. She grabbed my legs and forced apart. I yelled for her to stop. She pulled my pubic hair and i yelped. She started to touch me. It felt good but I didn’t want it to happen. She fingered me so hard. I almost cried. She licked me. She took of her clothes and told me to do the same thing or she would tell everyone at school I forced her. So I had no choice. I did it then licked her. After she forced me in the shower with her. She cleaned me and stuck the cloth deep in me. It hurt bad. She got me out and put a thong on me. She pulled it up hard. We got dressed cuz her parents got home. I was scared so I didn’t say anything. I’m traumatized for life.

  23. Courtney says

    I went to the cinema with my best friend when we were both 14, and it was just us there. It was an early morning summer Sunday on a long weekend and we had plans for the next couple of days. It was sweltering, and my friend (Her name is Sienna) was wearing short jeans and a tank top positioned so you could see her bra. I always thought inwardly she was super pretty, since she had these stunning green eyes and beautiful long brown hair.

    So when the movie was near the end, Sienna stretched, and I could see her stomach. I poked her and laughed, and she went right up to me and whispered playfully in my ear to not do it again, so I kissed her on the cheek softly, and we both laughed.

    When we were walking home to her house (she lives on a mountain sorta), we were at a lookout overlooking the whole town, and we were really close. I remembered our kiss in the cinema, so I decided to try it again. I grabbed her waist and pulled her in, then we started kissing passionately for the next twenty minutes.

    Now a year later we are still going out with each other. :)

      • Courtney says

        Yeah, hahaha. Actually, last week we did for the first time. I don’t mind lesbian sex compared to hetero, since there’s not as many dangers. ;)

      • Anonymous says

        My first lez kiss was you won’t believe this 10 me and my friend had to sleep in the same bed then we made this thing up cause we where feeling dirty it was under the covers we had to bull our pants down and feel eachothers part then we some how kissed it was a long nice soft French kiss I’m surprised we knew how to do it

  24. Taylor says

    Okay well mine is strange. So last school year i had a relationship with this guy, Cameron. He was super sweet and funny. And I loved his family too, his mom is bi and hilarious. His dad was straight and pretty strict. And his younger sister ( half a year younger than me) is bi and talk and silly. But we seperated and became further apart . But this school year I had a class with his sister and she became a good friend. But after a few months we made out a lot, then we became a constant fling. But I was starting to really like her. Then her brother tried to seperate us. But we remained together until my family got orders to move to Italy. And she still hasn’t dated anyone since I left, which makes me feel loved.

  25. Emma says

    I had been best friends with this girl for years upon years, since we met in pre-school. Her name is Courtney, btw. I’ll just briefly descibe her because she is just so beautiful: She has long blonde hair, which goes to about her chest. Her eyes are this amazing icy-blue colour, and she’s got some tan to her. She also has an amazing body. We were friends straight away from when we met, and I absolutely love her, just like a sister. One day, when I was 14 we were both at her house, doing a project for school. Her parents and siblings weren’t home, and we were just messing around. We were wrestling in just our underwear (haha, weird, I know), and my hand slipped and I fell, with my hands on both of her boobs. We were both laughing, and stood back up, hugging each other. Then she pushed me so I fell on her bed, and she was above me. I was laughing still, and she was looking really serious. Then she cracked a smile, and fell down so she was lying on me and we were nose-to-nose. I grabbed her back and then we started kissing, and it was like fireworks went off. She was soooo amazing, and we did that for about ten seconds. We then both stood up, and I grabbed her waist and we had a make-out session for ages. Since then, we’ve been dating! :D

  26. no one says

    Well my first experience was with this girl I met at my cousins funeral she was wearing a jack skellington jacket with black jeans and black converse that she had written hi bve on them she was SOO small and in highschool I find short people very cute so anyway I fell in love with her it was love at first sight for me that’s when I realized that I was “coming out of the closet ” so I had to have her I thought to myself the next few days I well was sad because my cousin had recently died and I met the mysterious short cute person wearing black I had never seen anyone like her ever before I wanted to hug her so bad when she was crying and my cousins funeral I found out who this mysterious cute person was and her name was veronica

    • no one says

      I forgot to add that she was american she had milky white skin and soft kissable lips she looked so irresistible but I was able yo hold my self down I was searching for veronica thought Facebook until I found her I added her she accepted it and we started talking about one direction but then she got off line and stayed offline for two months and during those two months I was waiting for her to get online again so we could talk and she did about after three straight days of talking with her I left her alone and stopped talking to her thats when on her birthday I took her to watch a movie and to get some dinner after dinner we were walking around the mall and that’s when I grabbed her pulled her towards my body and we kissed it was the best kiss of my life nag I’m just kidding but I wish it did happen

  27. Natalie says

    It was June 9 the day before school ended I was 14 me and my girlfriend and some other couples stayed after school we went to this trial where barley anyone knew about. We all found our own little spots to make out and stuff. After like 5 minutes of making out we got on the ground and idk what lead to her kissing my lower lips but it was amazing we were all out there for like an hour, she made me cum and squirt I didn’t even know I could do that. It was amazing. Then later we had an orgy me,my girlfriend, and my friend and her boy friend. He got on top of me and started humping me with force so I put more force into it. That day was perfection.

  28. SaraJ says

    I luv, luv, luv gettin’ my pussy eaten! My ex boyfriend is a master pussy eater. Every time I told him how good he is he would smile, wink, and say, “Girls eat pussy better
    than guys.” At first, I never gave this much thought, but now this idea gets me so excited and makes my vagina VERY WET!

    I’m not a lesbian, at least I don’t think so. But I’m dying to know if this is true. I’m a devoted fan of cunnilingus as an art form. Can any females speak about eating pussy or being eaten by another woman? I’m dying to know! I would love to eat pussy someday, but I’m a bit shy and I have no idea how to bring this up with another female.

    • JH says

      Hi Saraj, I can’t imagine how did it happened but I did it not ones but everytime we make out and it seems my girlfriend really love her pussy to be eaten and stroked by my tongue.
      We both love each other that much so there’s no problem to me in doing it.

      • SaraJ says

        Thx JH! Wow reading your post made me wet. I’d love to experience g/g someday. I just don’t know how to bring up the topic. :-( Who are your favorite lesbian porn stars? I’d love to watch some of their vids and learn. Give me some top names.

  29. H. says

    I guess I was a little older,I was 32…me and a friend had been flirting back and fourth and making dirty jokes for yeas. When we were younger we would kiss at bars to get attention from guys and free drinks..lol. We would flirt to piss off my ex husband, since he was convinced we were sleeping together , but we never did and it never went past that. One night after a couple rounds of tequila shots, we talked about it. We both happen to find ourselves single, we agreed on the terms, next thing I knew we were rolling around on the floor. I wished our first time had been soft and gentle, but she is aggressive lol… It was rough and hot. It only has happened once since I live out of state and come to visit about once a year only. She is still one of my best friends and I love her to death. Although I don’t think I would sleep with her again, only because she is one of my best friends and I would just die if I lost her, I find myself wondering… Am I gay?? I very much enjoyed sex with a woman more than a man..but I was madly I love with a man before, and I just can’t picture feeling that intensely about a woman. However I prefer sex with a woman to a man. I totally confused. I wouldn’t mind being a lesbian but , I need more than sexual attraction right? Well, I’m single and open to suggestion from both sides;)

  30. Kissing the teacher says

    I was nine. I would always watch porn videos with my BFF. I loved her soo much. So when I was in junior high, after gym she was in the shower and I just stared. My other friends were open mouth too. By BFF came out of the shower and said do u want sex? I said yes and all my other friends just started making out. The gym teacher came in and it seemed like she is a lesbian too. She told us to change while she fucked her self. I kissed her and the day end.

  31. Megan says

    Hi, so I’m sort of looking for advice here… 2 1/2 months ago my best friend became my girlfriend, but we’re finding it really hard to kiss each other (have done so once about 2 weeks into it). At first I wondered if it was because I didn’t think of her that way but then I remember how good it feels when she touches me and the first time we kissed, and I know it’s not that… We’re both very shy and introverted people… The only thing I can think of is that I’m afraid of rejection or I’m too nervous. Any tips on how to stop myself being so nervous about kissing her? I was with her 12 hours yesterday and nothing happened because I was too scared… It’s hurting me so much because I want to make out with her but whenever it comes down to it, my heart starts beating really fast and I chickenout :(t

    • nurse says

      Talk to her about how you feel. She may feel the same. Take things slow and at your own pace. You are a couple and should only move as fast as both of you are comfortable with. Always respect your boundaries and her boundaries. If you arent ready for sex say so. Dont do it because you think she expects it. Over all communicate with her. Tell her what you want and ask her what she wants. Enjoy eachothers company and if you watch any lesbian drama shows do the opposite of what the characters do. Lesbian shows are not a place to find role models.

      • nurse says

        Ill clarify the last point. If you want advice from lesbian shows do the opposite of what the characters do

        Eg. if you see a character having sex with her therapist and later marrying her you take that and dont have sex with your therapist and dont marry her.

        Eg2. A character sleeps with her best friends girlfriend after the gf aggressively flirts with her.
        You dont sleep with your best friends gf and walk away from the situation.

        Sure life wont be as interesting but it makes thing a lot more simple.

  32. Emma says

    I was in year 7 at a sleepover with my friend. We were both home alone at her house, and it was the middle of the night. We were playing truth or dare in her room and I dared her to kiss me. She did, but it was only a peck on the lips. So I said “That was pathetic!” and she laughed and said “How about you do better then?” so I kissed her on the lips and we started making out for ageeees.

    After this I took off my shirt so I was just in a bra. She did the same, and we kept on making out. While were doing that I unclipped her bra and we were both shirtless. So we felt each others breasts and kissed for ages. Then we slept in the same bed for the night.

    In the morning I went to have a shower, and when I was in there nude, she came in and we both showered naked together and kissed and whatnot. Then she asked me to be her girlfriend, and one year later I still am and I love her sooo much! :D

    • Anonymous says

      :O and you’re only in year eight? You got lucky lol I’m in year ten and I’ve only ever been kissed.

  33. Lesbianinthecupboard says

    Me and my friend were in year 3 and playing hide and seak. We both hid in a cupboard and turned off the lights. This cupboard was particularly big at my friends house. We waited for what seemed like hours for people to find us. Next thug I knew my friend was touching my nipples. It tickled! I touched her back. We started kissing eachother, and soon we were naked. We actually had no idea we were having sex! I sucked her nipples because I thought they looked tasty (don’t ask) they she started licking my vagina and shoving in her fingers. I wasn’t sure if she knew what she was about to do but neither did I at the time. Pussy whent everywhere and she decided to eat it. Hours flew by and the adults came looking for us. We got caught, me on top of her kissing and rubbin my vagina on her leg. The adults obviously told us off and made us stop. We were sent to play with the others there and never do it again. The party was a sleep over and me and this friend shared a bed. We did the same but under the covers everyone still saw us and found it funny. Soon everyone was kissing eachother It was really funny. Now were all lesbians with the people we made out with!

  34. Lesbianforlife says

    Story of lesbian sex

    Hey Mia! You’re beautiful. How’s your boyfriend? I bet he’s cheating on you! Have you ever kissed a girl. Neither. Why don’t we try it, eh?We don’t have to tell anyone. It sounds fun. It’s only a joke, I won’t tell your parents we have decided to be lesbos. I promise! *gently kiss* WOW! *kisses more violently, beginning to bite lip* haha that was fun! Hey why don’t we go swimming? And we can have a sleep over at mine, if it’s ok to share a bed that is? Good! We will have loads of fun. Hey! Have you ever had sex? I haven’t but I watch loads of porn? Let’s watch it now. *watches hours of porn* I think we should get changed for swimming now, you know save time for while were at the pool. I won’t look I swear. *both turn around* haha you nearly ready? What are you on about I’ve only just taken my pants off! Lolzies! *turns around to peak* bra off yet? It is now. Are you like, completely naked? What do you think? Haha. I need to go pee *walks off* *turns around to see Mia walk off naked* at the pool- haha let’s jump in! 2 hours later at mine- boy, am I tired! I think I’m gonna go to sleep. Let’s take off our clothes. I forgot to say! I don’t wear pjs. It’s of I you want to go home… No no, it’s fine… Gets into bed. I like to watch lesbian porn just before I go to bed. It helps me sleep, I bet you’ll enjoy it. *watches 1 hour of porn* ok let’s sleep. You know when I said I had never had sex? Well… I was hoping we could… Try it? Umm… I’d prefer not to. Sorry, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. Hey, are you still friends with me, I haven’t told anyone this, but I’m a lesbian. WHAT??? 100% gay… I know it’s awkward… Actually that’s why I wanted to have sex and kiss you. There’s no penis involved, it’s almost painless… Err… *i start to kiss her again, trying to take off her clothes. She stops me but I can’t stop.* but Mia please. After 10 minutes or so of kissing her I managed to pull of her top and bra. (I will always treasure the picture in my head of her golden nuggets) she tried to stop me, I still didn’t. I started sucking, biting and licking her nipples, I needed to turn her on. My plan worked. She started kissing back. Next off was her bottoms. I kissed her from her forehead to her toes. I wasn’t sure if she was ready to take off her pants so I licked her pink Lacey briefs. I told her to eat me out (she had experience from watching the porn) she did that exactly. Soon we were both jizzing everywhere. As soon as a got her pants off I couldn’t help myself licking down there. All I could think of was the fact I was licking someone else’s genitals. I was liking it, too much. We humped (I had experience of this from my friend down the road. We always hump from the minute she enters the room, but we never have sex, she does actually have a boyfriend who is always active. We get naked though,watch porn and finger each other but nothing else.) We kissed some more, we fingered, are each other , had scissor sex and so many other things. I have now persuaded her to be my girlfriend and we have been together for years. We are now both lesbian porn artists, because of our love of porn. Neither of us wear clothes anymore at anytime, we are proud of our bodies and have sex any wear even in parks. You should try it! That my friend is how to turn a complete straight girl into instant gay! I’m actually having sex uright now (with Mia) don’t judge but I think that no one should wear clothes and everyone should be lesbians!

  35. Lean says

    I was only 9 when I had my first small lesbian experience! I had a small crush on a girl called Olivia but would never tell. One day on my birthday, when I was turning 10, we played hide and seek. Olivia and I ran up to a cupboard in my parents room. We say Down on the shoe rack and closed the door. It was pitch black so I gently put my hand on her lap. She giggled but I told her give quite or we’d be found. Slowly, I worked my hand up to her “area”! Before I knew it we were rubbing eachother vaginas and kissing slightly! After that we made out when ever we got a chance to be alone. A few years later I turned 14. We were on a sleepover and had come out the closet. Everyone knew what we would be doing because they knew we were out! Before we went to sleep she brought a giant vibrator out her bag! I was surprised!

    “We don’t need it !” I said and quickly pinned her down!
    “Oooh…..” She said as I pulled down her pjama bottoms!
    I slowly stuck my finger in her hole! She groaned! I only stuck in my tip but I curled it round!
    The further in I stuck it the more she moaned! I started finger banging her really quickly until she came Over my fingers! I lapped up her juices just before the front door opened and my parents got back!
    We had to stop then but I enjoyed it!

  36. Jayda says

    I’m 13 and I’m bi I want to know how do you know if someone’s bi or a lesbian cause I want to find out cause I really am attracted to slot of my friends

    • Megan says

      Ask them is prolly the best way, or if you haven’t come out then do so and one of your friends may do as well

    • Emma says

      Invite them to hang out at your house when nobody else is home. Then you can try kissing them softly. When I was your age-ish, girls were ready to experiment left right and center.

  37. mariana says

    my first experience was last week it was unlike something ive never felt before it was so passionate yet sexy and wild at the same time im 17 and the girl i had it with was my best friend ever since pre school she had always liked me but i never knew untill one night she slept over and we slept in the same bed i was laying there and i felt her hand sliding up the back of my shirt massaging it i didnt thin qnything of it but it felt nice then her hand moved to my legs then in my legs it was amazing

  38. Anna says

    My first real romance was 4 years after I had gotten married. My friend of 4 years who also had a kid my child’s age would hang out with me all the time. We spent hr daily either together or living on the phones . My heart would drop if I missed her calls. I had told her a secret about how a slightly lesbian experience had made me believe I was completely lesbian and missing out when I was a kid. She though strait and married never judged me. So I was happy she was a safe place to turn. One night my friends and her and I were out driving and she decided to come back to my house for a movie the end of the night she hugged me which was not like her. I knew I had a crush . I’m a but overweight and she was a stunning tan 5 6 babe with perfect breasts ( I knew I had no chance) but later she came over and we watched another movie and had a warm fire going . She through her legs on me I massaged her feet we weren’t physically that close but emotionally there was nothing we couldnt share . She was sick after that and I went with her to the er I gave her a back rub and she said I think we matter more to each other than the giys . I took all her words to heart shortly after we began to spoon in bed while our tots played or slept on valentines day as I had to leave I went in for a last hug and she pulled her self and me against the wall I hadn’t the nerve to kiss her . I left we split for months as rumors spread and eventually one night after chilling together she called we talked forever about the closeness we had and she came to pick me up . It was pouring rain I was soo anxious I could hardly breathe and she asked me ” do you think we could stop? If you were hugging me or rouching me and it went too far?” Do uou thibk you could stop? Or do you think I would cheat?” I was stunned answered best I could with” I don’t know I’m so nervousness I can’t breathe and were doing nothing right now.” She dropped me off we went on a break a few months linger . Eventually we got back to speaking daily and when that happened we spoke hourly and almost every waking moment . I’d come first thing when her husband left and hold her rub her and cuddle and we actually took off for an overnight trip. Before that we spent evenings together in the car she and I got close I got nervous my heart raced my mouth was dry and we held each other tight as we had to part she and I like electricity that was firing she said”don’t make this harder than it already is. I can’t let you go!”Getting to the hotel we. Swooned all night starting when we entered the room with two beds I had sat on the other to remove my shoes and she about lost it ” why are you all the way over there?” Ashe poured lol I didn’t stay there long we still hadn’t kissed but every time we touched we rolled around or I grazed her pant line feeling the top of lace underwear we knew we were close . We parted after a day of park fun that night again holding each other in the car complaining about reality. And sadly parting . We met on e month later and road to the beach ever since our trip out of town we were always holding one another or hands at least it was a night trip and windy on the beach we sat together under a blanket almost kissing she told me she had a dream that we had kissed and… She paused …” It was amazing” so all night I lt was on our minds we left and as we drove home I pulled off the road “I’m sorry I don’t want to go home yet” I said we were touching then she looked like she was ignoring my attention I touched the lace and the in frustration pulled away and said ” I’m sorry for being an ass”. She sexily sat upright and while pulling her top over her head and reveailing her sexy bra and right tan abs said” don’t be ” I was in shock she crossed the console and I touched everything I could kissing her all over she kissed me and the rest is history many nights were spent this way though we don’t hardly speak she’s had others and a boyfriend she said at the end of that night ” I don’t regret this ever . I want you to know I may be a bitch sometimes and not say it , but I’ll never regret this night” drops of rain make a hole in the rock. Not by violence , but by often falling I miss her as my friend the most but I miss holding her close as well

  39. Anonymous says

    I’ve always been the kind of girl who enjoyed bmx riding, motorbikes and just being a tomboy. Of course I knew I was right for my own body. I started out just on straight porn, then I was curious about lesbian porn so I started watching that and gave intrest in it. I would usually slip a finger in or more and the porn got so intense I would squirt all over the floor. Any way no body new I was lesbian and my bestfriend maleah invited me to go to her holiday park with her, where she owns a house. It was for her birthday and it was in the winter time. Her parents were never there. One night it was freezing cold and we were sitting by the beach. There where to other girls the called zaralla and mian. Mian dared me to get into the beach. And I did it, then Mian dared Maleah to get in also and they dared us to stay in there for 30 minutes. The water was freezing so we hugged tight to keep our warmth in. And then our clothes were sticking close to our bodies so we took them off. We left on our underwear and bra and kept hugging. Then suddenly I had a tingly feeling in my vagina. And I because my legs were wrapped around her waist I started grinding on her belly. It felt so good my eyes rolled back and I let out a moan. Then I felt a finger slip in and it wasn’t mine.. Then I felt myself being licked out which was amazing. Male ah lifted her head out of the water and pulled a cheesy grin and kissed me ONG and god damn hard. We went on the sand on the other side of the beach and went hardcore sucking each other’s clit. And the. I reached an orgy and my cum went all in her mouth and she cleaned it all up then I did the same to her and her CYM was so good it was so sweet. We tribed and cummed in each other’s pussy.

  40. Emma says

    When I was 14 I played Truth or Dare alone with my best friend home alone at midnight, and I chose Dare. She dared me close my eyes which I thought was a bit weird, but I did it. Next thing I knew there was something warm on my lips and I opened my eyes and saw my friend. She pulled back quickly, afraid that I’d be mad, but I just stared at her for a few seconds, then grabbed her face, pulled her in close and made out with her. We had the greatest night ever, went into her pool in just bikinis, then after making out for an hour went in topless. We spent more or less the whole night in the pool, our bodies so close all night and touching each other’s breasts. One of the best in my life.

    • Emma says

      And to add, I still go to school now two years after that event and we hop somewhere private and take off our shirts and get it done. :D

  41. Katniss says

    I’ve never had a lesbian relationship before but I’ve had a few ‘crushes’, if you like. One of these was my best friend. One day we were mucking about at lunch, on the last day of school, with a couple of other friends. My best friend kissed our gay guy friend on the lips because she wanted a kiss in the rain. Then the other friend and my best friend kissed, then I kissed the gay guy. It was my first kiss ever. My second kiss was with the other friend, then with my best friend. We were all just mucking about, we didn’t mean anything by it – but that night I plucked up the courage and I asked her to be my girlfriend. She turned me down, as she was straight, but she was really nice about it. She was the first person I told about my bisexuality (Now I’m a lesbian) and she was so nice about it. A while later I asked another really good friend of mine, who was bi, but she also turned me down. Maybe I’ll try for third time lucky?

  42. Sophia says

    It was earlier this year. I’m at my first year of uni, 18, and a girl I had been best friends with since I met her at the start of the year came out to me. I hadn’t come out to many people myself but felt such joy when she did with me so I also opened up to her. In actual fact, I had been in denial for such a long time. Spent the previous 5 months falling more and more in love with her but thinking she was straight as we’d talk about guys together. I tried so hard to push my feelings to the back of my head, so you can imagine my surprise when she told me.
    Great you’re thinking, you’re in with a chance now, but nope. She came out to me, sitting next to another girl… her girlfriend.

    She was equally as shocked about me. We spent so much of the next week talking about sexuality and in disbelief how we never realized about each other for so long. Then her and her girlfriend broke up…

    I knew I wanted to go for it, but she needed a friend more than anything at that moment so I had to be there for her, so I was. I was there all the time, whenever she needed to talk. We would just sit with each other at times. In one week, we sat up talking 3 nights at each other’s flats and fell asleep together, spooning. I tried not to read too much into it as she was a very touchy-feely person, but all I wanted to do was kiss her. However, I loved her, and only wanted her to be happy.

    Then, as she’s starting to get over her ex, we decide to go to a gay club together, be each other’s wingmen, be gay best friends blah blah blah. On the night we planned to go out, we had drinks at my flat before it. I think it was because we were both nervous about being more out now and didn’t know what to expect at the club that we drank a lot. Too much. Waaaaay too much. We ended up lying in my bed realizing we weren’t going to make it out and began spooning again. We then cuddled lying down. Her head on my chest, out bodies facing each other. Our faces gradually got closer and closer, our hands stroking each others arms and back, then before you knew it our lips were touching and we were kissing. It was the most incredible kiss I’d ever had. We just became one, so intimate together and I blissfully happy. The next morning we never spoke about what had happened, but continued to be cuddly and close. A couple of days later I stayed at hers and we slept together again. I couldn’t believe this was finally happening. I had never been so happy.

    Then the next time we were together she said we needed to talk about what had happened. She said she didn’t want to ruin our friendship by getting into anything. She really liked me but didn’t think it was a good idea. I of course had to go along with it, so as to not look pathetic, and agree with everything she said. On the inside my heart was crumpled up and sunken to the bottom of my chest. I had been used. I was her rebound. I was there right in front of her and she took advantage of me. I still love her and we’re still friends but that pain will never truly leave

    She went out to the gay club later that next week and kissed other girls. Then one time I went with her, still not having kissed anyone since her, feeling awkward, wanting her to think I’m over her, or wasn’t bothered, and also wanting her to be jealous, I met a girl and went home with her. I had a one night stand and regretted it as it was so meaningless, and didn’t make her feel jealous, in fact it probably just made her judge me a little. That was a mistake. Impulsiveness isn’t always the best solution to a problem ladies!

    • nurse says

      You deserve better. I understand being in love and wanting someone that just is not that into you. Ive also been the person on the other side that was not into my friend but used her as a rebound. I find it much worse when I use someone else because I know what it is like to be used. You sound like a lovely young woman and it breaks my heart to hear that you are going through or went through this.

  43. Breanna55 says

    I was in 5th grade I was staying at a friends house because my mum was on a business trip we had to stay in the same bed and so you know I was very hyper so when I got to bed I ended up kissing her we let our hands roam to much and ended up giving into lust one of the best days of my life we ended up going out after that still together now 8 years later in my last year of high school we see each other a lot but people think it is as friends because I have a lot of male friends as well do they think I’m going out with one off them do annoying

  44. Joanie says

    The absolutely, most beautiful woman I know is bi-sexual and has won several beauty contests. She has had almost as many women lovers as male! She has been married to her husband for over twenty years and I am also married for several years but we still manage to travel a couple of times each year alone and renew our love. I love my husband very much and we have a great sex life but many women have certain needs that only another woman could understand.

  45. britz says

    I was in year 9 when I finally realised and understood that I might be attracted to girls after all my life I always had a mini crush on female celebrities on the movies. My best friend and I got very close and that’s what helped me understand. anyway, i went to her house as always but this night was very different, she kept dropping hints and kept hugging me, i was always protective of my sexuality because i was afraid of what people might think, so i tried my best not to do that back, we went too bed.. i slept on the mattress on the ground and she slept in her bed. She woke up and woke me up and we started giggling again on my bed, we layed there together mucking around.. when she looked at me in the eye, i knew what she was going to do, i thought to myself that this can’t happen im not ready and i said, “i’m going to sleep”.. she looked sad, and i felt bad.. but that didnt stop her. She grabbed my face as we were lying down facing each other as i hinted that she would be sleeping in my bed and she kissed me passionately, she was pushing her body on to my lower body up and down and omg, that really turned me on. Every single part of my body exploded, i knew it would happen as I had always been attracted to her but i was afraid, but not anymore. We both loved each other emotionally, few years after that and we didnt talk about it, we went to a party together at our guy friends house, we played truth and dare and she got dared to make out with me, that moment, i knew she was thinking about what happened in year 9 and we both looked at each other and she went in for the kiss, once again fireworks between us exploded. I pulled back and she smiled. few months later, we drifted. She has a serious boyfriend of 1 year now and they live with each other. We never spoke aboout our feelings, sexuality. but never mind. I’m still confused about my sexuality but im waiting for the right person not worrying if its a girl or boy.

  46. Jen says

    I was almost 15 when I had my first experience. Her name was Hannah and she was 18 and we met in marching band. She had the most amazing light blue eyes. One day the band performed at this amusement park and after we ended up on a ride together just her and me and she asked me if I liked girls and wanted her to kiss me and I said yes even though I didn’t know what she meant about liking girls. I had no idea she had ever noticed me because I was a freshman but I knew I had an attraction for girls but didn’t know what to do about it or if you could kiss them. Then maybe a week later she invited me to her house to go swim because it was a hot day. Only her mom was home and she was going to leave for work. We went swimming in our clothes because I didn’t bring a bathing suit but Hannah said it was OK we would put my clothes in the clothes dryer before I went home. So we swam a bit and got out and went inside and took off our clothes and put them in the dryer then ran threw the house in just towels to her bedroom. She had this big chair and she threw me down on it and spread my knees and got down and licked me down there. I was very nervous and it took me by surprise but it felt good just nervous. Then she drove me home. After she would not talk to me in school but I knew I liked girls.

  47. Sandrine says

    My first lesbian experience was not all I wanted at that time. It was about 6 mths ago I “came out of the closet”. I had been working for a fast food establishment for a year and 7 months. There was only females at this job so you know a lot of drama and hormones were all over the place. There was this girl who I would work with quit often who had an attraction towards me from the getgo. Never really looked at her in that way nor did I find her attractive at that time, but very kind hearted person, hilarious as well. There were a lot of similaries between the two of us. She is very unique in her own way I must say. She had a very permiscous past with multiple men and women I would like to say 75 in all she had relations with. Us both working together so much we eventually opened up to each other on different occasions about our life’s. I got to know her pretty well and I like that a lot. Knowing her flaws and insecurities and excepting her for who she is was when I decided to be open and honest with her. Took me a good nine to ten months because of her involvement with an individual who I wasn’t to fond of, but once I noticed she was not so involved with this person I decided to admit to her that I had an attraction towards her. She was shocked in fact she thought of going on a date with me. She quikly changed her mind which till this day makes me wonder. She told me she would rather just have sex with me no commitment involved. I had to think about it but I gave in to the temptation at the time I was too hormonal but I figured a relationship would manifest. Not really how it turned out instead when we would work together we would kiss each other and she would touch me all over my body even nights when she took me home after work she would touch me sexually. I enjoyed it I never really did the same for her because we never actually “had sex”. Only at work she felt the need to intimate. Never really gave me anytime outside if work. When I think about it actually makes me think she didn’t respect me at all but in reality she too didn’t respect herself. Currently I don’t work at that establishment I moved about a month ago across the country. So I haven’t spoke to her for a while we got into an argument over the phone a few days before I left. Infact we would always argue with each other even before I told her I liked her. I honestly even being around her can’t seem to get my mind off of her. She gave me attention that I never got before I am very inexsperienced we both do have the same sexual orientation which is bi sexual. I do want to reconnect with her someday because hopefully by then my life will be together and she can see me as a whole new person. She could change her mind and consider commitment who knows. I truely do miss her so much I never had these feelings for someone in a long time.

  48. Aussy S says

    Ok let me get to the point… All the women I did ANYTHING before the age of 17 don’t count for me. The first one that did count was beautiful (at that time) and didn’t know what she was doing either. I decided when we were at my house that I would just get it done and make her feel good. A few minutes before anything happened I was extremely nervous but then decided to “take the bull by the horns” and give her all the loving I could muster. Turns out I’m great! HAHA!! I didn’t expect to get great reviews from her and every other woman I’ve been with. I have to be honest and say that at times I still feel like they all lied to me, but their bodies didn’t lie (especially because of the waterworks) WOOT WOOT!!!

    • Alicia says

      I was in schoolwhen I noticed a sexy brunette in the halls who I had never seen before and I invited her over (this was 1 yr ago) she said yes and before I knew it we where in bed together naked! We teased eachother and played with our tits and pussy and we still do it now and enjoy it more every time.

  49. Danielle says

    I always knew that I liked girls but I only just realized and accepted it a couple months ago when my bestfriend said she was bisexual when we were having a drunk conversation. Anyways my first experience happened when I was about 12, my older sister had this friend, who was about 13 or 14, that would always sleepover and one night she said she wanted to sleep in my room (and even before that night I could tell she had the same feelings for me as I do for her.) But that night when we were laying in bed, we were both a little shy but she ended up holding my hand and then she quietly asked if it was okay if we kissed and so we did, it was pretty okay for my first kiss and then we started making out. That was pretty much it and then we cuddled until we fell asleep. It never really turned into anything after that I don’t think we mentioned it to eachother and it sort of seems like a dream even now thinking back on it now but I’ll always remember it.

  50. Angela Goodnight says

    I was looking for something else and this popped up on google and it is fascinating. I am hetero, but a long time ago I had a lesbian affair with a girl I was employing. It was so unexpected and so absolutely wonderful. I had the best g-spot and all body orgasm I have ever had and my husband and I have tried to reproduce it without success ever since. I suddenly felt I wasn’t bisexual and the affair ended, but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. We run a blog and if you look for my post on 12th January 2014 you’ll find the detail. You can search for the blog by doing a search on my name.

    It takes all sorts to make the world go around. It is strange that I finally worked out that I was hetero, not bi, yet the first night of that lesbian affair was probably the best sex of my life.

    Angela Goodnight (Blogger)

  51. Jessi says

    I knew I liked women when I was 15, but it wasn’t until I had almost graduated that I went on a date with a girl. I lived in a touristy beach town, and she was in town for a couple days so I decided to show her the quieter side of the beach.. most awkward date ever. Thank god her cousin was there to break the silence because neither of us could seem to find anything to talk about, and needless to say that didn’t work out. Fast forward to two years later, I had moved out of my parents house and was living independently. I met a girl from Australia on a social networking site and we instantly became best friends. We talked all day every day until out of the blue she tells me she thinks she’s in love with me. I didn’t know what to do about it so we let it go, but not long after that I started feeling the same way. She suggested I visited her, and since I randomly had the money I decided to do it. Since she was a couple years younger than me she still lived with her mom, but I stayed with her for a month and it was the best month of my life. The day I got there we went for a walk and kissed on a swing set, and that night we just laid in bed holding each other. When we finally had sex it was like fireworks went off in my brain, and seeing her skin glow the way it did just about melted my heart. To this day she’s the only woman I’ve ever slept with, and even though we’ve moved on and dated other people we’re still best friends.. and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

    • claire wheeler says

      im 34 now and i have a girlfriend but didnt come out as being gay until i was 21 and had my first girlfriend when i was about 22. i always knew i liked women from about the age of 3 i would look at women.

  52. Taylor says

    It was with my best friend during the 8th grade. I had just turned 14. She and I had a sleepover at my house. We were in the living room in the dark, late, with blankets and pillows, talking and giggling. I already knew I was super attracted to her. I warned her in a kidding way that if she didn’t stop being so silly I’d have to kiss her to get her to shut up. She said well, then I’m not shutting up. So I kissed her and she said I’m still not shutting up, and I kissed her again and pushed her down on a pillow. She pretended not to like it at first but then she kissed me back. We kissed and kissed. I felt her boobs under her sweatshirt and we pressed against each other. Not to get too pornographic or anything. But we took our tops off and then eventually our bottoms. I sucked on her boobs and she put my hand between her legs and showed me what she wanted. Yes, she orgasmed – trying to stay quiet. lol. I went on my back and put her hand down there and orgasmed also, whilke she was kissing me. Our sexual relationship lasted for several months until she got a BF. (I got one too.) We eventually did everything. But she needed a boyfriend to feel normal. We stayed friends throughout high school, and went to bed one other time when we were 17. She graduated from college last year and is engaged. We’re not really close anymore. I travel a lot for work, is one reason. The other reason, I guess, is that I am only into girls, have had quite a few lesbian relationships, and she may be uncomfortable with that. Bi is one thing, lez something else maybe.

    • jennabeth says

      some girls who sleep with girls can’t let themselves go emotionally they don’t really think it’s real to them het sex is the real thing they think and they break our hearts if we let them. but u had a good time with her while it lasted. my first was the same. god she was dishy. u cant imagine. just remembering her, wow. and the sex was hot with her. I thought I was seducing her in her room we were both seniors in high school about to graduate but she knew what was coming and wanted it. we had flirted for years. she broke up with me at the end of summer went back to her old boyfriend. ok, I wanted to off myself. but then I met someone else who made me happy. that has been years ago now. half the hot girls you see will get it on with you but most of them are toying with us and you have to learn to just like the sex with them if you can, not that most are very good, a lot are just eye candy and the conquest thing is the thrill apparently, but sometimes the sex is good especially if there has been a friendship…but never expect more don’t think it will last ladies because in the end they won’t give you more. some just fool themselves, some are just bicurious, some are lesbian deep down and can’t admit it, some hate men but don’t really love women….I wish the question was tell us the first time you fell in love with a girl and she fell in love with you. well mine was the not so ultimately great experience as I just told about but I bet there are wonderful stories people here could tell!

  53. Lucy says

    Well I haven’t come out of the closet jet well at least not in public . I’m not exactly in a relationship with this girl , it’s more like a friends with benefits type of relationship. I meet her on Craigslist and we started to have a conversation n I like her. She has a husband n two kids , I love her kids. She’s been my first women I sleep with. it was amazing being with her for d first time . I’m 20 n I have never sleep with a guy , I guess cus I’m scare or don’t know . I just don’t like d fact of sharing my bed with a guy. Well it’s been 4 months since I meat this girl n it’s hard for me to think that she shares d bed with her husband, sometimes I present when they kiss, n I act normal but it hurts inside . No ones know I’m attracted to girl only her , n I’m scare to tell my family or friends. It’s amazing when we together but ones her husband comes around it’s a different story . I don’t know what to do , she can’t leave her husband cus she has kids , plus I think she still loves him . I’m a person dat when I love I give everything . I just can’t no more . I don’t want to loose her but I can’t live this way with her . SOMEONE PLZ HELP ME !!!!!!!

    • jennabeth says

      I have been there Lucy. I picked up a girl in a bar thought I was having a casual with her but we had so much fun laughing and talking I kept seeing her and after a while started to fall for her. I should have known better. I am experienced and a little cynical I guess but it didn’t matter. She never would go to her place and could only see me certain times but I didn’t get that she was married to a man until I saw them together in a restaurant and saw the wedding ring she took off when she was cruising for girls. But I didn’t care. I thought I could change her. I couldn’t. that doesn’t happen Lucy. I kept seeing her and I thought it was amazing yes just like you and then my heart would break when she left to go back to her real life. She even got pregnant and I still saw her and tried to be happy about her baby. finally I got the strength to walk out, I knew I could never call her or talk to her or go where I might see her. I realized that if she had loved me she wouldn’t have done that to me. at least she never wanted a threesome that would have been too ugly. but in the end it was about her, Lucy, and I think your situation is the same. you have to stop it. it will be awful for awhile but you will get through it. look what helped me to be brutally honest is that I just went out and slept with several girls several casuals even one on craigslist. it created psychological distance for me and helped the healing. be in control of your life Lucy. don’t let yourself be the victim.

  54. jessica says

    well i always felt attracted to girls but my first and only experience i had so far was when i was 20, i’m an english teacher so one day a student came in the classroom the moment i saw her i thought she was the most beautiful woman my eyes had ever seen, she was 37 years old (i know a huge age difference) well she asked for my phone number and i gave it to her, we started sending texts, then i started going back to college and i stopped seeing her, after a while she asked me out, and there i found out she had a boyfriend and she was not a lesbian :(
    so i thought i had no chance despite that i told her what i felt for her but she told me she was sorry because she already had someone else after a while we when for a trip to another city and there she kissed me oh my god! i was so surprised and so happy we talked and she told me she was falling for me but she couldnt leave her boyfriend, so i accepted being her lover, we’ve been like this for almost a year and eventhough i have to share her love i can say im the happiest woman in the world :)

    • May says

      I know exactly what you’re talking about. I was like that with a girl of my age though with a boyfriend. Was her lover for a year and half but then I got tired and I asked to leave and so I did. She is still hung on me but now I’ m in a great relationship with an amazing girl. We have much in common, I’ m an English teacher as a part time teacher too. All I will say, just be careful you won’t be her toy that’s all. Other than that have fun!! (Sex can be really good when in this situation!)

  55. Jessie says

    My first time doing anything with another girl was when I was 15. I always knew that I was gay, but I was scared of coming out to anyone, especially my baptist-raised, hell fire and brimstone, homophobic mother that could barely stand the sight of gay couples on TV. I met this girl on a gay website just to try it out. She was awful. All I did was finger her, and that was new and exciting to me, but she lied about not having a girlfriend. The second girl I was with and gave myself to I was with for 3 years. I loved her, but she broke my heart when she cheated on me with a girl she lied to me about being her cousin. I felt like such a fool. The last girl I’ve ever been with I met at my place of work. I was in awe of her beauty from the very moment I saw her. We worked together about 3 weeks before she told me she was into girls. I was secretly too happy to know that. Back and forth we flirted and talked at work and she gave me her number. One night I went to her house and I told her I wanted to drink with her. As we laid next to each other in bed, I became more comfortable around her, so I put my arm around her waist as we continued talking. At one point, I asked her, “What would you do if I were to kiss you?” She replied, “You’ll have to see.” Nervously, I continued talking until I finally built up enough to kiss her. It was soooo good, I didn’t wanna stop. From then on, we’ve had sex, and it is fantastic.

  56. Julie says

    I was always kind of embarrassed about my first same-sex experience. I was in junior high, and there was this really nice and very pretty girl named Stephie. She had blonde hair and was so attractive. I had never noticed another gilr in that way before, but I found myself having this unexpected attraction to her. We had the same gym class, and I remember the first time that I saw her naked in the shower. It really had an effect upon me. She was slim, had small breasts with dark cone-shaped nipples, and a nice fluff of sandy pubic hair. I thought she was really sexy, and I felt very self-conscious thinking that about another girl.
    Over the next few months I slowly got to be friends with her, and she admitted to having noticed me and having seen me around school. It was not like she had noticed me in that way or anything, just in the usual way. We got talking and we really enjoyed each other’s company. One day I was over at her house and we were sitting in her room, not doing anything really, and she told me how pretty she thought I was. I admitted that I thought she was pretty, too. Then she confessed that she felt this attraction to me. I was totally surprised! I admitted that I had felt an attraction towards her. Well, she kissed me on the mouth, just like that! Again, I was totally surprised, but I fouind myself kissing her back. In that moment we were completely open to being romantically inclined. A few days later, when I was over at her house, we did some more kissing, and I remarked on how sexy I thought she looked naked in the shower. That was all it took. We were both out of our clothes and masturbating one another like crazy. It was the first time that I ever had anyone else give me an orgasm, and I was so hooked! She was enthralled by it, too. We had this secret love relationship for the next three years and it was so good.

  57. Kendra says

    We were the only African-American girls at my school, so it was pretty natural that we becamse friends. I suppose that this also made us feel a whole lots closer than we otherwise might have been. Like lots of girls, we were kind of playfully flirty with one another – discretely so, of course. One day we were being silly, and we kissed. Well, our lips touched and then pressed together, and we were really having this amorous kiss. It was so incredible doing that together as friends and as girls.
    After doing that several times, we started to become quite romantic with each other, and it wasn’t long before we had our clohtes off and were being naked lovers. It was so wonderful! We remained lovers all through school, and friends ever since. Now we live in different parts of the world, but we have gotten together several times, and each time we have ended up in bed and delighted with the experience. We have talked about living together, and I have a feeling that in the not too distant future, we will.

  58. Pam says

    My first time was so beautiful. I had never been aparticularly attracted to other girls. Then I met Darcy. She was quiet and had this sort of appealing aloofness about her. We started to be friends, and one day we were out walking in this fairly secluded place, and we took a hold of each other’s hand. It just felt so natural and easy to do that, and we liked the female-togetherness. It was a few days after that, when I was over at her house, and nobody was home, that we kissed. It was so romantic doing that together as girls, and sharing these warm feelings.
    It was then maybe a week later, when we were at her house, and we kissed again. This time we didn’t feel like stopping there. In a few minutes we were out of our clothes and naked in each other’s arms, and we made love, and it was so wonderful and exciting. The two of remained friends and lovers all through school.

  59. Sheila says

    I had a couple lesbian expiernces. but my real one. my favorite one. it was with my bestfriend. we had been drinking and she started kissing me. I told her I thought it was a bad idea for her to kiss me but then her hand was all of a sudden down my pants and playing around. holy crap it felt so awesome. I told her this was a bad idea and might change our friendship and she tackled me and started kissing me. of course I kissed her back. she is so sexy. one of the most sexiest women I’ve ever met. we had sex that night with each other. the only time we’ve ever done it. she is back to pretending she is straight.

    • Sheila says

      she tasted so good. I never knew that eating a woman out would be like that. I really want to eat her out again. she is so gorgeous. and she tastes so good. eating her pussy is so good. like a delicacy, i’m so jealous of anyone that eats her out. I want her all for myself. cause she tastes so gooood.

  60. june says

    So, my first lesbian experience was when I was in 10th year in a british school down in colorado and I had a deep crush for this girl named W, so me and W became good freinds because I wanted to know her bettermay think this was a scam to get her to have sex with me but no I just wanted to know if she was a total bitch and a woe and so when we did algebra and geometrey revision at my place my mom thoght we were bff at the time so W was at leats accepted as a friend and not a total bastard,the sore thing of this story sorry to but she turned out to be a total bitch she made me homeless at the age of 16 I had joined the marines,wait actualy thinking back if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t of found my amazing wife that I have now and my football crazy son so thank you W,anyway back to the story my homophobic parents were always monitoring me to make sur I was no road banging slut and when W came over to study I asked her have you ever kissed a girl and she said yes loads abd that was a sign of sluttines should of picked that sgin up , dang, so I said cool and we got into a detailed convo about how it was and etc so without thinking I leant over and kissed her and then she turned round and brushed my hair slowly with hEr fingers and kissed me on the neck and slowly sat on my lap as we had slim body figures it was easy to get close and I was around 5 foot 9 and weighng aroun 81 pounds ia was easy moveable and she was sloly moving downmy neckand I was rubing her theighs and so it started she was un buttoning my shirt and suddenly shit my mom comes running in darling hav you seen my lip what the fucking hell in gods name are you doing amen let’s eat. Well busted after a few days while waiting for my mum to come back from space and trying to get back talking with W is quiet a armys mission as you thought 1 my dad kn and the hell runs lose and 2 I was used for a dramatic story for 1 to use to shaf 1 of my good friend so bieng kicked out is another story.

  61. Brooke says

    I was 9 when i first accepted i was gay, when i was 15 i was stunned on one girl my first ever real Lesbian experience. There she was long, blonde, shiny hair with tints of brown; blue eyes bluer than the oceans, standing clueless amongst a group of lads. I set my eyes on her on my first day of just moving schools. She was the one that actually really made the first move to our existence, i wasn’t really good at making new friends then as i don’t well like change. I had been at the school for almost a month without anyone by my side but just one look at her got me through a whole week anyways back to subject i was sat in the Oasis thats where we eat at dinner and i was just sat there playing with my food and i heard someone shout her name Natalie it was, i looked up really slow and as i looked up she walked straight past me i put my head back down when she turned back around and said “Sorry we haven’t been introduce im Natalie.” i replied with just my name being vein really. She then went on to actually making effort to have a full blown conversation with me “Brooke? well brooke nice to meet you how long you been here then?” not long, a month i said. She looked at me in an undescribable way “See you around then i guess.” she said. Soon after that we became friends, she knew i was gay she said she said she had gaydar and thats when i went on to thinking if she was any of the following, Lesbian, Bicurios, bisexual, she then went on to saying how pretty i was and that she liked me so i confessed my attraction to her i told her everything im telling whoevers reading this right now and we was together for nearly a year, and still i remember it all like it was yesterday.

  62. Brigitte says

    I always knew I was into girls. Checking them out and flirting and having crushes. Guys always come on to me but really no thanks. In middle school I made out with a lot of girls and got a rep as a lezzie. A couple of my friends did an intervention lol to tell me I needed to calm down. I was 14! But if u don’t try how do you know? When I was a freshman I went out with a dude and blew him, trying to be “normal” I guess. But he had a sister who was soooo hot. Step-sister actually. He and I broke up after the 9th-12th dance but she and I texted back and forth and stayed in touch all summer…she was going into junior year, and I threw caution to the winds and texted her if she wanted to h/u with me and she said maybe. Oh that “maybe”….She and I rendevoued (sp?) at a party and went upstairs and made out. She told me she had never done anything with a girl before but always thought I was sexy and fantasized about it with me when I was seeing her stepbro. We talked about whether it was weird because of him but we both were ok with it. That night we didn’t go all the way but the next weekend we went to a movie and she held my hand in the dark and we made out in her car she had borrowed from her dad and I put my hand under her sweater and tubbed between her legs and she did the same to me. Still not all the way. A couple of weeks later in the afternoon nobody at my house we finally ripped all our clothes off and made love for an hour, everything, everywhere and I came with a girl for the first time. That was two years ago. She is at the community college and I am a senior and we are still lovers. I would just die for her. I love her so much I can’t stand it sometimes. She is still in the closet and her bro and family don’t really know about us…well, they guess but don’t know. My friends know so probably my ex BF knows too, so really who can say. i am out and i am afraid if she won’t come out we don’t have a future. i worry our relationship isn’t real to her even though she says she loves me. Anyway that is my first time. she is the only girl i have been with and my friends can’t believe I’m not out banging every girl in sight but i love her too much.

    • Sindiswa Buhle says

      I jst realise now that am a lesbian so i dnt have that much experience. But reading ur stories guyz made me wet yoh OMG

  63. latonya says

    I was a junior in high school when I started talking to this girl I went to d same pry sch with but we lost contact. And we became fast friends. I can’t even tell u how it happened but I was soo gone for her. I see her in sch and I become breathless. She holds my hand and I feel it in my panties.lol. I wanted to be with her every second I cud and I was. And by her actions and flirtations, d feeling was mutual and it just grew. Months later, we were in d bus on our way home after sch wen she askd me wat I wud do if some1 told me they loved me. And I was like I dunno, depends on who. Then she leaned in and whispered ‘I love u’ in my ears. I said it back and kissed the corner of her mouth. We hadn’t even had a proper kiss yet but I was crazy about her. It took us almst 6mnths to have our first kiss and it was electric. Like my body was singing. She came over and we were talking in my room and flirting outrageously and shyly touching each others arms ans stuff but we were bth too scared to make d first move. Finally she said she was about to go home and she stood up. At d door, I told her to wait and I planted a peck on her lips. She looked at me for a few seconds before she drew me in with a sigh and kissed me properly. NO ONE has ever been able to kiss me so thoroughly ever since. We made out a bit and she said it felt even better than her fantasies..’A dream come true. Took us another 3 or so mnths to go all the way. We were very inexperienced but it still felt like nothing I’ve ever felt. Anyway, we dated for about 3yrs and got separated by distance when she moved away. We still talk till today (3yrs later) and we still love each other.

  64. oh how i wish it was true says

    She was so beautiful her brown long hair small orange shaped breasts and tight round little ass. She bit her lip and walked towards me. I pushed her away not wanting her to know how much I wanted her. She kissed me and slipped her tongue in my mouth forcefully I continued to push her away. Then she grabbed me and threw me down on the bed and pulled off my hello kitty pajama pants I WANT YOU NOW please I want to please you. She ate me she licked and licked like a thirsty little puppy then she put her fingers on my clit circling around and around. I screamed it felt so good. Then she repositioned me and placed her pussy on my pussy she moved around and around so slowly and quickening rapidly we screamed and moaned OH YOU MAKE ME FEEL SO GOOD DONT STOP I yelled she kept going and going then she touched my wet wet pussy I came I squirted ferociously all over her pussy then I licked her clit she cried out I kept licking it and she moaned then I slid three fingers inside her she screamed I licked and licked until she squirted viciously in my face. We went in again scissoring each others pussy with a small round ball in between us then we stopped and licked each others small beautiful breast so raw and pink I kept licking her and then I fucked her with my fingers sliding in and out I couldn’t help it I loved to watch her come then I rubbed my clit on her breasts milk shot into my pussy and I came she laughed and we kissed passionately biting and licking holding nothing back until the morning came

  65. Kathryn says

    I first kissed a girl when I was 14 and at a party, but my first real sexual experience with a woman was just about a year ago when I was 24. We had found each other online and started seeing each other but neither of us had ever dated another woman before, we were both just learning. We were nervous about making the first move but after about 3 months we finally kissed, thanks to a little encouragement from her friends and little liquid courage. However the within a couple days she invited me over to her place and we sat on the couch making out for quite awhile. The next time I went over we made out in her bed, I still remember that like it was yesterday, how good it felt and how right it felt. The time after that her roommate had a party and I went over and that was the night that we finally did it. Honestly, it felt great but wasn’t mind blowing probably just due to how new I was at it (she had a little experience on me but hadn’t for some time). Now, however, our sex is great. We’ve been together for just about a year, live together, and are super typical with our two cats haha. Wouldn’t change it for the world.

  66. Rose P says

    I had intnded to join the Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nueing Corps but there was a long wait so I looked for work to keep the money coming in.
    I secured a job at an officeand the Department Manager, MISS ARGYLE ( I always think of her in Capital letters) introduced me to Gwenneth B so I could gat used to the type of work involved.
    Gwen and I had a lot in common; music, reading, garening etc and we soon began going out together. Lunch at the office was not so nice because the lunch room was always full of tobacco smoke so we had our lunch at a local cafe. One day we happened to have our hands together without noticing but Gwen said “It’s timeto be getting back” Then we realised we were hand in hand. We became closer after that.
    One evening after ging to see the Opera Rigoletto we were discussing the plot and Gwen kissed me. Iwas surprised but not unpleasantly so returned the favour. Looking back aftr all those years I realise that that first kiss meant as much to us as anything that came later.
    Rose P.

  67. Unconventional says

    I was a waitress at a country club, and she was the new manager. The first time I saw her I couldn’t look away. This couldn’t mean anything because I was 19 and straight, she was 30 and married with two kids. Within the first week, all I could think about was her. The sound of her voice gave me chills, when she walked it was like slow motion (her eyes twinkled, her hair flowing). Still I denied. Others noticed before I did that I liked her. After working together a few months she invited me to the bar (she had a family free night). After we danced and drank til the bar closed, she invited me to stay with her since we were trashed and she my ride. After stumbling into her house, I went to the guest room and started undressing. Standing only in heels and panties, I hear someone behind me. I moved my arm to cover myself, and she walks over grabs my hand and tells me to come with her. I’m led up a flight of stairs and in to her bedroom.We lay down, and i roll over to pass out (naive at first And a lil drunk). She cuddles with me massaging my breast. I roll on top of her and we are kissing and touching and you know how it goes. It didn’t become anything, but you never forget your first.

  68. kru2489 says

    I was 20 when I had my first kiss and so on with a girl, If you love someone you cant stop having that fantasy of yours!!! So I jokingly said to her can i kiss her? I’m too shy to asked so i ask her tru text, and she said yes!!! so the moment we saw each other i dont have that shyness because she said yes already so she did expected it, its kinda weird to say but her lips is very sweet!!! we dont have that privacy so only kissed happened, We decided to go to the hotel, Its funny because shes shy to take of her clothes so i said maybe we go out i dont want to force you if you dont want too. but in the end she take off her clothes and I start kissing her and so on.

  69. MC24 says

    I discovered that I’m a Lesbian when i was in Primary which i had a crush and I found out that shes one of my Relatives in the side of my Dad but were too far. but I didn’t stop loving her until I’m in Secondary. My experienced started when I’m 20 years old. Shes my first Girlfriend although i have few girlfriend before but in chatting and texting not in person i mean you cant be together or go out together. Ive fall in love with her deeply. shes my first in everything!!!! all I can say is that if you love someone you dont look at what gender you have as long us you love each other, many againts us because I’m the only girl in the family and my mom doesnt want to me be a lesbian so things got more complicated, “its us againts the world” but I didnt stop seeing her and making contact to her, I can do crazy stuffs if I’m in love, our relationship doesnt stop there even my family is againts me and her. She called me that she want to go to another place which is far away from me and i told her dont go otherwise i cant see you anymore because i cant visit you there its too far. one day i found out that her mother asking me where she is which i dont know because she never told me where she is, all i know is she lives in their place. so i got confused about the situation, I asked her where she is and she said shes now in her cousin place which i dont believe because why her mom ask me that question if she stay in her cousin, so she told me the reason shes pregnant and she used my name so her mom will allow her to go. she stay in the house of the guy hiding because shes pregnant. My world crushed down, My dreams vanished, I felt Empty!!!! that Day changes me a lot, Im so broke and no one is there to help me!!! Im present but my spirit isnt there at all, My studies is affected I failed two subjects. I even have a reason why do i need to study for what is it. I dont have a future anymore!!! whats the used of it, if I dont have her. She doesnt want to broke up with me because she said she love me, so i continued my relationship to her but its not the same the way as before theirs a gap. so I decided to see her, so i went to her place we pretend to be cousins,Do you believe that if you love someone so deeply the first kiss is sweeter??? well I do believe in it because i felt it, its really sweet. I tested if i still feel the same way to her as before so i kissed her, its not sweet anymore!!! i get rid of my broken heart when i saw my failed subject, I felt sorry to my parents, but I never stop being a lesbian, instead i found a new relationship!! now Im single and ready to mingle

  70. Keech says

    I was at a friends birthday party with all of my friends, and a girl that I had feelings for. I had already confessed my attraction to her a few weeks before that, and she had made it very clear that she was straight, and that nothing was going to happen. After the party (we had both had a few drinks, and were staying at a nearby friends house). When we got back to my friends house, we were told that we could share the spare double bed. After a couple of movies she kissed me, and one thing led to another. either way, it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I had a very large emotional attraction to her, and I had been wanting her to feel the same way about me for months. Although it was a great experience (and i was planning on asking her to make it official), she messed me around and ended up sleeping with a guy a couple of days later, so that was the end of that. Although I got hurt, I’d recommend to anyone that they allow themselves to be in the same situation that I was, because although it was pretty awful in the end, I had one of the best experiences of my life. We live life to love. Everything you do throughout your life leads to loving someone, so don’t let the person you want get away. And even if it does go pear shaped, for a small amount of time you feel what you live to feel, and that is what will motivate you to feel it again, maybe with someone you will stay with.

    • Mani says

      Wow. That’s an amazing, well-adjusted, fantastic attitude you have – “Although I got hurt, I’d recommend to anyone that they allow themselves to be in the same situation that I was, because although it was pretty awful in the end, I had one of the best experiences of my life. We live life to love.” Go you! I’ll remember that one. xxx

  71. Me says

    My first experience was when I was 16. Me and a really good friend were having a sleep over at my house and I noticed she had been acting kinda weird all night. She had been playing with my hair, she tried to pull me on her like twice, and she was really eager to go to bed that night. I didn’t know what was going on because I was the one really open about being gay and her last relationship had been with a guy at my school. Anyway, we were just laying in bed and it was completely dark when she was like, “I could do anything right now and you wouldn’t even know. Like take my shirt off.” I was kinda like…”Uhm, yeah I guess you could?” And then, she took her shirt off. By this point my heart was beating like crazy and all the pieces were starting to come together; I couldn’t believe she was hitting on me. She then proceeded to do the same with her bra. She told me I should do the same. I was a little nervous at first because I’ve never been that comfortable with my body, but what the heck, it was dark. Somehow we ended up lying face to face (even though I couldn’t see it) and our noses were pressed together. I wanted to kiss her so bad but I was so confused! I didn’t know if this was what she really wanted. But then I thought, “Hmm…She did take her clothes off, obviously she wants something.” So I just leaned in and me and her shared our first kiss. Not only was it my first kiss, but it’s one that will live on forever in my mind. <3

    • Pussy Whipped says

      My first lesbian experience well I call this because I was 42 and it was so good. I was pussy whipped by a girl 20 younger than
      myself. She trapped me and I did everything for her. All I wanted her to do is fuck me. I could not get enough. I learned
      so much from her. How to eat pussy and make a woman come. We cannot be friends but the experience was what I needed.

  72. Confused & becoming even more confused says

    I was around 15 when I first ever kissed a girl. She was one of my childhood friends, I kissed another one of my girl-friends that night too. Now this only happened because we were all drunk with our guy friends playing spin the bottle. As silly as the night was, I kept thinking about how much I enjoyed kissing a girl. So next few weeks that followed I couldn’t help but start to really question my sexuality.As time went on, (now about 2 yrs later) I came to the conclusion that I must be bisexual but even then I had doubts. I kept thinking “am I actually attracted to girls or is this some sort of coping mechanism because I’ve had so many negative incidents with men??” I honestly didn’t know and still don’t till this day.

    I had told my year that I thought I was bisexual and there reaction was a mix of hot and cold. Some people were surprised but said nothing more, others weren’t really bothered. The lack of response from my peers just made wanna revert more into myself which is subsequently what happened. I couldn’t help but feel alienated and weird, no-one( including myself) knew what was going on with me.

    I was at a class party (this was about half a yr after I’d came out as bi) when everyone attending got incredibly drunk and I was asked about my recent change in sexuality. I was sitting with two of the guys and one of the girls when I was asked how many girls I’d kissed, at this stage it was 4, all spin the bottle. The girl sitting beside me, we’ll call her ” J”, asked if she could talk to me outside, I happily obliged. Apparently she’d been wanting to kiss a girl but didn’t know who and so seeing as how I’d done it loads she asked me. Now all of a sudden my hearts racing, my hands are a little clamy and she’s looking at me waiting for an answer. I played it cool said yeah sure no problem, here or later? She said her house would be better that we’d get a taxi there in like half n hour.

    We go to her house and go to bed and kinda just sit awkwardly nervously smiling and facing each other. I asked her if she was still up for it, she said yes but that she was really nervous. We ended up rock, paper, scissors over who had to go in first, I lost. I leaned in slowly and kissed her, her lips felt so amazing I’d never kissed such soft lips. When I leant back to check if she wanted to continue she leaned forward and pulled me toward her kissing me much harder. I swear to this day I’ve never felt such a rush of adrenaline when kissing someone! Before I knew it I was on top her kissing her passionately and putting my hand up her top. She let out a moan as I squeezed her breasts combined with kissing and licking her neck, it was awesome. Without warning she flips me over onto my back, takes off my dress, then sucking on my nipples and starts kissing my stomach moving downward, The rest I’m afraid is history.

    A pretty crappy history actually, next day I asked her if she wanted to talk about last night and all she said was “no” without even looking at me. I left straight away wondering wtf just happened!? I didn’t understand we had such an amazing time in bed together and then the next morning she treats me like dirt, like she was too ashamed to even look at me. I’d never felt so rejected and hurt, I felt like she’d used me as some little experiment and that when the alcohol wore off we were to pretend nothing happened. I just didn’t get it, she was so into it, ugh I’m getting frustrated even thinking about it now! The next while in school was tough. After that night I couldn’t look at her without getting flashbacks and my god it made me want her bad. I longed for that rush I felt when I first kissed her but she avoided me like the plague.

    It took a while but my feelings eventually subsided, although when I see her now, 4 yrs on, I can’t help but sometimes envision myself kissing those beautifully soft lips again. She hasn’t to my knowledge kissed any other girls and is in a relationship with a guy last 2 yrs. I guess they’re right when they say ” the first one is always the hardest”. I haven’t met anyone since, too aftraid of feeling that same sense of abandonment. Not a way to live I know but hey! whatta gonna do.

    • OhKaro says

      Hey! Your story sounds really similar to my own: It wasn’t my first time, but it was hers. We were 17 and I was staying at her house for 5 days (we live in different countries). I had had a small crush on her since we were about 14, and we had been flirting for the entire time over Skype, sometimes staying up until 3am on school nights because we were so into the beautiful, sometimes sexual, conversations that we had. She was absolutely beautiful, and so so sweet. I felt like I could tell her everything, and she said that she did too. I think she’s the one who had made me admit to myself that I really am bisexual (or lesbian, I’m really not sure), and we had both helped each other grow. As said, I was at her house for 5 days, and on the second night we went out at night and had a little to drink. We were only slightly tipsy, but that helped me get up the courage to ask her if I could kiss her. She didn’t answer in words, she just leaned in and the spark I felt in that first moment has gone unmatched ever since. We continued kissing, went home wobbling tipsily on our bikes, and collapsed straight into her bed. We continued kissing, only now she was on top of me and it was just so passionate! I slowly pulled started pulling off her shirt, making sure that she was okay with it all as I went on. She kept nodding and asking me to continue, to show her all I knew. I agreed, and I pulled off her shirt, then her pants, but I left her panties. She reciprocated, started sucking on my neck, moving down slowly to my chest, my nipples and my stomach. She was incredible! That rush I was feeling was just amazing! She kept sliding her hand around my lower abdomen, just above the clit, and I did the same, but a bit more cautiously because I wanted to make sure that she was alright with it all. She was so into it and pretty much just begged me to continue. It was getting late, and although I was really into it, I couldn’t help but feel like it had been a lot on her for one night. After all, I was really into her, and I didn’t want it to be just a one-night thing, I wanted it to continue, in that moment completely forgetting the distance between us normally. I told her that I really liked her, kissed her gently on the lips, and wished her a good night. She said: “sweet dreams my beautiful. I can’t wait to kiss you good morning in 3 hours”. It was dark, but I could see her teasing smile. We kissed slowly and fell asleep, mouths still touching. I remember falling asleep just wishing that moment would last forever. Indeed, in the morning she did kiss me and slid her hands gently over my back. Then her phone rang and we were asked by some mutual friends if we wanted to meet up, so we both said yes and she told me to take a shower first, then she would. I did, came out with my hair dripping and draped over my face, and she tucked it behind me ear and kissed me before going in to shower herself. I remember I was so tempted to go in there and join her, it was almost like she was pulling me in with her eyes, begging me to continue in there, but I couldn’t bring myself to go too fast. While she was showering I got dressed and ready, tying my hair in the braid that she had always said that she loved on me. When she got out of the shower, I was just about to kiss her when she said that we should talk. I said of course, I wanted to be there for her. She sat quietly for about a minute, her eyes wetter than just from the shower water, and then she said: “I don’t think we should continue this.” Her lips quivered as she said it, and I remember just thinking that I would never be able to kiss them again. She explained that it just wouldn’t work with the distance, and perhaps stupidly I just replied with “I agree”. I couldn’t say anymore, I thought I would break out into tears. We weren’t even breaking up, and of course she had a very good point because we both knew that it just couldn’t work out, but I liked her so much! She got ready and we biked over to meet her friends, all the while trying to make it as little awkward as possible. The next three days were hell. She told me that she was sorry, but that she didn’t regret it; it just couldn’t work. I once again agreed, and we were alright during the days, but every night we still had to share her bed, and I know we were both trying so hard to avoid contact of any sort. She slept pressed against the wall and I slept on the edge of the bed, so sure we could have fit at least one of our friends between us. At one point during the night she threw her arms around me, realised and quickly pulled back before apologising profusely and doing the same the next morning. It was so difficult not to kiss her! Either way, we managed the last couple days without kissing each other, and then she dropped me off at the train station, leaving me with a distant hug and sad eyes. I’m not a very emotional person, at least not on the surface, but I really had to fight back tears during the first 5 minutes of the train ride. I got home and didn’t tell anyone about it until about 3 months later. I still miss her, but as another commenter wisely put it: “We live life to love. Everything you do throughout your life leads to loving someone, so don’t let the person you want get away. And even if it does go pear shaped, for a small amount of time you feel what you live to feel, and that is what will motivate you to feel it again, maybe with someone you will stay with.”
      Honey, I’m sorry for the long and personal reply, but try to move on and be open to new relationships. I just started one myself, and it’s going so well! Good luck to you :)

  73. Andykinz says

    I was 14 whn i experienced my 1st. It was on da 19th of June 2013,it was wit my girlfriend,we had jst finished writtin our exams n thn we went home. My mom was supose 2 be home bt she wasn’t,we kissd n thn she unzipped my jacket. We took thngs to my room dats whn she undressd me. It was amazing like i was floating on cloud 9 but we broke up 2 months later,she broke my heart n up 2 dis day m so nt over her. She has a gf n we stil see each ada,we call,text n chat. I slept wit hr last week n its stil as good as i remember. I still love her n i wil never 4get her. Shez my high school sweetheart!

  74. Jamie says

    When I got dumped by my boyfriend I found a very sexy girl and I wanted to have my lesbian experience with her because she is a lesbian but what do I do if I want to

  75. Sara says

    i never had sex with another girl, but… i really have lesbian thoughts about my best friend. When we were 13 we kissed in a ridiculous game and these days we’re so closed to each other. Everytime we are at the club we dance sexy and touch one another and everytime we talk we are so close that its seems we’re about to kiss, sometimes i found her staring at me and when we have sleepovers with other friends we always sleep together in the same bed, you don’t have any idea how i feel when she’s too close, i really wish something more!! and i know her, i know if i kissed her (drunk, obviously) she would be agree with that and she would kiss me back, but i don’t know i can’t found the courage to do this!! and another thing, i like boys, the only girl i really love in this world is my best friend, i can’t imagine myself kissing another girl friend, just my bff

    • Dani says

      If you like her and want to kiss her and know she would kiss you back, then do it! <3 Plenty of time to think about what's next after that, but at least you know you both want this, so get to the kissing! :)

  76. Devon says

    My first ever lesbian experience was when I was 15. I was sleeping at my friends house who I recently met in my grade 9 religion class. She was this pretty blonde who loved to laugh at my ridiculous personality. We were having a sleepover in her basement. After many hours of giggling, chips and self-hypnotism attempts (All failed miserably :p) we finally decided to pack it in and go to sleep on her mattress that we laid on the floor swarmed with blankets. I remember never thinking twice about my sexuality before that point. I always knew I was straight and could write a small book on all the cute guys I knew, but something was different laying there with her. She cuddled up beside me and we started rubbing our legs against each others. It was warm but also gave this almost risky feel. I liked it a lot. We fell asleep that way & I don’t think I’ve ever had a better sleep on a floor mattress. Lol. Our friendship slowly disintegrated as the year went on. I never said anything about it until 4 years later when we both came out as lesbians and re-united at a party. Boy did we ever have a cry-fest when I told her she was my first lesbian experience.

      • Vaginarubber says

        My first experience was so weird I was 12 and me and my best friend were at a guide camp and in the middle of the night no one could sleep in our tent so we played truth or dare. I picked dare and my dare was to go fuck someone on the tent. Ever since then I have had sex with any lesbian I see and anything! Pussy tastes good!

  77. Emily says

    My first lesbian experience was funny but cute…we were both drunk so we decided to get back to the house to relax ,when we got home we slept on d same bed …one thing lead to the other n we had great sex….still trying to figure out my sexuality ….so still on the fence…

    • les biansky says

      it was just amazing i remember walking into a bar in Jerusalem and i had no knickers on so i asked a fat girl in the bar for some new ones then she punch me in the head and mounted me like a saint Bernard and i spunked everywhere it was arsem.

  78. Abi-jane says

    My first experience was with a girl named Laura when I was 16 years old, I secretly knew she may have been bi by the way she acted & the rumors in school. I really liked the girl so I invited her over for the night to work on some exam revision. I lay next to her in bed and she text me (to nervous to talk) to ask if she could cuddle up to me so I smiled and just said yes, next thing I know we kissed and I was on my back with Laura under the covers.. All I can say is AMAZING! Compared to guys its like being pampered, girls know the spot :)

  79. Abi-jane says

    My first experience was with a girl named Laura when I was 16 years old, I secretly knew she may have been bi by the way she acted & the rumors in school. I really liked the girl so I invited her over for the night to work on some exam revision. I lay next to her in bed and she text me (to nervous to talk) to ask if she could cuddle up to me so I smiled and just said yes, next thing I know we kissed and I was on my back with Laura under the covers.. All I can say is AMAZING! Compared to guys its like being

  80. Savanna says

    My first lesbian experience… I was engaged to my best guy friend of 3 years. I had always identified as a bisexual, and never saw myself getting into a relationship with a girl besides sexually. I had been good friends with this girl I worked with who was adorable, ambitious, and had always came to me about her relationship issues. Her other interests had taken advantage of her, and she had always been like, “dat assss baby,” and funny little remarks to me. I liked the attention I received from her. She made me feel wanted, but yet she was so polite and the sweetest soul. I was still seeing the guy while her and I started hanging out more. Always took sweet trips downtown, and eventually our friends would tease us to go to the movies and hold hands. She could not tell me how she felt, she was so closed off and did not want to get hurt. Plus I’m pretty intimidating without trying to be. She was pulling grass up out of the Earth as I asked her how she felt. She couldn’t tell me. She was taking me home later and I said, “So how much do you like me?” She holds her arms out, taking her hands off the wheel, and gives me a look. “This much. A lot…” I blushed SO much; she was quite frankly the most adorable girl ever. Later that night, she says, “Just one.” We combated back and forth with, “Just one what?!” “Just one.” “One hand hold? One hug?” “Just one, please.” I caught on and said, “Okay.” And she kissed me. To this day, she still says the way I said, “Okay,” was the sexiest approval she needed. It was a fumbled kiss, but the attraction grew. And god that girl blows my damn mind. Things progressed as they should; slowly. It’s the sweetest love. And now a year later we’re getting our own place together. :) She is everything I lack and I am hoping this lasts.

    • anonymous says

      My first experience with a girl was with my current girlfriend of almost 2 years. I’m 17 and she’s 18. I knew her through one of my friends as she had been dating her on and off but the whole time she had liked me. After everything ended between her and my friend I started to see her more and more. She stayed round mine for the first time and this was the night everything Changed for me. We were sitting talking for hours and as I was talking she had slowly slid her arm around my waist and started scratching my back slowly, she then leant towards me and whispered in my ear ‘I want to kiss you’ . I went silent and looked at her, my heart beating out my chest. Before I could say anything she pinned me down and started kissing me, she slid her tongue into my mouth, we kissed for a while. Things started heating up, it was safe to say I wanted her. She started taking off my jeans , kissing my legs and she slid them off, she then slid her fingers inside of me, I’d never been touched like this before and she had to stop me moaning too loudly. This continued for over an hour. I love my girl with all my heart, she’s my first and hopefully my last.

  81. anon says

    my first experience was with my grandmothers best friend. i first noticed her playing shuffle board and i saved her from falling and potentially breaking her hip. afterwards she took me back to her condo and we effed like wild women. she died shortly after… r.i.p. mertyl.

  82. Mym says

    I was 21, thought i was straight, and had just been dumped by my then-boyfriend, who left me for another guy. It made me very angry (in reality it hurt because I felt like I wasn’t loved and wanted, like being a woman made me lesser of a person), so a few nights later my friend took me out drinking. She had casually mentioned that her friend from France was in town and was joining us. Then she said “Oh by the way, she’s gay, just so you know”. Then i met her, and felt weirdly attracted to her. At first i thought it was a psychological reaction, something like “Since i am not wanted by men, maybe women will want me”, but decided to follow my feelings anyway. I liked that she liked me, but was way more surprised to realize that i genuinely liked her too. We got drunk and all went back to my friend’s place, and i suggested we sleep in the same bed. That night we just slept close to eachother. The next morning she went to France, but not before asking for my number, which i excitedly gave her. We spoke everyday she was there, night and day, for hours on end. Then on Christmas she had received a little money to pay for laser hair removal from her parents, but instead she bought a plane ticket and came to see me :) we went out and got drunk (i know i know, what, i was very nervous), and then had sort-of-sex in the bathroom (it was hilarious because i discovered i was loud when i was pretty quiet with guys, and girls clapped when we went out of the stall :P) It wasn’t ideal but then we went home and had the best night together (wink wink)! We broke up soon after though, but i am still very good friends with her, and we see our fling as something that had to happen for me to finally realize i was a lesbian :P we are both in very happy relationships now!

  83. Anonymous says

    The first time I kissed a girl was when I was 14 & it was the summer before 9th grade. It was very innocent. We both just wanted to kiss a girl & know what it was like before Highschool. I didn’t feel anything for her romantically, although she was a gorgeous girl. We were having a sleepover at my place & we giggled alot before we kissed. The 2nd time I kissed a girl was my best friend (a different gurl) & it was at our 9th grade homecoming dance while dancing. We grinded eachother & kissed to tease the guys & get things hot. We were both very playful girls. I didn’t feel anything that night & we had both only been with & dated guys until the next summer (summer b4 10th grade). A month after homecoming I had to move…my bestfriend from the dance came over & we kissed a few times…I felt something that night but wasn’t sure exactly what. I didn’t kiss another girl until April of 9th grade (I was still 14). We’ll call this girl M. I met M one night & the same night we had a sleepover at my place. She was gorgeous but I didn’t initially have feelings of attraction towards her. We talked about so many things then I asked her if she had ever kissed a girl she said yes & that she was bi & had went pretty far with a few girks. I told her I had pecked a couple but that was it. She asked me if I wanted to makeout & I said sure. It was just experimentation for me. We were in my bed both topless making out and fingering eachother through our panties & sucking on eachother a nipples. & kissing eachothers necks. It was very sensual & soft. She had a very unique taste compared to all the others I had kissed. We fell asleep. & when we woke up I still didn’t have feelings for her. After that we fell off for a while then in August we started talking again. We would text eachother about how much we loved eachothers bodies, we talked about dating, but we didn’t want others to know we liked girls. We talked on the phone & that’s WHEN IT HIT ME. She started laughing but thus was the first time I felt something. All I could think was OH MY GOD HER VOICE AND LAUGH ARE SO CUTE, DAMN I SHOULDN’T BE THINKING THIS IM STRAIGHT. We fell off again, drama happened she took her friends side & we stopped talking. Now we small talk but nothing like it used to be. She has a serious boyfriend now. But I’m in love with her a year later. I just want that night back. She’s so beautiful. She’s half white half Hispanic, like 5’2, skinny but not too skinny, had the nicest hips (that’s where she gains weight, D cups, hazel eyes, amazing clear light skin, & long dirty blonde hair. She’s a cheerleader. I’m a girly girl but I live girly girls. I feel like a guy sometimes with my demeanor & how I think. But I dress girly & do my makeup/hair. When I like a girl all I wanna do is make her happy & be there for her& hold her & kiss her. Give her presents. I’m openly bi now. I still like guys. But that’s the thing I hate when guys are suppoperrrr nice to me but yet that’s how I am with girks I like. I can’t help it, I don’t do it because I think they’ll love it, I do it because that’s what I feel. Now in understand where guys come from. I’ve liked a girl & never talked to her or knew her name. She wasn’t cover girl pretty but I thought she was gorgeous. Her voice & laugh too. Dark hair & eyes. I couldn’t stop checking her out in class. She was so shy too. I fantasized about her. She was girly & sportsy. Finally I confessed & she turned me down. There’s been alit of girls that I’ve liked. I was in the closet from August to February. I didn’t even admit to myself until February. I was in denial. I told my mom, gma, & close friends in march. Very accepting. I finally told my step dad in July. He was accepting. I told all my friends in June. My dad & step mom still don’t know though because they’re both like homophobic. But I am greatful esp for my mom & step dads support.

  84. queenyatta says

    OK long story.This happens this current year,almost the end of the school.during the school year my friend came out to me while i was still in the closet, i also came out to her and all my other friends. the friend That came out to me umm lets call her D she liked a girl B Soo i was trying to be the mach maker there with my friend on Facebook messages we were talking about our crushes ECT. My friend D happened to just blurt out my crush C and my friends crush B was her best friend and she told her that i liked her i was mad and exited at the same time because i didn’t know how C was going to react to it. The next day lunch room time B and C is is the 8 i was in the 7th at the time so she came to our table and asked me did i like her i took a breathe and said yes she ran away lol but this was in the middle of the school year so we would hug and touch each other now and then.she was the you can say popular girl everybody wanted her they were just to scared to tell her so i was luck so on the day we kissed was her last day there she had gotten herself suspended for fighting and before that day i told her friend that i was about to kiss her before she gotten on the bus.so lol she waited for me beside her bus and told me that i wasent gonna see her again i gave her a nice hug then we started talking me her and my guy friends about the fight and who won.getting pass that we stoped talking and i gave her another hug and i walked away and she said “you ant gon give me a kiss”? I was so happy lol because i liked this girl for so long so i pulled her in the trees it was to seen so we rapped our arm around each other while walking forward and we counted to three we kissed it was very sloppy but that was my first kiss sorry its to long lol

  85. Stephanie says

    I remember my first time so well it freaks me out. I was fourteen years old and had such a strange relationship with my best friend. We were very flirtatious with one another. I knew I was developing feelings for her but I didn’t understand them at all. I had a party for my fifteenth birthday and invited all of my closest friends. When everyone fell asleep Gianna laid next to me in bed. She cuddled up close to me and kissed me gently. We made out until the sun came up in a room full of sleeping girls. The next day we giggled about our little secret and when all of the other girls went home I gave her all of me. It was absolutely incredible. I stayed with her for two years after that!

    • Laura says

      That sounds a bit like me…we went a bit slower, but that probably has to do with the whole “I don’t like you but I love kissing you and being as close to you as possible thing”. Also I was 13 so younger…

  86. Bryana says

    My first experience, I was 14 she was 20 her name was Jaimie. we met through a friend. when we met there was an instant connection no doubt. I started to think to myself how can i be attracted to a girl but i was proved wrong. it was independence day but it was night now, she held my hand and i felt like i went blind, my legs got weak and so did my hands. she kept scratching the palm of y hand with her nails but real slow like. Of course i already knew what was going to happen next, but then she asked me “Aren’t you going to kiss me?” the sound if those word coming out of her mouth was i real turn on, so i kissed her. it was different than kissing a boy, her lips were soft and wet and it was more sensual. immediately after kissing her i felt like i died and went to heaven and everything fell into place! this lasted for about 3 months. at the end of it all i felt like my life was over, i felt like i would never love someone or find someone like that again but boy was i wrong!!

    • Jennifer Rae says

      This is kind of child abuse. Well actually it is abuse. A woman at 20 having sex with a 14 year girl is no different than a 20 year male with a 14 year old. A huge gap in maturity! Thats why she made the first move and not you. As a mother of two this concerns me a lot (whether I’m a lesbian or not). Before telling you to call the cops though I’m hoping you might give some more details. Did you know she was lesbian and were hoping for something to happen? Was there was some kind of common friends or family that put you both in the same group together?

  87. Anonymous RK says

    But iOk…so here’s my story(simple and also few questions) I am 12 and in 6th grade.Asian, Chinese, Singaporean. I have liked my bestfriend since 5th grade. But I have crushed on one of my friends in 4th grade. At first, I thought I was lunatic(in 4th grade) but then I realized I was gay.I thought to myself that I needed help ASAP. But then as I reached puberty ,I began to accept myself. The truth has been concealed from my mom and grandparents. But recently I told my bestfriend,Q,who is someone I actually dot on quite a lot. It was love at first sight! Many a times I wished she liked me,not only as a friend. I didn’t tell her abt my crush on her of course.She has that smile and those eyes that attracted me to her. I think she may be homophobic .I’m uncertain abt that cuz I caught her looking at my lips today. So simple . Should I dare myself during a 2day1night trip Tobias my crush?

  88. newsygal says

    I didn’t come out until I was 34 but had always fantasized and dreamed about being with a woman. My first experience was amazing, I was fumbling around and kinda shy but my partner was gentle and kind and showed me the ropes. Turns out that woman is now my wife – we’ve been together for eight years. Let’s just say after that first experience, the sex gets better every day.

  89. Nicole says

    I wouldn’t trade my first experience for anything! A year or so out of highschool, I was living with my boyfriend and met this girl at a party. I considered myself bi at the time, but I was in denial. Well, we started hanging out more and more and I fell head over heels for her. My then-boyfriend was a jerk and he kicked me out for some reason I can’t remember, and she let me crash at her house that night and I ended up moving in with her. It was nothing but pure flirting for about a week and then we went to get tattoos together and when we got home she practically attacked me lol. She later told me that the expression on my face when i was getting tatted was so hot, she wanted to see if it was my “O” face. Apparently it was lol. She didn’t know she was my first. We didn’t last long after that, but it was amazing!

  90. Itachi says

    I never really knew i was a lesbian until this girl happened!I mean i had a feeling but i was in denial. We were at college , not talking much.After one year we started flirting but i was still cautious. I was 19 and she was 20. So, after a year we sat on my sofa watching a movie when se fell on me and kissed me. And i felt like my heart was ready to jump out of my mouth. I coulnd’t eat for two days. Well, after a 9-month relationship we’re not together anymore but that’s a whole other story

  91. Blair says

    My first real experience was when I was 23, I was married to my high school boyfriend, but had always been attracted to women, and wondered what it would be like to be with another woman. My best friend had been with only men, I thought, but when she told me that she had dated women before, and was starting to date women again, I started thinking about her that way, she was over all the time, my “husband” was literally always gone and he was abusive emotionally, so her and I were as close as I had ever been with anyone else, and I fell in love with her. I daydreamed all the time about finally making a move, pinning her up against the kitchen counter one night and kissing her. One night when she had slept over, we were in bed and had stayed up all night talking, and we both felt it, that it was THE time, I don’t remember who made the first move, but I am so glad we finally did, it was amazing, better than I had ever experienced with a man, I was so comfortable with her, the chemistry and passion blew my mind. Neither of us expected that the emotional connection would be so strong after that, but it was, and we never turned back. I ended my sham of a marriage, and She and I have been in love, and out and proud together, ever since. About a year and half, and every time is like the first time.

  92. Kay Kay says

    It was at a small kickback with some friends from school. I was in Junior year and 16 years old. We played spin the bottle and had kissed one guy who was my soon to be boyfriend but thats another story. Then we played pool, it was me and my best friend against my future boyfriend and my best friend’s boyfriend. We had a bet that the losing team had to make out for 5 seconds….Of course we lost and the boys started to chant for us to kiss. She then grabbed my head and kissed me, toungue and everything. For me it was incredibley passionate and so beautiful. Waaayyy better then any guy I’ve ever kissed. That whole night when I got back home I was just dreaming about that kiss…As time passed my future boyfriend and I had gotten together..blah blah…I did love him but I dont think I was in love with him. During that relationship I had figured out I was bisexual and came out. Just about everyone I told had accepted me. During that time also I was expelled from school for drugs and was split from everyone, all my friends. Which then ended my relationship. I was devestated because he was my first real relationship. Also, I missed all my friends. Especially her….I had fallen in love with her over time even before I kissed her. She was the most beautiful thing in the world to me. Just everything about her. While I was high in class I had really bad paranoia and was having a bad trip. Everything was very frightening and I looked across the room and she saw me smiled and waved to me. It was the most beautiful sight. So much comfort had come over me. Jeez I never knew you could see something so beautiful on a bad trip! Everything about her was perfect, even her flaws were amazing to me….But when my boyfriend and I split up I think he had told her that I loved her to get back at me and everytime I talked to her she was very hostile and I had the sense she was creeped out of me. I would too, I was just this creepy lesbian to her. I miss her so much and hope that one day I can see her again but my biggest wish is that she is happy and fullfilled in her life.

  93. Saleena says

    many questions any many teeorihs i think the show is more about spirital than phisical, reasons the island is just a simble of a placed called limbow a stop over b 4 people r judged and a rebiryhing centre 2 confess your sins and contribute to mankind , not knowing were they r so its from the heart , the voices they here in the forest r other spirits trying to find there way and waiting 2 b judged weather they go to heaven or hell ,boone was layed to rest because he let go of his sister and the wroung thoughts he had of her,the knife guy had no trouble with his leg cause he was in a nutral zone waiting to find light at the end of the tunnel,sawyer had unsolved personal business b 4 he could let go and b judged we will wait and c

  94. Marc says

    My first experience with a girl? Hell… lol My first kiss with my best friend back home (who I’d been in love with since I was in hs) was enough to keep me hooked, but my first sexual encounter will keep me forever goin back to that same girl. I was a junior in college and had a bf at the time, but from the first time I laid eyes on her, I knew she was my kinda girl. One night, her and her buddy came out to play beer pong at our house and we ended up goin outside for “some fresh air” and started makin out. Next thing I knew I was half naked up against my dad’s truck that I had borrowed for a few weeks (OOPS) haha and when her buddy came outside lookin for us we knew it was time to take it to my bedroom. I was movin in a month but we kept seein each other up until the night before I left. Had I not moved that May, she would totally be mine right now…

    • Alessandro says

      For anyone who enyjos that women have orgasms, your directorial skills have produced an exceptional film where you have indeed captured the chemistry of women enjoying each others bodies; the way things should be.I expect that some day you will be regarded as one of the all-time premier makers of lesbian porn. We can only hope to see more of all those involved in this project, again under your direction.

  95. Shelby says

    I was eighteen, and at the time in the last few months of a relationship with my first girlfriend, who had just turned seventeen. We lived three miles apart, and I couldn’t drive at the time. It was a snow day. I told her I wanted to see her and she invited my over. So, I walked the three miles in a blizzard, in boots a full size too small. I still have the scars on my ankles from where I was bleeding and raw.
    Her family wasn’t home. She answered the door in the sexiest non-lingere outfit possible. We watched a movie and cuddled for a while, and then she started kissing me. Things were getting heated when I heard her dad pull into the driveway. Like Johnny Knoxville in Dukes of Hazzard, I booked it to her room to hide while she took care of him. “I’m going to take a nap”, she said to him. She played soft Indie songs on her phone and under a blanket, it happened.
    She dumped me three days later, but I still don’t regret it. It was magical, just us, seemingly in a loophole where time stood still. She was vulnerable, I was vulnerable. All our insecurities were there for the other to see, and we didn’t care at that time. I think during that moment would have been the one time she said she loved me and possibly meant it.
    It was magical, plain and simple. Also, I learned I love girls WAY too much to be even bisexual, ha, ha.

  96. shelly says

    My first experience was when i was about 13 years old and my best friend came by my home. it was my birthday… and yes that was my birthday gift.. a very special night indeed… we started kissing and den we just went all the way.. it was a wonderful experience.

    • Ragine says

      A hearty three chrees for the prince and his bride to be. Make your mother proud of what you do for others. She was a tireless worker for peoples everywhere across the globe. I ask you to please support equal rights for all to marry. A loving relationship should not be judged on a persons sex or sexuality but on their commitment to each other. This is what really matters. After all, are we so different from everyone else. Good luck to you both, and have a blessed union for many years to come.

  97. Danica says

    I have yet to have sex with a woman, but my first kiss and makeout sesh was with a girl, does that count? xD

  98. Kate says

    My first lesbian experience. Wow. Well, there was this girl who I met in the fifth grade.She could do everything. Draw, write, work… There wasn’t anything she couldn’t do. I had just moved, and everybody in my new town was so boring. Except for her. She was so exotic, and although it took me nearly three years to realize it, I wanted to touch her all over. When I was 13, we had sex for the first time. It was absolutely mind-blowing, but I wouldn’t really consider that my first lesbian experience, considering neither of us really knew what we were doing. I would think that my first lesbian experience would be with the same girl but almost a full year later. Her tongue, ladies, her tongue! I was the pillow queen on our one-year anniversary because she just worked me over. We broke up one month later… But I’ll never forget her.

  99. Grace says

    I was studying abroad in Spain, my first time in Europe, and I was 20 years old. I had never been with a girl, but knew I was attracted to them… but I was still completely in the closet and had only just barely come out to myself. I went to a friend’s apartment where there was a chill party with a bunch of other international students, and I saw a girl from across the room. She was French, and she had the most beautiful eyes… I flirted with her that night as much as I could while trying not to cross any lines, and it turned out that she was doing the same thing. The next weekend we went out for drinks, and went back to her apartment… It was a truly special moment, and I’ll remember the time we spent together forever. We kept seeing each other for a couple weeks, but she seemed very confused and eventually decided she was straight. Oh well, just my luck! Es la vida. But it was magical while it lasted.

  100. AIPChristina says

    I was 16. My family and I had recently moved to Michigan and the girl in question was our neighbor. Our families quickly became friends and since she and I were the same age, we became best friends in no time. We would hang out all the time and occasionally we would kiss but it was more experimentation and not like full blown making out. That didn’t happen until the end of February. We were both hanging out in my room. The rest of the house was empty and we had started to kiss. Things got heavy pretty quick and the next thing we knew, we were stripping off our clothes and and our mouths and tongues were finding their way toward the others nipples. It sent chills down our bodies. This lead to us going down each other and I’ll admit we had no idea what we were doing in that department but it still felt pretty good. We would continue to hook-up throughout the years, even when we both had boyfriends, and eventually became completely attuned to each others bodies. About 5 years after our first real experience we officially became a couple while in college and we have been together ever since. We now have two beautiful twin girls, with a donor and she carried them, and life is just great.

  101. Lucy says

    My first experience was win I was about 10. I know that sounds young, but I was an adventurous child, i guess. I never thought I was a lesbian, (and currently Ive been struggling with my sexuality) but I guess all the sign are there to show it.. anyways, when I was about 10 I was camping with my Girl Scout troop. This girl, Katie, her and I were best friends at the time and on this trip we shared a tent together. Just us two. And one night in the tent she kissed me. And I kissed her. And we felt each other u. But nothing spectacular, just innocent experimenting. Since then, I’ve only been wit one other girl and one guy. So, in a way, i guess i always have been a lesbian.

  102. Leslie says

    My first real lesbian experience didn’t come until I was 21. I met her through friends and we had some common interests. She would subtly flirt with me and drop hints, but I was painfully shy (I’d never had good experiences with women before). While watching “If these Walls Could Talk,” I began to cry (due to a friend passing away) She told me “I hate to see a woman cry, I’ll want to make love to her…” and she kissed me. We held each other and kissed until…well…you can probably guess. We spent the next several months testing ground and having a hard time keeping apart, but when I found out she would not cease threatening herself with suicide until I sacrificed my own happiness that I had to separate myself from her completely, but during the good times, it felt so right.

  103. Shelby says

    I was a senior in high school. I was dating my first girlfriend at the time, during a heavy winter. We’d had two consecutive days off of school, and on the second day, I walked three miles in a blizzard in shoes a full size too small just to see her. Feet bleeding and in pain, she invited me in and took care of me. Her dad (a homophobic bigot) was not home. We cuddled at first, and then started kissing on the couch, but he came home so I quickly hobbled down the hall to her bedroom to hide. She told him she was going to take a nap. I think you can guess the rest. I’d never touched anyone before, and I felt like a preteen boy, like angels were singing the Hallelujah Chorus above my head or something. There were several times since coming out in 8th grade that made me think ‘I’m SO GAY.” Yeah, that one tops it. I enjoyed her way too much to not be. (Forgive that crude last comment)

    • Anonymous says

      Wow that’s awesome ! Mine was a long built friendships be night we ditched husbands and kids went to the windy beach hugged held hands and on the drive home I parked on the side of country road I was rubbing her shoulder then touching her stomach and went lower I said sorry and she climbed over the console siting dk t be and we kept seeing each other the next two months constantly left our husband then she went strait but told me she would maybe be a b but would never ever regret that night or our passion I felt like a teenager starting to feel for the first time I’ll love her for ever I miss my friendship

  104. Alx says

    She was the one all the boys wanted to be with, a teaser. High school. I was discovering my sexuality and being somewhere comfortable with myself, when out of nowhere she started “playing” with me, joking and saying she and I were girlfriends… when one day, she actually confessed to me that she was in love with me… thats when it hit me and realized that after all it wasn’t a joke or a game, it was for real! she came to my house, we went for a swim and started to fool around, I was scared (coz a neighbor might see us) but at the same time I was soooo excited so we run to my house then to my bed and well… i just wanna say that I wont never forget that, it was my first real kiss ever, in my bed with a girl, THAT girl ya know? yeap, unforgettable, even though she broke my heart, she turned out to be a complete bitch and a slut lol… but that’s another story :P (that was 5 years ago, today we started dating again… and guess what, she’s still a slut lol so I ended it this time for good) dont u just love girls? I must admit that I freaking do. What can I do… Ay Dios mio! lol

  105. Michi says

    We were 14. She was my best friend’ cousin; and we were at a party in her house, drinking like we shouldn’t. My best friend was so drunk, she passed out, and her cousin and I start chatting and laughing about anything. Then she ask me: Have you ever kissed a girl?….And I told: nahhh…I don’t do that…I don’t like it. She told me that if I haven’t done it, how could I know that I wouldn’t like it… and if I ever get the curiosity she will be the first in line. I started laughing and in that moment she kissed me. And I responded the kiss, I even pulled her hair towards me. And one thing lead to another, and another and another; until my best friend’ sister arrived to the house and we pretended that we were sleeping. After that we were on and off for a couple of years, because of the distance and the fact that she had a gf, but eventually we got together, in a total of 8 years (2 yrs ago)….

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